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  1. I will try that. Wasn't sure what material would have a good adhesive for a small area. Thank you!
  2. Hi, Yes, it's the easiest way I found also. Works well as long as you have good grip. To me, the previously shared technique, by pushing from the bottom of the screen could lead to mechanical stress and early failure (I like to keep my stuff working for a long time 😉 ). If I may suggest an improvement that would help this technique, as I hinted, sometimes you may not have proper grip on the two parts. Having something to grip on both sides of the screen and body would help.
  3. Hi all, I have made a test with another USB cable and it worked. But I tried to go back to the previous cable and it also worked... This said, there was a different behavior on the device: I tried right away with the new cable with my head unit, and the phone asked to allow location while Android Auto was loading. Not sure why it wasn't asking this on my first tries the other day. Once this was done, using either cable loaded AA normally. I say "normally", but I also found out that the previous cable had an issue, at least one contact isn't perfect with the Pro1, but good enough
  4. Thank you, I will try this. However the USB connector being at the back of the unit, this is no quick task. With my Z2 Force it does work all the time with the cable currently in place. In the mean time, I've captured logs while connected to my head unit, so knowledgeable people can take a look at it. While I do some programming, I've barely touched Android programming for now. 20200218-pro1-androidauto-logsextract.txt
  5. The stand alone app works well, with bluetooth, no surprise here. I'll try to get debug/log messages to assess if the issue is around the head unit or the Pro1.
  6. Hi all, Today I tried to connect my Pro1 on my Pioneer AVH-4100NEX head unit, but failed with the message in the included image. Tried to reconnect a few times giving the same message, but after few times the message no longer came up. I restarted the head unit and reconnected the Pro1, the error message came up again the two time I tried to connect it. The Pro1 was freshly started a few minutes before. Pro1 is on the current firmware. The radio unit is on its latest firmware v1.11 built on December 8, 2018. Message is in french: Android Auto is not responding. To
  7. Hi, I meant the overlay that surrounds the touched surface. See image...
  8. Currently there does not seem to have an option to not show the onscreen circle popup when entering pin on pre-boot and once booted up. Being security conscious, I always disable this to make it less obvious to someone else looking at the device. On pre-boot pin entry, the circle is more subtle, but while device is booted, this popup circle is far less subtle. Thank you in advance.
  9. Hi, When I power up the device with keyboard opened, screen orientation is not in landscape. Steps: Lock in landscape is already set on keyboard open. Device is powered off Open keyboard Power up Enter Pin Let boot complete Layout will be in portrait Lifting up the device in landscape will change display orientation, but moving it in as portrait will change display in portrait. Close keyboard, device will continue to change display orientation as expected. Open keyboard again, orientation lock is in effect. Build: QX1000
  10. Thank you, so much! (Receiving an award) I'd like to thank my manager, my parents, all my colleagues and also folks at F(x)tec for making this possible. (Applause and music) ... Who's next? 😉
  11. I did call FedEx today also, but got a different answer than yours. Their answer was that computer systems of the Taiwanese customs is suffering a major outage. A quick search and reading their web site did not show anything about this.
  12. Got stock assigned email also! Order late 4xxx, IGG coupon, QWERTY... Destination: Canada!
  13. Negative. I am among the last to contribute on IGG. I haven't received a message hinting for a stock assigned or being shipped as of now.
  14. I don't know how many Canadians bought a Pro1 like me. 😏 I asked yesterday about the situation for my order, their response doesn't tell if my order will actually be shipped directly from Hong Kong, but they are looking into this option. Maybe for South America they might choose this option also.
  15. Hi all, I've received a response from their support team. According to the person, to his/her knowledge it won't support these alerts initially, but will be added later on.
  16. Hi all, Here in Canada, we were just informed that there will be a test through the Wireless Emergency Alerts system. So, this led me to ask this question: I believe this supported at OS level, but could someone confirm on which system the Pro1 will be compatible with? Thank you, David
  17. Yeah, time to retire the Droid soon... 😁
  18. Hi, If it was a full size keyboard, my response would be that numbers should absolutely follow letter position, since using standard finger positions would ruin accuracy (at least for the time it take to learn the new layout). However, I will hardly use all fingers to type on the device, so my choice would be to keep the standard layout and keep the = and + on the right.
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