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  1. That confirms they never had working prototype. If they are going to have the first kick off meeting with the manufacturer during this month then the project has barely even started. Current schedule sounds very optimistic. The upgrade from Helio G88 to Helio G99 is very nice since Helio G99 is produced using TSMC 6nm process instead of 12nm (used in G88). The difference in power consumption is night and day. I have Qin 3 Ultra and KingKing Mini 3 phones and I can confirm the claim of better battery life. Qin 3 Ultra has better battery life even that the battery is smaller. It is still we
  2. I think you are right. If they only produced those 200 pcs listed in eBay then I understand why they did not deliver them since many people here did not even need/want those earphones (including me). However, if there is more units then it is little bit strange. Why not to deliver if they had produced them already? To my understanding the whole point of forgetting earphones was to cut costs.
  3. Yeah, I know that. But I was just wondering if there is a mod version where you could add kcm files by yourself to the app. But it might not be technically even possible.
  4. Btw, how did you modified FinQwerty app? Is there possibilty to add own kcm files?
  5. BTW, the status of the Indiegogo campaign is now closed instead of in demand. Is was still open 19th of April and maybe even yesterday if I remember correctly. Cache of the webpage:
  6. There might be work around! What if you install different virtual keyboards and select different layout for each one to the physical keyboad settings? Then use Keyboard Switcher and Key Mapper to bring up the pop up for the virtual keyboard selector. I tested it to be working with my self made qwerty phone (bluetooth keyboard). Edit: You can use the same key combo to bring up the keyboard selector. Biggest downside is that you need to change back the prefered virtual keyboard manually if needed for portrait use.
  7. I don't really know, but I would assume that normal orders are included in that 3/4.
  8. Yeah, I was also surprised. I am wondering if the 3/4 is the total shipments so far when this batch is delivered? Or does 3/4 mean directly this batch? Then the total shipments would be even more since some devices were delivered earlier. In the big picture it does not matter but would be interesting to know.
  9. Not dead after all? New blog post just posted. "We are excited to inform you that we expect to restart shipping before the 28th of June, pending your completion of the form. This will cover approximately 3/4 of all our backers. We will continue our efforts to reach out to the remaining backers shortly thereafter."
  10. Have you tried to put Pro1 into a charger for several hours even so nothing happens when you connect the cable? Atleast you can try since there is nothing to lose.
  11. I did not need to glue it since the keyboard and rail is keeping it on place very good. Like I said, it was tight fit. Probably I will leave to bottom camera hole open since it quite easy way to access the keyboard's power switch if needed. Also you can use flashlight in closed position. But maybe I will use somekind of mass to fill the gaps later on. I just don't know what is suitable material. There is indeed a possibility leave automation out and toggle virtual keyboard on if needed. I just wanted to have virtual keyboard on automatically since some times I might even use it (portra
  12. I received the USB adapter so my QWERTY phone is pretty much ready. It was quite a tight fit to add the adapter so I had to shave it little bit. You can find picture attached. Regarding software, I made an automation with MacroDroid that changes the virtual keyboard based on orientation. For landscape I am using NoKeyboard app so there is no virtual keyboard at all and Gboard for portrait. It is working very well. You just need to perform easy ADB hack to allow WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS. And the funniest thing is that I ended up using FinQwerty app for the keyboard layout. After te
  13. It seems that you can buy replacement screen with the frame from AliExpress. - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005005062900944.html Just note that it does not include the front camera module and the board for the connector. So it is missing the piece that is going to be taken apart with tweezers in the picture below.
  14. Hopefully these spare parts are enough if I need to make some repairs to my Pro1. I have already changed the usb board once so the current spare board is actually only partially working unit (it charges but without fast charge and HDMI out put does not work). Usb board, battery and stickers are from F(x)tec and screen panel from AliExpress (Elephone U Pro). SIM card tray is taken from broken Pro1...
