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What about the camera modules? I have asked Fxtec to get a warranty replacement for my camera module (due to focus issue), but I don't feel very confident on getting that module very soon. So I wonder if I could source a replacement module on my own.


edit: looks like the Pro1 camera module (IMX363) is not available on Aliexpress. The Pro1-X module (IMX586) is there at least. I couldn't find the IMX363 from Google either, so looks like it is already too old technology? Also I am not sure if it is the actual camera module which needs replacement, or is it the smaller, assisting module.

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Ok, now I do: They're M1.4x2 and any shop that sells small screws should carry them. Also, they're easy to find in black, too, looking good enough for me to not bother with the black stickers anymore.

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