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  1. I'm in on the same track, I want to have a Swedish keyboard, optimized for Linux CLI my first idea was to disassemble the keyboard and move around the keys a bit. and maybe do a silicone mold for make some new keys in suitable resin. then print the "key caps" with a laser printer on a water transfer film.
  2. is the slow response time an issue on stock sw as well?? and the really bad autofocus behaviour?
  3. Any experience in this? And did anyone confirm that elephone U protector works?
  4. Another thing that kind of annoys me quite much is the response time of the power button, feels like I need to press it a bit too long to wake the phone up. Also when removing the phone from the ear takes really long time until the display activates again
  5. Yes, it worked great, both with a simple USB-C to HDMI adapter and my Dell WD19 USB-C/Thunderbolt docking station, here I get both the 3 monitors and the USB-devices like mouse and keyboard. Now the monitor gets activated, detects a source, but both the monitor and the phone display stays black until I remove the USB cable again.
  6. Hmm... Have I missed one to install one update?
  7. Whith the latest OTA upgrade I have a bug with HDMI out. When I connect the USB-C cable to my device it goes tottaly black if I unlock it. I can se the lock-screen, but when I entered my pin-code all is black until I remove the cable.
  8. Guess you are refering to which bluetooth devices I use? Kia Optima 2019, Peltor XPI Alert, plantronics something, JBL bluetooth speaker.
  9. Guess you are refering to which bluetooth devices I use? Kia Optima 2019, Peltor XPI Alert, plantronics something, JBL bluetooth speaker.
  10. that's strange, I'm using both Microsoft Teams and Whats app for voice and video calls daily with my Bluetooth headset or car handsfree. No issues at all.
  11. Which mod do you use? I'm on AICP, and have severe issues with auto focus, macro don't work at all, and as soon it start to get a little bit towards dusk, the auto focus won't work at all.
  12. Don´t see how that would impact either, but I did have some strange IT-issues lately, must be my aura. Suddenly all file associations on my WIN10 laptop are gone, the network config file on Debian server became corrupt, my router running DD-wrt had a file system crash, and my Cisco switch is not responding to SSH any longer. And all this whitin 3 weeks time... start feeling really scary anyway, If I map scancode 468 to keycode 133 it should work?
  13. so from that link I get a update that`s not ota?
  14. I thought it had been some new releases from you since November 13?
  15. from my pro1, running AICP BTW, I could not get the magnetic sensor thing to work, ,It reports scanCode 468 keydown flag is "8" and keyup flag is "808" might be that AICP has different keyboard mapping though
  16. where do I find, and how do I install the latest build? Don´t remove it, sounds like a great function, just the one I have been looking for, only I could understand how it works. I have edited a keymap, and put it in that folder. but I can´t manage to make it active. is there any documentation of this somewhere? That is subjective. 🙂 sorry, strange question. What I should ask was, Which Is the phone calling app included in the build?
  17. When using Chrome, nothing happens when clicking the link, duckduckgo gets the .bin file. Will try renaming it
  18. Hi Have been running this as a daily since November now. It works pretty good, with some minor bugs, where do I report them? Btw, I'm on an early november release, don't realy know where to look for the revision. The bugs I seen are 1 sometimes the phone report "charging mode" or something similar in the status bar, did manage to caprure the logs for that. 2. a couple of times, like three or four, the touch screen and usb-port has stopped working, I hane note managed to capture the logs with this fault present. I have not been able to open settings by o
  19. How do I download this? I get a .bin file from the download link on your web page. Is this software only for stock android? Or does it work on other ROMs as well? I'm running AICP at the moment. Br Per
  20. Sounds great, hoping for some good guide how to set up the server, neither HTTPS, nor CGI script is my cup of tea. The keymap sounds great! Does it need to have any specific filename?
  21. This sounds very nice! will there be any good way to schedule it? A wish would be the possibility to backup remotely via SSH or eq. to a private linux server. next question: What does this setting do? And how to use it? otherwise the ROM is working great! it's my new daily now so big thanks @tdm
  22. pebert

    Pro1 Just died.

    https://community.fxtec.com/topic/2559-factory-restore-tool/ Give this a try, might work out for you //Per
  23. have a similar behaviour on my Moto Z3, so anyway pretty used to it... 🤔
  24. I have the same issue, which is really frustration. When on a call to customer service or something, and they tell you to press "1" for this or "2" for that I often fail because of the time it takes for the display to get activated. same behaviour in stock, Lineage 16 ans AICP
  25. I have used this for some days now, seems to work nicely. I did experience some odd behavior during flashing, see attached pictures Anyway, when I rebooted the phone worked fine. Another thing,bin the meny somewhere you have the option "custom keymap", what is this?
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