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Shake to enable Flashlight

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I'm currently using a moto-z (hoped for a keyboard mod ...) and one feature I would miss on another device is the ability to shake the phone to enable/disable the flashlight.

It is incredibly handy not having to unlock the phone, or turn on the screen just to have light.

While there are some apps that try to provide the same feature, they all fall short on either functionality or annoying ads (I would be willing to pay, but could't find a paid app).


I think this (small) software change could provide real value to the phone.




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The inevitable problem with sensor-based activation is deciding the poll rate, which to detect changes and decide on threshold values toward an intent. I wish I had a Moto phone to show off here, because it would make a lot more sense when I show you the polling rate that a Moto Z2 Force polls at, versus say a Moto G5; to show you the tradeoff of accuracy vs. precision. This is a problem with sealed-in battery where we have a mAh budget; which is why you have variations in user-experience with Moto G/X line. Again, I wish I could just "show you" rather than "tell you".


We can get away with a satisfactory version, using the Gravity Gestures app, or a Tasker Intent and adjust sensitivity to come 95% close to the Moto Actions. The trade off is the increased battery consumption that keeps those sensors activated. Depending on how open fxtec wants to be with its kernel source and forward-thinking on component selection and OS.

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Just a thought on how to save a little battery.

Normally when I put my phone in the pocket it is top down. So what if the shake-function checked with a relative low frequency whether the device was clearly top-up (that is within some limit from vertical), and only when, checked for a shake with a higher polling rate.

This might reduce the consumption in pocket or on a table.

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What is the problem with a button-combo like other manufacturers or ROM builds use?

For example clicking the volume button twice and hold them for enabling and disabling the LED? Much less room for accidental activations, saving alot of time calibrating and implementing the function, when the effort of pressing a key or two is not saving any user-time at all?

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1. It's all personal opinion. I'm just stating my perspective

2. Flicking the phone just works. (on moto z)

2.1 no need to find the right key

2.2 no need to change your grip to enter a key combo

2.3 upside down / sideways doesn't matter, it just works

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I find this to be a really useful feature of my Moto Z too.


Although another easy way to turn on the light w/o unlcoking the phone would be fine too, holding a couple buttons together or whatever, if they were easy enough to find blindly.

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