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  1. I also couldn't get it to work and gave up. Same timeout errors as you. I just rooted the phone with Magisk and used the following command to backup all the partitions to the sdcard: mkdir /sdcard/backup cd /dev/block/platform/soc/*/by-name for filename in *; do if [ "$filename" != "userdata" ]; then echo "dd if=$filename of=/sdcard/backup/$filename.dd"; fi; done This prints lines with the dd syntax to back up all partitions. It does not execute them for you. Please check if those lines fit your expectations first and then run one or all of them. I then got the backups off the
  2. I would be happy with an unofficial release so I can finally start using the phone that is useless (to me) since it arrived in august...
  3. Yeah, not having a receipt sucks. Not sure what I would do in that situation. Sorry! I meant everyone who has a receipt can relax, as the debt collectors should accept this. Even if they take you to court it is fairly easy to prove your payment with a receipt. Did you also end up with Liquida? I used their webform to send them a message and the receipt and got an answer the next day. How did you contact them?
  4. A friend works in business consulting. His take on this: It's a completely automated process and Fedex would loose money if humans look at this. They outsourced the problem to the debt collection company. So just open one ticket, sent them the proof they want, document everything and wait for the debt collection to take over. Then send them the documentation and let them close the case. I don't think this is good behavior as a company, but it is also not something to get stressed out about. I think documenting everything is key and what I learned from my case: I should have not worri
  5. Same here. Maybe we should make a (pinned) thread in this forum were people copy the news messages into? Then we can have notifications again. I don't want to follow this topic
  6. The big German computer magazine c't also had an article about Fedex behavior recently: https://www.heise.de/select/ct/2022/26/2200714271198716895 The gist: Same as our cases, just no dept collection involved yet. Even the magazine had problems reaching anyone at Fedex for weeks, even though looking for a press contact. After they found one, Fedex resolved it for that customer...
  7. @steff I used the upload form on liquidas webpage. That worked well. And an update to my case: I opened the first ticket on Sep 22nd and sent them the drivers receipt via email on Sep 23rd. On Nov 11th Liquida confirmed that they dropped/finished my case. Today I got an answer to that ticket from September saying they confirm the accounting transaction (whatever that means exactly). So I guess they are a bit overwhelmed by all the tickets they have/get and are about 2 months behind... Nice that at least their dept collection department seems to be fully automated and that they don't
  8. I thought I was the only one with this problem... Also in Germany, also my IGG order delivered by Fedex. I also got a invoice by Fedex and several reminders. Thankfully the driver gave me a receipt, which I emailed to Fedex twice and even sent them a letter with a copy... Still the dept collector (Liquida) took over eventually. Just uploaded them all the emails and the receipt and asked them to drop the "debt". They got back to me after a day and told me they did. So this story is (hopefully) finally over for me, but it was way to stressful and time consuming. Just a reminder to
  9. Maybe some clarification on the whole supported/unsupported part in the LAOS channel: "Supported" means that a phone is officially released by the LAOS project and deemed fully working. Since this is obviously not the case yet, the pro1x is still "unsupported". Doesn't mean no one is working on it. I have no idea *if* someone is working on it, but that message is not prove that no one is working on it. Just wanted to clarify this, based on observations on how lineageos works/communicates (and cyanogenmod before them)
  10. Yeah, Sean wrote something back in April: But neither github nor gerrit show any public pro1x projects or reviews. Nor is there any firmware at TheMuppets. That's why I'm asking. Maybe @Sean McCrearycan point me in the right direction?
  11. Any LineageOS devs reading here as well? I build LAOS myself (with very few modifications) and I would like to get started. Is there any way to get early access to the current work in progress Pro1X version? I'm happy to help with testing once my Pro1X arrives next week
  12. My phone (December 2019) now also displays the ghost touch problems 😞 1.5 months out of warranty... My line is a little over the middle of the display when in portrait mode. So not exactly as shown in the videos above, but same problem. For me it also gets better when touching the screen at the bottom. No need to squeeze. Just touching the lowest part/row of the screen seems to make it better. Unfortunately only for a few seconds... I guess I'll get a replacement screen from Ali. Why couldn't this wait "a little" longer until the Pro1x arrives... I just noticed though that the s
  13. You should see if your provider offers wifi calling. I'm in the same situation: network is not very strong and most people were complaining about audio quality on calls. Lots of static and generally poor quality they said. It was so bad that I got a second SIM card and a second phone just to make phone calls. Same places as before, which also does not speak for the reception qualities of the Pro1, which constantly dropped calls. By now I activated wifi calling and the situation is nearly perfect. At least if you have a stable wifi connection.
  14. I also seem to have this problem. Plus random times I can't seem to be able to focus at all. A reboot fixes the latter though. @Jordi Did you test this on stock? I am beginning to think this might be a hardware fault.
  15. I just had the case again where the physical keyboard does not react to any key presses anymore. This happens every couple of weeks (more or less) and it basically means I can't type anything anymore. Touchscreen and the OS keep working fine, but nothing from the keyboard. Usually I notice when I get the phone out of my pocket and it doesn't react anymore, but this time it was the first time it happened to me while I was typing. No idea what I hit, but it just stopped working. So I went to my computer and took a adb logcat. I'm not posting the full log here cause it is way to chatty
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