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  1. Unfortunately I cannot tell anything new. My phone has been at F(x)tec for about a month now and I expect it to still be there for a while.
  2. Yup, that is exactly what mine was/is doing as well :/
  3. Sorry, just joking. What is it and who is you?
  4. And did you try the Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard? Because both @Rob. S. and me suggested that one to you now and I'm not sure if you actually tried it. At least on LineageOS 17.1 it works well apart from some minor bugs and annoyances, that you can read about in some other threads (also with some posts of me), if you're interested. But the features and settings you are asking for are all offered by that keyboard app.
  5. To my knowledge the keyboard software you choose in the settings for the onscreen keyboard then handles all the keyboard inputs, also the ones from the physical keyboard. So are you using the preinstalled keyboard software or some other?
  6. Which keyboard software are you using? SwiftKey for example does support suggestions in multiple languages.
  7. With the latest version it didn't happen. I'll see, if I still can update once before I send my phone in for repair (because of a faulty camery, different topic). If yes, then I'll try to get the logcat. If it even crashes again...
  8. Had that with every OTA so far. But I can't tell you if it's a reason to worry. At least I never had any problems.
  9. If you can manually focus for long distances (e.g. in Open Camera), which should be possible for you, as you seem to get a sharp image preview for a moment, then at least you are not hit by the bigger problem of not getting focus at all. Even though losing autofocus is also annoying, it is a different problem from what the original post is about. But as others described the same thing as you in here already, I guess it is now just a general thread for camera bugs in LineageOS ;)
  10. I had that from the beginning. Sent my phone in and they exchanged the right mount of the hinge. Then it was good for a while, but now it is rattling again. I think the cause is a combination of the asymmetric design and the fact, that the pin of the hinge sits directly in plastic. I think @EskeRahn found a way to dampen some noise by adding felt at a certain spot, but I am not totally sure, if that was about the same problem and in which thread it was described. Regarding the warranty: "The Pro1 comes with a 2 year warranty on the device, which covers any manufacturing defects."
  11. Thanks for the explanation. It's really the first time I hear of that. Apparently I never returned anything where that would be applicable.
  12. You could just install another launcher. If you're happy with what LineageOS's Trebuchet Launcher offers, then something like Nova should do for you (That's just the one I'm using. There's a whole forum thread about launchers, you might want to check that one out: https://community.fxtec.com/topic/2620-launchers)
  13. Do you mean this one? https://community.fxtec.com/topic/3292-pro1-and-pro1-x-design-change-to-use-snapdragon-662-no-new-devices-before-august-2021/?do=findComment&comment=56087
  14. I can only answer to the keyboard part. FinQwerty is only meant for Stock and doesn't properly work with LineageOS, so you can uninstall it right away. The setting you have to look for is in System>Tasten>(scroll all the way down to Extras) Weitere Tasten>Layout. There you can select QWERTZ and that adjusts the software to fit the physical layout. ? also works that way.
  15. Can somebody else of those having focus problems do a similar test? Because I'm not entirely sure, if it's not maybe two different problems and I just have the luck of having both at once.
  16. If you look at this picture I took on Stock Android, you can also clearly see it, even though the image overall is more sharp. Back then I thought, that it was just the Snapdragon camera software misbehaving.
  17. I am now convinced, that it is indeed a hardware problem. Look at those two pictures. I stood straight in front of the wall and fixed the focus to the best I can aquire. Only change between those photos is that I turned my phone by 180°. And on one photo the ceiling is sharp and the picture very blurred, on the other photo the side of the picture is almost sharp and the ceiling is slightly blurry.
  18. Ah, yeah, sorry. Slightly misunderstood your post. Now that I read it again I understand what you meant. On your recent post: I'm not entirely sure if you can calculate like this, as the voltage provided by the cell significantly lowers on low charge levels. Wouldn't you have to insert some mean value for the voltage? Something around 3.9V would lead to the advertised 3200mAh. I think that's another example why using Wh would just be superior to using Ah (also for comparison of the batteries of devices running on different voltage).
  19. Figure three of the paper from Grolleau et al. you are citing actually strongly supports the idea of not charging the battery fully. Scenario 1: Lot of charging cycles to 100% lead to fast degradation Scenario 2: Reducing the number of cycles by using the battery until lower percentage and only then recharging still lets the battery age slightly faster than at static storage conditions (at 100%) Scenario 3: Same number of charging cycles as in Scenario 1, but keeping the battery at 20-60%: Slightly improves battery life compared to the static storage. So you were kinda righ
  20. So it was not the known display tint issue, but specifically your video being green and the rest being displayed normally?
  21. The yellow arrow not being sticky (means that you can release it before pressing the next button) is caused by Lineage not having that function included (yet?). But at least better than the stock Android, where not even Shift is sticky. About the emojis: I have the same problem, but I'm actually not sure, if it is caused by SwiftKey or the Messenger apps. I think to recall it was the same on my BlackBerry Priv, where I was using the BB-Keyboard.
  22. I think what is described here is the same as our problem. And according to a post in another thread it was confirmed by F(x)tec to be a hardware defect. @DieBruine can you tell us here, when you know, if the problem was solved by the repair?
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