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  1. I'm not sure if I get your idea completely Phoenix. Do you want it limited to the fractions represented by one character (that can be hard to get to) like "¾" or as a sequence of strokes like "5/16" ? To my knowledge the only predefined fractions in unicode are these seven+two ⅛ ¼ ⅜ ½ ⅝ ¾ ⅞ and ⅓ ⅔
  2. Personally I would love to see multiple keymaps like the above added for every key on the keyboard (including spacebar, arrow keys, etc), just have them set to default keys upon launch, but then let users modify the keymaps to whatever they want. This would let users specify whatever key combinations they want, non-english layouts, unimplemented custom keys (like home/end/pgup/pgdn/insert), etc. Sounds great to me lameboyadvance, and especially if the key-mapings could be saved in a way, so us nerds could share them with less tech savy users.
  3. Reply to static_typer, February 18, 2019 at 11:08 am Obscure choice of key positions. The numeric keys are misaligned with the alphabet keys by one position to the right. For example, above the ‘Q’ key are 2 and 3. On any standard keyboard, it should be 1 and 2. I too find that rather odd. I do understand the WHY to centre the letters to ease two-thumbs usage, but to me the price of the misalignment is not a good balance. Another way could be to move the plus to a secondary position on the minus key. Though an important symbol, the plus is used far less than the dash and the digits for
  4. Some questions has net not been answered initially at the official launch. I will move them here from other threads, to keep them together. E.g questions such as regional availability, layouts available and specs not yet published (or hard to find). (above edited after the lauch)
  5. to this from the above So I’d always take another symbol key over a shortcut. I'm totally with you on that, dicer :) On my old keyboard case for the Iphone 6- I loved that there were keys for a range of combinations of shift keys. I even made a small table I had on the device, to find the more odd ones, I did not remember.by heart. And I would have loved easy access to even more. - The most common emojis too.
  6. Just a thought that might work. a 'macro' like shortcut that could send a series of key strokes. It is possible in Android, I know that e.g. "Android Assistant" and "Greenify" does that to 'kill' a program (opens settings and 'presses' stop). Other use the same idea. It is the "Accessibility" interface. Imagine the users has a program where they always start by selecting a particular tab or function... In an advanced version AND integrated with fingerprint authentication, it could even send passwords to program login for programs not supporting fingerprint authentication. Of course this
  7. Personally I never really uses the short cuts except by accident. But the idea is nice, and hopefully the user can customize them as they please. I'm not sure about Android but on Ios to my surprise some programs correctly reacts to Ctrl-short cuts like Ctrl-Z, as well as C,V,X,... So that kind of 'short cuts' I hope will be supported too. :)
  8. I hope so too, but would put phones such as the Sony Ericsson Xperia (Neo) pro on the list too. I loved my Nokia N97 mini too - except the display that was horrible in sunlight. :)
  9. Here a common thread for the wish for alternative print layouts, and keyboard functionalities.
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