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  1. I will be sure to do so, and let you know if there are any other keys that make it work!
  2. I've noticed that if my keyboard stops responding, rather than rebooting, I just tap j and it starts working again. I have done so multiple times since getting my Pro¹ on Tuesday and just thought I'd chime in.
  3. Captains log: I can't remember what day it is. It's been so long since the last time I've used a QWERTY keyboard. The slabs have taken over every country, it's terrible, all those innocent people have been brainwashed. I had started to give up hope, but the Brits retaliated. We have got to help the resistance, my battery is almost out, long live THE CLACK!
  4. I hate to correct you, but it was Clackraham Clickoln 🤓
  5. No problem, hope you enjoy your day 🥳
  6. I miss regular sliders, this phone will be my first titled screen slider. I'm just excited to use a keyboard again!
  7. RIP the factory workers in that parallel universe, however, this current one probably doesn't involve Chen whipping factory workers 😇
  8. Ah safestrap, I'm glad the S4 I purchased was Loki patched, the people that didn't patch their S4 needed to use safe strap and could only flash TouchWiz ROMs, those poor souls!
  9. Clearly a bunch of amateurs 🤪
  10. This reeks of a TCL NDA that prevents others from finding out about the thing no one was supposed to know about!!1!!1111!1!!11 /silliness
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