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  1. When I'm normally writing it happens maybe every 5th or 6th time (which is still a lot with all the German nouns), but when I'm actively trying to do it, I can get it about every 2nd try. But good to see, that I'm not the only one.
  2. I have another problem with SwiftKey (different from the one I described above) and wanted to ask, if it also affects others. I'm on LineageOS 17.1, but it would also be good to hear from people on other OS, if they have something like that as well. When I press Shift and the first letter at about the same time and then continue writing, not only the first, but also the second letter comes out capitalised sometimes. I can wait seconds before pressing the next letter, so it's not because I had Shift still pressed while typing too fast. Disabling SwiftKey and reenabling the AOSP keyboard solves
  3. While it is true, that they should have changed the advertised delivery date, I would also oppose your thought, that negative posts get deleted here. I've seen many posts on here that were quite harsh or even calling the company fraudulent and all of them were answered by forum members in a reasonable tone and none got deleted. Just look at this enormous thread: https://community.fxtec.com/topic/2596-on-the-pre-production-status Contains a lot of complaints from everytime the phone was delayed :D
  4. Ooor I was just having the scene mode still on landscape without noticing and nothing changed 😅 So yeah, @EskeRahneverything's still the same.
  5. It seems like the update to 0118 did change something. Now the focus slider in Open Camera does nothing. So near objects are always sharp, far objects always the same blurred.
  6. I personally would suggest SwiftKey as Keyboard App. Works well for me and has word suggestions and seperate settings for the hardware keyboard. Also I second @DieBruines suggestion of Fx Service, it has some useful fixes implemented.
  7. Further observations in Open Camera: Very near objects (around 0.50m away): Get sharp when sliding the manual focus to around 30m, stay sharp until ~2000m and go blurred when putting the slider to infinity Near objects (around 1,50m away): Get almost sharp/ only slightly blurred when sliding the manual focus to around 30m, then there's no change until ~2000m and again the jump to blurred when putting the slider to infinity Far objects (down the street) : Generally a bit more blurred, apart from that exactly the same behaviour as near objects - Best from 30m on, but no further c
  8. Thanks for the suggestion. Turns out, there was a setting in Fx Service that I had overlooked. So feel free to (re)move my comment ;)
  9. Just a small question: My phone vibrates, when I use the hardware keyboard even though I turned off all related settings I could find in the SwiftKey settings, the Sounds and Vibration settings and also the System>Buttons settings. Does anybody know, where I can turn it off?
  10. How would you access those? Does it require taking the display part off?
  11. Could it just be a problem with the mounting of the camera that was then somehow fixed softwarewise on Stock? The upper (main) lense seems to be a bit off-centered in the black hole/ compared to the lower lens on my phone.
  12. Is it generally not working or just not on mobile data?
  13. If there's something I can do to help locating the problem, just let me know. But ideally the description of steps should be for stupid people then, as I am not very knowledgeable in this field.
  14. Seems like I have the same problem on LineageOS 17.1. My device has a serial number in the 300 range, so maybe it is really something with early models. Tried it with the preinstalled camera and Open Camera.
  15. The long press on the square for enabling splitscreen is a setting under System>Buttons in LineageOS. Not sure if there is an equivalent setting somewhere in stock.
  16. I ran into some weird behaviour with SwiftKey on LineageOS, that took me a bit to figure out. Landscape mode: at the beginning of a text field and after symbols like "-" pressing Shift and then writing would lead to two capital letters Portrait mode: "-" Shift and then writing would lead to a space after the symbol and only one capital letter All options for insertion of symbols etc. in SwiftKey were off. But after looking around in the system settings for a bit I saw that there the option for spellcheck (by AOSP) was still active (Why ever?). Turning it off solves the unwanted
  17. Hm, you're right. Now that I looked closer, I also see it on my Priv. I guess, it was just a lot more visible on the Pro1 due to the greenish tint or the pixels react a tad slower.
  18. I am not entirely sure, if what I'm observing is part of the same issue or something different. Also I'm wondering if anyone else has it. During scrolling, when there is a black area adjacent to a grey area, the black area leaves weird trails in the grey for a moment.
  19. Does Total Launcher (or any other Launcher) support moving from page to page vertically in landscape mode? Nova only goes horizontally and their support told me, that that is not going to be changed. So basically the opposite of what the picture shows should happen: up/down instead of left/right
  20. I once had that with Blackberry after sending in my Priv for repair (loooong story). They asked for some news article confirming my claims about the legal situation, but then refunded without problems. So good luck 😉
  21. When it's a repair under legal warranty (Gewährleistung) and not under the voluntary warranty the company gives you (Garantie), then the company has to pay for all expenses caused by the process, including shipping TO the company. Usually you pay for shipping first and get the money refunded after the defect was confirmed.
  22. Ah, ok, I see. Didn't think about that. Different laws here in Germany 😉
  23. Without your comment I guess I would have never found that setting, so thanks for that 🙂 Does anybody know, if there's also a setting somewhere to make other modifiers than Shift sticky? I would really like that for the yellow arrows.
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