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  1. If it is so reproducible, it unfortunately seems to be a case for the service. 🙁
  2. What about this problem (link) on your device (screen becoming green on low brightness)?
  3. MvBoe

    Displaying Black

    What about the "green effect" on the devices now delivered? Could someone please write something about it according to an device from the last delivery?
  4. A balanced, detailed comparison test (German): Link.
  5. OK, but no Problem, the Units are on the way much longer than 9 days. 🤔
  6. I can reassure you: transmission by objects is not possible in practice due to the fact that the virus has very little stability on surfaces. Especially if the objects were on the move for longer. Source (German): Link.
  7. Of course, I'm not a lawyer. According to what I read and know, there is only a legal relationship in Germany between the seller and the direct, next buyer. The manufacturer has no contract with the second buyer but only with his customer, the first buyer. Of course, many manufacturers still guarantee from the original proof of purchase, even if they might not have to. There is always a difference between what is required by law and what you are willing to voluntarily provide in extended customer service.
  8. If the dealer sees it strictly: Yes! You can try to transfer the rights of the first buyer to the second buyer (assignment). The dealer does not necessarily have to accept this. So there is an uncertainty. An interesting article (German): Link.
  9. For Germany: The legal guarantee only applies to the first purchaser and is not automatically transferred. The second buyer is used buyer and has (if at all) only claims to the seller = first owner. Of course, the manufacturer can voluntarily give a guarantee, but he is not obliged to do so.
  10. I also think it should be evolution (First we have to get the Pro1.): - Battery with higher capacity, changeable or better: Different backs to change. - Display edges less rounded. - More current SOC.
  11. They do not want to ship until the "out-of-box"-experience is OK for them. I approve of this attitude! Far too often we have products that are sent unfinished and then "ripen" at the customer (banana tactics). Therefore my respect for the honest and faithful to their own principles announcement.
  12. It is registered in UK (see footer of homepage). Company-Number is valid: Link.
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