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  1. Captains log: I can't remember what day it is. It's been so long since the last time I've used a QWERTY keyboard. The slabs have taken over every country, it's terrible, all those innocent people have been brainwashed. I had started to give up hope, but the Brits retaliated. We have got to help the resistance, my battery is almost out, long live THE CLACK!
  2. I hate to correct you, but it was Clackraham Clickoln 🤓
  3. No problem, hope you enjoy your day 🥳
  4. I miss regular sliders, this phone will be my first titled screen slider. I'm just excited to use a keyboard again!
  5. RIP the factory workers in that parallel universe, however, this current one probably doesn't involve Chen whipping factory workers 😇
  6. Ah safestrap, I'm glad the S4 I purchased was Loki patched, the people that didn't patch their S4 needed to use safe strap and could only flash TouchWiz ROMs, those poor souls!
  7. Clearly a bunch of amateurs 🤪
  8. Awesome update, thank you @Erik
  9. This reeks of a TCL NDA that prevents others from finding out about the thing no one was supposed to know about!!1!!1111!1!!11 /silliness
  10. Idk, it looks fine on my end
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