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  1. Sorry guys. Yes. Original campaign. They did not tell me when in advance, just apologies for not getting it to me by my birthday.
  2. Someone sent me a PM saying that they did not believe the shipping time for my order. I get it. Sometimes communicating might be hit or miss. But I wanted to show that they are good to their word when they can be.
  3. Who will get devices first - Indie customers or orders from the website?
  4. This. The Medium one's dimensions are right https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/183427133313 I have not ordered because I don't have time to register for Australian eBay. But it comes in black and this is the same as my Kitty cases
  5. Using Android. Default that came on phone. I mean I like the infinite screens but I just want to swap screens rather than rearranging everything. I've not tried Nova or any other launchers.
  6. Never tried until today, but I would like to reorder the home screens. I tried just long pressing a blank space which on all other Androids brought up the screens and I could just reposition them. Suggestions?
  7. This was confirmed (this morning) to still be on track.
  8. However the magnet hold is really quite nice and it's a well made case. Just...not it.
  9. https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-Leather-Magnetic-Protective-Kickstand/dp/B08LNGV83V?th=1 This does NOT work. Too tall and the ports are just entirely wrong.
  10. I agree. Customers should not need to be friends, but everyone needs to be a human being. As far as the scalability, guess it's a good and a bad thing that it's just 1 person doing the occasional flooding. :D
  11. When I placed my order for the case I have I bought one and loved it. Then I ordered 6 more. I have gone through 1 of that stash. I have found that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is just about perfect https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-Leather-Magnetic-Protective-Kickstand/dp/B08LNGV83V?th=1 That's one option that is close.
  12. So here's the thing. Periodically I send the guys messages just to say hi, wish them Happy New Year, see how their families are doing. I'm nice to them. I treat them like human beings. I contact the guys in China to wish them Happy Lunar New Year and exchange pics of our cats. They are really sweet people. When I ask them a question about shipping dates or updates, it has never taken more than 24 hours to get a reply. I didn't intend to buy another phone but my husband wanted one. But I had happily been loving my phone for a year or so and still continued to keep in touch with them. Why?
  13. flip pu leather wallet phone case cover for samsung galaxy note 7 That was the search term. Mine was a Hello Kitty though
  14. I'm trying. https://www.ebay.com/itm/232468456561? You want the one for the Note 7
  15. Because he (a) gets to see more lines of text in portrait and (b) ...yeah I don't know why he didn't disable the onscreen one. I also don't know why he didn't just mirror his phone to his monitor and then do it.
  16. So this is his version of a phone with a keyboard...
  17. I asked. They answered. "The existing Pro1 will not lose it's support from us for Android or the LineageOS, Linux communities anytime soon. Although the Pro1 X has a slight advantage - it's still updated by the SoC maker Qualcomm."
  18. I'm happy with the camera. It's not perfect but it's the best phone camera I have ever had.
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