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Ubuntu Touch OS for Fxtec Pro1

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I am not sure if it already had come to notice here in this forum: There is a funding campaign to have a professionally skilled developer working on Anbox container for Ubuntu Touch:


I think it is worth to be supported.
Anbox is kind of a container running an android environment so that native android apps could be run. Of course this could be more convenient than dual boot 😉

Cheers, Ulle


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Last week Liangchen Chen posted a video of a Fxtec Pro1 running Ubuntu Touch on Twitter https://twitter.com/chenliangchen/status/1272903474393604100 containing a link to an installable zip-file.

https://github.com/ubports-on-fxtec-pro1 is correct. Rootfs currently has manual tweaks for configs, as I didn't plan for the image to be released publicly and it more served as demonstration, but if

Yes, great idea, but please LineageOS first 😉

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