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  1. I think if this is going to happen, it'll have to be with a mule as silversolver suggested. That's the only hope with Verizon (at least at this time). Just for clarification, my mom's Motorola G4+ (current phone) and brother's G5+ (old phone) both supported VoLTE. Hook has the Moto G6, so it more than likely supports VoLTE. I'm not trying to be a Debbie downer or a party pooper, but when I had my HTC One A9, I tried my brother's then activated VoLTE Verizon sim card and inserted it into my phone, and I got signal, but nothing further than that as calls and texts would not work. The One A9 was supposed to be the first CDMA-less phone to be allowed on their network, but Verizon backed out at the last minute. Unless Verizon certifies the Pro1, I don't see them letting anyone activate it on their network.
  2. According to Hook on our discord, he's had no issues so far with it on the Always Terrible & Troubling network Edit: What does trouble me is sequestris' post on T-Mobile not working too well so far on their end
  3. I'm so sorry @EskeRahn, one of our Shepherds from when I was an early teen died of breast cancer. By the time we caught it, it had already spread throughout her upper body and she was having seizures. You will always hurt, but the great memories you shared with your dog will always outweigh the painful experience you are currently going through. I know this one has a special place in your heart, but he would want you to be as happy as you made him throughout his long and loving life. My family is going through a tough time with our youngest Shepherd, he is 11 right now and has difficulty walking. For a little bit he actually couldn't walk and we were so distraught because we thought we'd have to put him down. He's a tough dog though, through sheer will he is managing to walk a bit more and more everyday. I sincerely hope that you will be ok, and wish only the best.
  4. Damn Vzw. Hate their we need total control of the phones on our network way of doing things. It's why I left them, aside from no more rootable devices on their network after the S5.
  5. Tell them a perturbed Californian sends his regards 😇
  6. Almost wish I was still using Verizon just to see their faces in regards to activating an unlocked phone on their network!
  7. Were launchers 1 and 2 not good enough? I've always wondered why it was named launcher 3. 🙃
  8. Alright, who here is named Richard?
  9. Can confirm, left my Santa booger sugar and edibles cookies and he came to my house first thing the next year 😂
  10. If you get the stock assigned email after your cancellation will you reinstate it or just get one later like you previously mentioned?
  11. Quite clearly not Santa if he can't make it whenever he wants within a single night 😉
  12. I aspire to be this level of uncle someday.
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