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Pro¹ X – state of production and delivery

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On the subject of "it's obsolete the day it's out", well yeah, it's true and the price is a little bit out of touch compared to Samsung mega factories, but it's not the same production scale, and we have enough alternatives if we must. But this obsolescence is not very surprising tbh: I never bought a phone people were not scoffing at one year later, asking me when I'll upgrade... at best. Most times they look at you with pity you couldn't buy the latest iphone the day you got your normal "I'd rather buy cheap phones I can break than break a 1.2k iphone and have to pay hundreds for a new screen" 😄

I have a no-google Huawei these days, and I don't feel at the top of the world either 😄 I'm not sure it matters to me anymore. The latest chipset consumes battery, cheats on benchmark and isn't available outside of samsung, is it truly a problem not to have it then ?

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yes yes it is, cpu wise. But the keyboard is timeless. The Question is only, what is the keyboard worth for you? I am currently an owner of a fried prawn, using my old phone (nokia 6.1). I do not mi

You clearly forgot to mention the year 🥴

On 8/25/2021 at 12:41 PM, Apextech said:

I paid for an original Pro1 back in Feb 2020. I'm still waiting on it.

Me too... Paid in Feb 2020 and now upgraded to Pro1X. Still hoping and waiting for delivery in December 2021. 🙄

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