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  1. Hi I´m still struggling a bit with this, How do I find the scan codes for the "F" and "arrow up" buttons? the Key-loggers or dmesg don´t show anything. Running LinageOS18.1 also when I look at the original keychars file I don´t find symbols related to the "arrow up" button, (for example I don´t see anything about "/" being associated to "P" //Per
  2. I trying to understand how this works. My intention is to merge the LinageOS stock Key Character map with the pro1_qwerty_swe_1.kcm from finqwerty. the stock map file has type ALPHA while finqwerty has type OVERLAY, what does this mean? Do I need to merge the two files together, meaning replace the entries in the stock file with those from finqwerty? Or can I load the two files after each other? Do I need to edit anything in the key layout file? finqwerty also has the following entries: # orig FORWARD_DEL map key 111 PLUS
  3. Is this still an issue? And in that case, what is the issue? Running lineage-18.1-20210726-nightly-pro1-signed.zip and just copied /vendor/usr/keychars/Builtin_Keyboard.kcm to /data/system/devices/keychars/Vendor_181d_Product_5018.kcm Changed letter "A" to "P" as a test and it works flawless
  4. After installing LineageOS 16 and then back to 18.1 together wit nikgapps core it works like a charm.
  5. can someone help me setting up the development environment for building lineage OS for Pro1?
  6. I have installed both lineage-18.1-20210614-nightly-pro1-signed and lineage-18.1-20210712-nightly-pro1-signed both of them acting strange, when I try to make a phone call, the dialer app doesn´t go into the call active mode, but stays as it was before pressing the green handset. nothing in the status bar show an active call either, so only way the end the call is to power off the phone. then Some Microsoft Office 365 apps won´t start, like Onedrive and excel, but Teams and sharepoint works fine. this issue was seen on the 20210614 build, stayed when doing an OTA upg
  7. it was laying in the middle of the highway for ~30 minutes before I managed to pick it up.
  8. Even in a reply there is a limit on maximum 2MB in total, which is a bit low in order to get any decent photos. So,even tough I reduced the size by 50% I need to post photos one by one.
  9. You can have the main board, just pay the shipping. Will take some photos.
  10. Wasn't think to do, do you want to have anything of it? I will keep the keyboard and sliding mechanism to do som experimenting on, try to make custom keys, and fix the play in the hinges
  11. Did some tests of my device last weekend. There has been quite much skepticism however the construction of the sliding mechanism is robust enough. Hypothesis During severe mechanical impact the sliding mechanism will take the most damage. Method Put the device on the roof of an automobile and drive 3km on the highway in 100km/h Result Everything broke except sliding mechanism and the keyboard. Reflection It is not recommended to transport your device on the roof of your car. The sliding mechanism of the F(x)tec Pro1 is a strong an
  12. OK, great then I will upgrade as well. btw, I never got that stuff to work with stock rom either.
  13. did the bank and vpn work on 17.1? maybe this means thar I dare to upgrade as well...
  14. has anyone got this working? did not really catch McCreary´s explanation above.
  15. Hi guys There are two Pro1 for sale at eBay, located in Japan. Offered for $1.399 Is there anyone that know something about this? Are the ads legitimate? Had my phone disassembled yesterday because something (turned out to be screws) was loose and rattled around in there. Now the phone won't start, I am a bit scared that I broke one of the connectors on the main board. So at the moment in need of a new phone.
  16. thanks, going to stock and back solved the issue
  17. a week ago I replaced my screen with one of unknown origin. Everything seemed to work just fine until I realized that it can't detect taps on the edges anymore. activating show pointer location indicates that I can slide all way out, just not tap. saw something about this on the forum, but can't find it now, is it possible to solve?
  18. Hi re-flashed the phone two days ago, and now the HDMI works. So now when I writing this post i have my phone connected to my Dell WD19 docking station. I see the phone screen on all three monitors, mouse and keyboard is working . (sorry for the really messy desk, I am a hardware developer )
  19. would it be possible to activate some of thoose settings by default in the ROM?
  20. that's the isssue, there are no bushings. Maybe should start fabricating some, will be much more simple compared to making new screws. couldn't agree more, and as a micro mechanics engineer and watchmaker it really bothers me
  21. It seems to be quite big tolerances for the hinge screws, looked at mine 2 days ago. 1 of the screws where 1.65mm in diameter, the other one 1.78mm Will do an attempt to make new screws to se if that helps.
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