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  1. sorry, my bad. I take a look again and didn't find device file for pro1x (in pmaports) in danct12 gitlab profile.
  2. @sspiff I found (by username) these repos [0][1]. The 1st one is mainline kernel, the 2nd one is "ports" repo for postmarketos with scenarios for building images. I suggest using this instruction[2] to combine all this stuff - of course you'd need to replace kernel repo and ports repo with custom ones. I'd also like to play with it, but probably after finishing other pending things. If you succeed with building the image - please share your instructions πŸ™‚ [0] - https://gitlab.com/Danct12/linux-postmarketos/-/tree/fxtecpro1x-secondreturns?ref_type=heads [1] - https://gitlab.com/D
  3. @Danct12 Hello, any plans to submit your PR to postmarketos repo? I'd like to try your work.
  4. well, nice to know that, thanks! I will also buy a license to test aliendalvik out (I have pro1x, but anyway).
  5. but how did you get working AlienDalvik on your device in the first place? it should be available only for specific devices which are officially supported.
  6. After upgrading the phone in the suggested way I no longer can use the camera application. Now it says "Illegal instruction" when I try to start it from the console.
  7. where can I find the zip archive with magisk to sideload it? I couldn't find it on the official github.
  8. how did you install magisk? I've tried to "patch" boot file of lineage - it works, but not with OTA. I've also tried to "install" natively via magisk manager both in current and inactive slot, but it didn't do the trick for me. After updating via OTA - I'm losing my root.
  9. UB Focal OTA-1 has been recently released. Has anybody tried it out? (not sure if there's a correct image of this release for pro1x) https://ubports.com/blog/ubports-news-1/post/ubuntu-touch-ota-1-focal-release-3888
  10. can it be here? [0] good luck with debugging this issue, personally I don't have much time to dig into it 😞 [0] - https://github.com/LineageOS/android_kernel_fxtec_sm6115/blob/lineage-20/drivers/soc/qcom/apr.c#L32
  11. Did you succeed in updating to Focal?
  12. focal is a port to ubuntu 20.04 (which is named Focal) the regular build is based on 16.04 IIRC for me focal looked better but wifi was broken 😞 sometimes after the flashing I haven't seen the application and I fixed that by doing factory reset with UBPorts Recovery.
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