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  1. Perhaps it can be deactivated inside the Gamin Connect App?
  2. Screenshot from homepage:
  3. Another possibility would be a separate guest network with its own name that is only used for the Pro1.
  4. Elsewhere it was officially promised that the guarantee is transferable, at least FX Tec would accept that.
  5. Hopefully as a passenger and not at the wheel! 😉
  6. Or they deliberately include it so that you have to buy a new smartphone shortly after the warranty period. 😉
  7. I allow myself the following question: At the time of this post, were you aware that the package with the Pro1 was already on the way or has even been accepted? Then the post would be at least dishonest if not worse.
  8. They are currently working on the pre-orders that have been received. 10-12 weeks for new orders are realistic ±. There are some offers used or practically new, so something should be possible. I can't say anything about the problem with Verizon (D).
  9. If you are interested in a fitBAG bag: https://www.ebay.de/itm/303595116751?ul_noapp=true Shipping is also possible to Europe.
  10. In my case, everything went smoothly: Refund requested by email, first response within 24h, refund within 48h and credit card crediting within 24h later. So everything is fine and there is no reason for any doubts about the company or the support!
  11. MvBoe

    Backlight Dim

    That is normal, AFAIK.
  12. That will probably not work. At the moment, production is re-starting very slowly. The good news is that they keep sending out smaller lots.
  13. Also my favorite on all smartphones.
  14. If it is so reproducible, it unfortunately seems to be a case for the service. 🙁
  15. What about this problem (link) on your device (screen becoming green on low brightness)?
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