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Various questions to the PRO1 not yet answered

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Some questions has net not been answered initially at the official launch.

I will move them here from other threads, to keep them together.


E.g questions such as regional availability, layouts available and specs not yet published (or hard to find).


(above edited after the lauch)

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Very clever... 😜 ...Sorry, have no equipment to measure that, but clearly (ho ho), brighter than the one on a Samsung S8-

We are getting even further off topic -sigh- but it is a very versatile tool, though it is far from perfect, and not all updates have been improvements (e.g. hiding "Reply" in landscape under Ellipsis

Video is meant to be in portrait 😂 😂😂😂😂😂



Here is the quote i sent to the builders of new phone, and i would like to hear from the others on the topic


Bigger is not always better and 6 inch is insane.

Even 5 inches is too big and as active user of outdated Motorola Photon Q (modded, running android 7.1), i think 4 or 4.5 inches is just about ideal.

Before Photon Q, i had Nokia E7, same size.

I have no idea where manufacturers came with the idea phones should be size of tablets.

4 inch is plenty good for car navigation (in motorola car dock in landscape mode and easy plug in), emergency web browsing, emailing, messaging etc.

When i need bigger screen, i use laptop, when even bigger i use laptop in docking station connected to 24" LCD.

Please try to get a hold of old Nokia E7 and/or Photon Q to get the feel of the 'right' size.

Maybe a poll about size in the community would be good idea.

I dont think hardcore qwerty users who are awaiting your new product are looking for device too big to carry in the pocket. And i dont believe screen size will be your selling point either....

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I too prefer a lesser size. But I look at it from a very practical angle:


1) A rather small portion of users still want QWERTY hardware keyboards

2) Only a portion of these want sliders

3) Only a portion of these want landscape sliders

4) A rather small portion of users still want phone sized devices.


So aiming at all in the same device would most likely be for a such limited user segment that it would become very expensive to cover the development, and that would reduce the potential user group further...


So I would MUCH rather have a phablet sized QWERTY-slider that can be realised, than imagine my 'dream device', and never have it.


And as Val says it is most likely way to late to change anything but minute details.


Sure if this turns out to be a smashing success and the resurrection of the QWERTY keyboards, it might leave room for a coming version in more than one size. So the best we can do is once it (hopefully very soon) is launched spread the word to any potential user we can think of, and when we get it in our hands flash it at any opportunity, and thus try to resurrect the real keyboards. And then hopefully in multiple sizes.

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I certainly don't want a phone too big to fit in my pocket comfortably or it's completely useless.


I like my PQ too but wouldn't mind the screen a little bigger. No bigger than the Moto Z tho, ideally smaller than Z, although understandably thicker due to keyboard.

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Well Craig we DO have some bits and pieces on the size in the newsletters and the updates from the Moto Mod that can be pieced together.

I have ESTIMATED it to be ROUGHLY 151 x 74 x 13mm here.

But please don't take these as accurate, it is from what we can deduce of what has been said and shown on some prototypes.


..So it is fairly sure that is going to be easier to pocket than the Moto Z series. And certainly easier than a Moto Z with the QWERTY MOD. ;)


ADD: The real size was not far off : 154 x 73.6 x 13.98 mm. (so slightly less wide, and slightly thicker than my estimates)

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A bigger screen also means, that we have more space for the Keyboard. I still remember the Sony Xperia X10 mini pro. The keyboard size was a joke. I use a Photon Q personally, happy with the overall size and the Keyboard, I expect to enjoy the FX-Device after a few days of getting used to it aswell. Transition from the Desire Z to the Photon Q took me several days, I did not have any problems with the Desire Z's Keyboard, but i would never want to change from the Photon Q to the Desire Z again (only regarding the Keyboard of course).

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I agree I wish they used a smaller display, but Chen said that it had to be 6 inches due to cost - it's the most common display size. And considering mass market appeal is behind big displays, we unfortunately don't have a choice.

However I'm more concerned about how big the keyboard is. With a large screen I would expect the keyboard to be wide too, which may make it difficult to use... Dimensions would be helpful


I know this is an unfair comparison because no new phones have keyboards, but for this device to be appealing it has to be as compact if not more compact than most flagships. If that meant a slightly smaller screen like 5.8 inches, they should have done that. Too late now I suppose. Let's see the finished product when released

Based on leaked prototype pictures it looks like they committed to the 6 inch display a long time ago

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Exactly the same thing for me, Ken.

At 300€/$, I will certainly buy it immediately ! 400, I will wait for some test.

But for this technology and by the fact that this product only concern a small portion of user, I will understand if it cost more than 500/600€.


It could be perfect if they sell 2 types of smartphones, like the new Blackberry Key2 and his light twins Key2 LE ! :D

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Just saw Chen's Tweet. I really hope this product is a success as it's our best shot at seeing a resurgence of this kind of devices. The device specs are fantastic, it's a dream phone for me. It just seems to tick all the boxes:



- OLED edge screen

- Front facing fingerprint reader

- Dual SIM

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Sorry for having to correct you, the fingerprint-reader will not be front-facing, but on the right side of the phone. (source: Blog/Newsletter)

Actually I prefer this design to front-facing sensors. Gives the screen more space, and for example Sony worked that out very good on the side. The Galaxy S10e's sensor will be on the side of the phone aswell.

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