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  1. I dunno about the X but the OG Pro1 still holds up very well imo (but that has the stronger SD835 in it). I have been using it for a good 1.5 year now and it's still quite snappy. I just hate that stock is neglected and forgotten but maybe one day I'll move on to Lineage.
  2. As usual still nothing on the original Pro 1 :(. Just come out and say we won't get Android 10 at this point for stock.
  3. I don't think so, my original Pro1 came straight from China.
  4. That contractor has been MIA for more than a year now. lol I don't think we will see official stock android 10 anymore. Although a heads up from Fxtec would be well appreciated at this point because everything points to the base Pro1 being left for dead. (save for Lineage and Linux...)
  5. lol I discovered the stock cam app can make surprisingly nice photos when the lighting is good but it's utter trash in the dark 😄
  6. @brunoais I'd use that in a heartbeat. Still haven't seen my promised earphones so I would take a proper case any day. lol
  7. Nice of you to ask them but uhhh..press x to doubt. I am sure they could finish 10 because that is 100% supported afaik but anything beyond that I wouldn't count. So far everything seems to indicate us 835ers are SOL unless we dedicate a full day to moving to Lineage or some other variant.
  8. tfw there is still no offical case but we have another "upgraded" model 😄
  9. Off topic but I wish we got some info on Android 10 progress for the original Pro1 too..kinda feel shafted as an original customer. (I don't expect 11 but at least finish 10 please, it still has drivers for the 835)
  10. Any alternate cam apps straight from the store that are better than the native app? (so I don't have to bother with adb and stuff)
  11. There is absolutely no excuse for the state stock is in right now. If I knew it would turn out like this I would have went with Lineage from the get go. Right now my phone is just too "lived in" and I can't be bothered to wipe / install and set everything up again. 😕
  12. @claude0001 Nice, that looks better than my own franken solution, although it's still going strong. 😀
  13. Try asking your bank for a card chargeback. They treat it as a purchase and are not bound by igg. I wouldn't let the money go. I waited near 9 months for my Pro1 but a specs change would have made me snap for sure. If they wanna go about it the hard way so be it.
  14. Well it's not like they can go far on the 835, just finish 10 and integrate the last security update that was available. I already came to terms that we will never see 11 on it with that soc. Then they can focus on the 662 onward.
  15. We know that they have been working on it for a good while so hopefully Android 10 won't be abandoned for the 835. Besides there will be effectively 4 types of Pro1 out, the base one with 835, some X they did ship with the 835, and both with the 662 as well later down the line.
  16. I did not buy an X model since I don't have money to burn and I am perfectly satisfied with the base Pro1 (lack of stock updates aside)...the 835 holds up well but I think the downgrade to 662 will hurt Fxtec in the long run. I understand they have no choice but it doesn't seem like they will ever leave the hole they ended up in at this rate, especially if they keep asking the same price for it too (and it was overpriced to begin with due to how niche it is).
  17. That's an understatement, stock hasn't seen an update in 6 months....(and the security update is still on 2020 April...) Like I get that they are outsourcing this part but at this point this is just completely ridiculous and they should look for someone else because whoever was tasked with this clearly doesn't give a damn. (and they probably still take the money from FxTec.....)
  18. So those of us with the 835 are screwed? We are not getting even Android 10? This is like the PRIV all over again jesus...but at least we can replace it ourselves... I would have been happier if I didn't have to deal with that.
  19. Totally agreed...poor stock android is in some dire need of an update. I know they are supposedly working on 10 but that announcement was pretty long ago and it just doesn't seem to be happening. lol
  20. Woah that looks like a perfect fit. I wanted to play GTA Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories but the keyboard controls were pretty awkward (to be honest these games generally play horrible without a mouse). How is the experience in first person games with this?
  21. Ah yes, already fixed it but you were faster than me. 😛 Indeed it was 2020.
  22. Got mine delivered in 2020 May, not one year old yet but soonish.
  23. I am all for this, just don't neglect the standard Pro1 and please finish Android 10.
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