  15. I have been trying to develop tilting mechanism to my prototype case. The idea is to put a wedge inside the rail for tilting. However, I have still not managed to make it strong enough. Maybe I can figure out how to build a support for the phone so that it will stay stable. Still needs some tinkering...
  16. I agree some of your comments but not all. In my opinion, F(x)tec tried hard but failed in the end. Some devices were shipped (like mine, both Pro1 and Pro1-X) but many people will probably never receive their phone. However, it is good to point out that Indiegogo backers are different thing than "real" orders from F(x)tec site. I don't know how many ordered the phone via F(x)tec website and never received the phone. Most likely quite many and that sucks. But if you were a backer via Indiegogo then the risk was always there. I can speak only on my behalf but I have claimed one warranty ca
  17. There are 3 different versions: - Original black Pro1 (QX1000), CPU: Snapdragon 835 - Planned blue Pro1-X (QX1050), CPU: Snapdragon 835 (only small batch produced) - Latest blue Pro1-X (QX1050), CPU: Snapdragon 662 (also different camera) You should select the firmware based on CPU. I think that nobody has highlighted the difference between SD835 QX1050 and SD662 QX1050 since so few SD835 QX1050 untis exist.
  18. Is the process described somewhere more closely? The screen of my Pro1 is still working fine but I have spare display waiting if needed. That trick might be handy someday.
  19. My prototype is starting to look promising. Here is a video how the sliding works. I have added magnets for the closed position since filming. I like how it works now even so it not anything like Pro1. https://youtube.com/shorts/1MKx5WJQYBY?si=EVlCHOW1qPO22pJX I flipped the left side sliding mechanism so it is more durable. For the right side I had to use narrower mechanism so I could not fit circle magnets to the upper part. I used magnetic stripe/tape instead. It is not as strong but good enough. Now I am thinking if I can identify keyboard position (closed or not) with NFC. Y
  20. I did some prototyping today. I think that I am able to tackle down gimbal camera bump. There is enough room to move the keyboard to the right so the gimbal camera can go lower than surface of the keys. I just need to flip around my sliding mechanism on the left side (not in the pictures). However, the second ultra wide angle camera now touches the keyboard with current Zenfone 9 case but I will use different case in the final version where the bottom is on the same level than the secondary camera. Total thickness will be about 22mm which is a lot but ok for me. I carried the prototype in my p
  21. Rii 518BT keyboard arrived to today. The quality is better than I expected. The keys do not wobble around but is quite loud when typing compared to Pro1. The feel is very "clicky". Also, the layout will take some time to get used to it. Especially the back key is on weird location. Android automatically manages Scandic layout quite well. Here is first mockup with iPhone 11 Pro case that I had in a drawer. It is too short but I am still waiting couple cases that I ordered earlier for this project. The camera bump of Zenfone 9's gimbal camera causes some trouble so I cannot put the keyboard
  22. I think that XDA does not care about phones anymore in general. Their front page mostly covers computer things nowadays and only occasionally some iPhone news. The topic section does include anything related to Android phones. Also, some folks at XDA were not very excited about Pro1-X in the first place. There was an article about it but I cannot find it anymore. Nirave Gondhia was mostly involved in the project but has probably left XDA since then. I think that F(x)tec was doing some what okay before Covid. When they had to change the chip from SD835 to SD662 on Pro1-X it was
  23. The slider mechanism has the same thickness than the keyboard. So it more like below (had to make picture on mobile, sorry). Edit: Now I get it. It the first one
  24. I ordered the Rii 518BT bluetooth keyboard (USB-C variant) and couple cases so that I can build my own slider phone. Let's see how it goes. I have Zenfone 9 which has dimension 146.5 x 68.1 x 9.1 mm so there should be enough room to built sliding mechanism when the keyboard is attached. Camera hole still needs some tinkering thought. You can see my idea below. For the sliding mechanism I am using magnets inside a plastic rail. The rail is actually a cable cover but seems to be solid with the magnets. First I tried to develop tilting mechanism similar to Astro Slide but since I do not have
  25. Yeah, that confirms your previous conclusion. You are definitely right!
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