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  1. Works just fine. Most menus (context etc.) stay white though. Also there's a plugin for turning white pages into dark(er) ones.
  2. Honestly, I just think you wanted to vent. So it's alright. While the phone indeed does have some mistakes, most of them can be worked around and if you want a proper phone with a keyboard - the pro1 is currently as good as it gets (I still have my BB Priv, but due to a hardware lock I cannot root it and so I'd have to use an OS, which is heavily outdated). I also paid about 720€ and while some errors do annoy me a bit, I use this phone as my daily driver and it works as expected. While venting is okay, you don't even seem to be interested in fixing the issues you have with the phone. So not recommending the phone to anyone just because you have issues you do not want to resolve is a bit weird to say the least. It sure is your right and your choice and if you had expected the phone to be completely flawless, you probably should have waited another year or the pro2 if it is ever going to happen - or pick some keyboardless phone (though I'd argue those do have their problems,too).
  3. I've been using *#*#4636#*#* to check some network settings.
  4. I cracked the screen 2 weeks after I got it - and got it replaced a bit over a month later. It slipped because I was careless (had nothing to do with opening the keyboard).
  5. I am using the pro1 since somewhere December and haven't had a single random reboot. I did have some weird screen locks and rotation issues, but it seems to have gone away 😳. So I'm fine now and use the pro1 as my daily driver.
  6. Too bad it's not available in Germany... no idea which one to pick over here since the backside of the phone is really slippery...
  7. divstar

    Displaying Black

    Yes, the pro1's screen sucks. It has a greenish touch to it.
  8. I already replied on the other thread, but what I can add is this: no overheating, no reboots unless I want to, screen is cheaply replaced if broken, the PRIV used to tilt weirdly when keyboard was open. The pro1 is a bit heavy and IMO the screen is not as good (but cheap to replace). Haven't used the fingerprint device, but it's not well-placed on the pro1. Everything else is nice and IMO better than the PRIV, though I did install the Blackberry Inbox tool, that let's me organize everything in one app.
  9. I have used the PRIV too and the only really bad thing about was that it lost support quickly - hence stuck on Android 7 or 8. Also no custom roms and bad for RDP. Since I am currently using the Pro1, I feel like it is better at just about everything.
  10. You are my hero, @EskeRahn. I don't knoe what's wrong with it, but my display kept going to landscape. I turned auto-rotation off, but it still did. Turning off auto-landscape in Slider did the trick. Now whenever I type using the physical keyboard, I just rotate it manually (which is fine by me).
  11. divstar

    Spare Parts

    Thank you a lot for your post! I currently have an odd problem: my screen keeps turning into landscape mode even though I haven't opened my keyboard. Perhaps the gyrosensor or a sensor responsible for it broke? Do you know which of these tests I can try to find out if the responsible sensor is broken?
  12. Not sure if SFOS would support APKs then, but I could see myself using SFOS instead of Android, so I'd pay for a good OS. But it'd have to be easy and most things should be working - then I'd buy a license and switch.
  13. I play ToonBlast. Other than that not playing anything currently, but I'd also rather like to buy a game instead of freemium where I have to pay more for coins or no-commercials-option.
  14. It's a common bug from what I read on here (I've got it, too, when using WhatsApp and listening to voice messages via loudspeakers). I also heard a fix is in the making if I am not mistaken, as it probably is a software error - rather than a hardware one.
  15. Anyone tried USB-C-to-DisplayPort? Tried it with a S8 today and it started Dex, probably even at 4k (haven't checked the info of my screen). I have a suitable cable, but am in bed already, so will give it a try. No Hub and probably no charging though since the S8 didn't offer either with this cable (it did offer sound though from what I remember).
  16. From what I can tell it's left of the front-camera. You can try a diagnostic app (built-in), described in the following post: This helped me figure out where the sensors were and if they work as expected. Be careful with the settings and do read that specific post in full before doing anything.
  17. So.. after having someone properly glue my screen to the pro1 (I apparently did not do it right), I do experience some rattle when moving the screen top-to-bottom and vice versa (in closed state). It is not as annoying as the thread author states, but it is there. Still works great, though.
  18. Nuremberg, Germany. Please get in touch via this forum first.
  19. I still use the BB hub under android, because it lets me manage all communication through one app (SMS is a bit weird with it).
  20. In Germany we call them Teledoof (Tele-dumb) or Telekomiker (Tele-comedian). While they probably got the best network,their support sucks big times.
  21. I haven't taken the test yet, but it really depends on what you type. If it's RDP+SSH and +bash-related stuff, there is much more to consider: visible screen area while you type. Like... typing sudo apt get and editing config is simply painful with on-screen keyboards. Typing regular text works alright via voice and especially gboard. Though I like typing on the pro1 keyboard, because it usually doesn't vanish of I touch the display somewhere by accident (and that happens rarely if I use my pointy fingers while the pro1 is e.g. on my bed). I am not as good with my thumbs. Gonna give it a try later.
  22. Just checked mine. No (ill) movement at all, barely any play at all.
  23. Using it as my daily driver. Works fine and whenever I have both hands free and going to type a long text, switching to landscape mode. Without 4G (I have an old contract here in Germany, which does not yet include 4G) the mobile networks keep switching and are really horrible. Manually switching is better, but cumbersome. Luckily I got another sim I am going to use for data. So this should be fixed. WhatsApp is horrible when using speakers (so are some other apps) - I hope there'll be a fix eith the crackling / doubled sounds. I assume it is because of speaker + microphone position, though. No idea of it's going to get fixed, but it is not a deal-breaker for me. Overall a great phone. I am overjoyed each time I connect to my server via RDP (Ubuntu 18.04) and have a full screen even when I am typing. Thank you, FxTec!
  24. divstar

    Spare Parts

    Okay so the good news is: the sensors appear to be working. The bad news is: my phone does not switch in WhatsApp for example to the ear speaker when close to the ear as it used to do... hm.. Edit: seems fixed after restarting the phone... now apps recognize proximity and brightness sensors. Sorry for the hussle.
  25. divstar

    Spare Parts

    Okay... so.. I guess I have one more issue after screen replacement, though I must confess I am unsure whether this feature even used to work at all, namely automatic dimming of the screen. What I know for sure, is, that it does not work anymore. And I can't access the sensor programmatically to tell if the sensor(s) even work. Can any of the pro1 users check? Does someone have an idea of how to verify light- and proximity sensors?
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