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  1. You should see if your provider offers wifi calling. I'm in the same situation: network is not very strong and most people were complaining about audio quality on calls. Lots of static and generally poor quality they said. It was so bad that I got a second SIM card and a second phone just to make phone calls. Same places as before, which also does not speak for the reception qualities of the Pro1, which constantly dropped calls. By now I activated wifi calling and the situation is nearly perfect. At least if you have a stable wifi connection.
  2. I also seem to have this problem. Plus random times I can't seem to be able to focus at all. A reboot fixes the latter though. @Jordi Did you test this on stock? I am beginning to think this might be a hardware fault.
  3. I just had the case again where the physical keyboard does not react to any key presses anymore. This happens every couple of weeks (more or less) and it basically means I can't type anything anymore. Touchscreen and the OS keep working fine, but nothing from the keyboard. Usually I notice when I get the phone out of my pocket and it doesn't react anymore, but this time it was the first time it happened to me while I was typing. No idea what I hit, but it just stopped working. So I went to my computer and took a adb logcat. I'm not posting the full log here cause it is way to chatty
  4. Yeah, same here: Usually I can type fine, but more or less every other sentence has a dropped character. Sometimes I get a lot of chars that I didn't press, but this is usually over pretty quickly and not that often. So I can not say that I'm super annoyed by this, but it is distracting at times. I am able to type without looking at the keys by now, so its not too bad. So yes, I see this, but this would never make me switch back to stock 😉 I have fast polling enabled and no hangouts installed.
  5. I got this too: When I boot, Lineage is not asking for the SIM pin (only one SIM installed) and I can start using the phone. SIM is still locked though and of course no internet/calls. If I then turn off the screen and turn it back on, the PIN entry is shown.
  6. Did the same as @DieBruineand can also confirm that VoLTE works for me. I'm on o2 Germany. Wifi calling also works. Both on lineage. No icons are being displayed for either though. There is a Lineage pull request that is adding those icons: https://review.lineageos.org/c/LineageOS/android_frameworks_base/+/279554
  7. I usually can take pictures just fine but sometimes the autofocus doesn't work for me either. Then it only focuses on very nearby things. Not sure what causes this nor what fixes it. It is usually gone when I try to use the camera the next time. Maybe rebooting helps? I'll try that next time I notice.
  8. There is a pull request for 17.1 support, but I haven't checked yet whether it works.
  9. I am also building it myself. It is quite easy actually with the docker container: https://gist.github.com/dicer/3543ef27cbee845c0cbba9cf3f15242a You just need a lot of RAM (I think 16GB?) and disk space (>100GB). You won't get OTAs though. You will have to rebuild yourself once in a while Regarding the boot image: You can just use the one from TDMs website as far as I know. There is also a way to extract them from the generated zip files but I forgot how, since you only need to do that once as a base. You install the boot image in slot A, boot to its recovery and install you
  10. Both options would be great to get started! Option 1 of course only works if @Waxberry is ok with me publishing the resulting fastboot images. In the end it is all about getting further updates though. I'm thinking of writing a script which will ask the official OTA server for updates and download these. Of course this only works if there are no deltas being used. Then again the firmware partition updates might not be sent as deltas even if the system is. I'll have to look into this. I'll look into the backup stuff soon and try to find a way
  11. Over at the factory restore tool thread, tdm said: Cool! This means I could "restore" my phone with the restore tool, extract all the necessary firmware partitions and make them available for manual flashing via fastboot. So one step closer to figuring out how to get some images for flashing ready. Currently I don't have a proper way of making a full backup of my phone though. By proper I mean something like a nandroid/full data partition backup. I did some backups with adb, but I don't really trust it. I used to do this with TWRP on my old phones. There is a TWRP, but withou
  12. dicer

    Factory Restore Tool

    Does this contain updated (modem) firmware partitions? I very early on switched from stock to Lineage so I didn`t get any OTAs for stock. I assume they did contain some updates to the firmware for modem, bluetooth etc? So does it make sense to flash this to update those partitions? Also see
  13. For me it is sticky for one character after pressing shift. I think this is perfect for reaching the character you want and it should stay like that. That's also how it has been with LineageOS on the Droid4
  14. After building the latest version with your VZW fixes, it seems to have enabled wifi calling for my German SIM card (o2) as well! At least the settings menu all of a sudden suggested to enable it. I'm pretty sure it wasn't there before as I was looking for it. Can't test it yet, cause AFWall+ seems to block it... Anyone knows which system process is responsible for the wifi calling?
  15. Yeah, my droid4 often has UMTS reception where the pro1 is stuck on Edge. LTE is spotty around here and the droid4 does not have LTE. It is not too bad though. What is bad is the audio quality when making calls. A lot of people complain about a lot of static on voice calls. I can hear them fine but they can't make out much of what I'm saying. This happens on GSM calls and I'm on the latest LineageOS version. Anyone else experiencing this or is it a hardware issue with just my phone?
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