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  1. Never thought I'd miss the touchpad on the keyboard that the priv/key[1/2] had but I do. I find myself trying to scroll through a page swiping across the keyboard on the pro1 frequently (of course, nothing happens). The fingerprint reader is better placed on the blackberry and you are going to miss the double tap to wake in the default setup of the pro1. Apart from that I can't see a down side to moving to the pro1.
  2. I know this sounds stupid but I had a similar issue with mine. I found mine powered off but I don't think it had run out of battery. It would not turn back on and wouldn't take a charge. I warmed the phone up by keeping in an inside shirt pocket and after a while I tried the power button and it came back to life! Hope it helps 🙂
  3. Haven't used an N900 since 2015 as a daily driver but I keep grabbing at the little switch on the right side (which isn't there but the N900 had) to unlock my pro1 when it's open. Damn muscle memory. 😄
  4. I've installed the blackberry hub mail app, I haven't used anything else since my priv. I can't stand the gmail app and the blackberry hub works great in split screen. You can get it ad free courtesy of cobalt. https://cobalt232.github.io/blackberrymanager/
  5. I wouldn't panic, nothing has changed in my account status either it still says - Order #73XX was placed on March 3, 2019 and is currently Processing.
  6. Got a sms message with my tracking number this morning (parcelforce in the UK). It also said it will be delivered tomorrow. I doubt it very much but that would be awesome!!
  7. It's like busses...... I received my Pro 1 stock assigned number. O/N 7XXX QWERTY Europe (UK) non-IGG and paid Wed, 31 Jul 2019. Also received my shipping/dispatch details for my Pine phone (Brave Heart) this morning (shipping from China). Looks like we've got a race on Mr postman 😄 \o/
  8. It wasn't perfect but it definitely wasn't forced landscape. I remember locking it to landscape as the switch to portrait was so slow and it would switch right at the wrong time and then you would select completely the wrong app. I would spend far longer than I should getting icons and widgets perfectly lined up. Happy days. 😄
  9. Worked in heavy plant and broke a lot of phones 😁 Phillips Diga > Siemens C25 > Nokia 7110 > Nokia 6822 > Nokia 9500 Communicator > Nokia 5800 > Nokia N900 (3 of them) > Then it gets a bit fuzzy... 1st jolla phone, asus zenfone 6, both firefox phones (both crap!) > Blackberry priv > Nexus 6p (copperheadOS) > Blackberry key1 > Blackberry key2 > pro1 on preorder (and a pinephone braveheart edition to play with)
  10. Battery life and having a polished full linux distro would be my dream. The N900 was so very nearly the perfect device. All it lacked for me was a good navigation app. The ability to swap out the battery was also very useful. I wouldn't worry if it was a tilted slider, a flat slider or clam style like the old communicator range as long as there is a full qwerty keyboard stashed inside.
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