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Games - What do you play on your Pro1?

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4 hours ago, Rob. S. said:

I'm not that much of gamer, but now that I've finally got a Pro¹ I just couldn't resist and bought two of those! I never had a gamepad before for whatever I used for gaming, whether a phone or a tablet or a PC. Now It is about time I got one, and I bought one for my partner, too, even though she doesn't have a Pro¹ (she's happy with her Fairphone and wants to use it for as long as possible). I guess it cannot hurt, especially since it's getting less and less clear how long the COVID-19 lockdown will have to continue. (Here in Germany, the infection rate is suddenly rising again after the long second wave was just seeming to slowly ebb away with first reliefs from restrictions just around the corner, but now there's already fear of a third wave, as the British mutation – no, that's not about Brexit – is more and more replacing the original variant of the virus...)

I empathise. Not much better here in Romania either. At least I turned my apartment into a gym about a year ago when I sensed covid approaching and also beefed up my PC. I've never been so fit and never worked so much as I have in the last year (I'm a web designer and also learned video streaming and editing the last months for work). So, just making the best of it, I guess. :))) 

Glad I could recommend something of interest, regarding the controller.

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Let's see, there are a number of games I play on the Pro1   Where Is the Setting Game How Do I Make This Stop Search Game What Does This Do Challenge The Volume Game Puzzl

So... This happened :)))  

Since the keyboard driver is now fixed I can play whatever I want. Most likely I will stick with nostalgic platform games like Sonic and Mario.  

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