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Keyboard print layouts and functionality

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Yes I definitely will use that button 🙂

Starting off, I know FR still uses mostly the AZERTY keyboard but who knows if they like this? I'm a Portuguese person who found out about this phone only yesterday. I'm very interested in it and

This is a very interesting suggestion. If the Chinese layout proved to be in a high demand, we would certainly consider it.   In the future perhaps if we can make user to do custom mapping, maybe we

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zimeon Many keyboards with common Scandinavian layout crack the problems with three colours. Swedes, Danes and Norwegians can (at the least) all agree on the Å should go next to the P. and in Swedish ÖÄ goes left of the L. But unfortunately Danes and Norwegians disagree on ÆØ or ØÆ left on L....

(for readers outside Scandinavia: Ä=Æ and Ö=Ø)


The Norwegian approach of placing them as the Swedes makes much more sense than the Danish swap.


I would certainly prefer the keytops with scandinavian print too, But I would MUCH rather have an international 'blanked' layout, where I had to memorise the few, than having to let do with the PRO¹ take on the US layout and 'odd' placements of our national letters.

And even though I hope all the best for this project I have my doubt if there will be enough Scandinavian buyers to sustain a special variant of the keyboard without a heavy surcharge.

So my suggestion was partly a 'fall back' solution, and partly a base keyboard for national/regional layouts, if enough buyers are available.

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I love the BB K1 - every single HW key can be mapped for short and long keypress from home screen to different apps, i.e. you have 52 shortcuts.

For me, it is important to have possibility to define own layout. I use mostly US layout with CZ layout in qwerty. But CZ layout has as standard qwertz. If I can choose different mapping (CZ qwerty), then OK. I don't need the labels on HW keys same as currently selected layout, I can remember the keys and I don't look at the keyboard during writing, so I would prefer to be able define my own layout for the HW keyboard.

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I very much agree with EskeRahn's idea about the layout. I would prefer printed layout, of course, as I need ä with even my name, but even having the blank keys would be much better than having keys in weird places or having "wrong" markings on the keys.

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Because there will be a lot of users from another countries the most needed keys is the accents.

This is very big problem on every sw keyboards. The accents key is missing even it is very simple to add it. I did not find such an kyeboard. So the users must press the key and wait until the characters are shown and then slide. This is "VERY" slow when you want to write with accents.

Hope the hw keyboard will have one key for accents or the shortcuts for accented characters

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tehtavienhallinta well I agree that it is important that we can type the national letters. And preferably with national print. But would it be a deal breaker for you if a few keys gave what you expected by the standard national layout, and not what is printed on the key tops? In my suggestion we are talking 5-6 keys.


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Fin qwerty layout


How about Fin/Swe/Nordic layout keyboard like this. And another color forsymbols for example orange symbol from from number keys and as already yellow from alt + something. Colors might be some other than yellow/orange. That theres no change of they look like same. Or like on laptop keybord symbols have own place if the came with sift or alt.

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For this reason I used the blue modifier key on N900 for my own keyboard map to write letters which has accents (so áéíóöőúüű).

That way I was able to type very fast using its hardware keyboard.


I expect a similar behaviour using this device as software keyboards method of waiting / selecting another letters is really uncomfortable.

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