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How to open/shut the Pro1/Pro1X

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Hey guys!

I know the subject of this thread won't be relevant to everyone, but we have had a few comments from customers who have been struggling to open and shut their Pro1...

I just wanted to clarify that the Pro1's slider mechanism wasn't designed to simply slide open... you do need to hold the phone at such an angle that you lift the top of the screen up whilst also pushing up from the bottom simultaneously. After you have got the knack, it becomes a lot more straight forward and you will be able to slide it open much more quickly and seamlessly. I have attached a video for those who might be struggling with the knack, or are worried that the phone doesn't slide open like they expected.

Please also remember that like anything, practice make perfect! Have a go opening and closing the device at different angles and with different techniques because it will eventually become very straight forward 🙂 

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Hey guys! I know the subject of this thread won't be relevant to everyone, but we have had a few comments from customers who have been struggling to open and shut their Pro1... I just wanted

....And here another slow motion opening both the Pro1 and a flip case in one go by the lift front method. YouCut_20200123_155044091.mp4

This is a very satisfying thread.

Posted Images

I tried to make some four times slo-motion videos a while ago. of two different ways to open by pushing

They are far from perfect, but perhaps you can see what is going on better  slowed down.

First the classic push slightly down, where the back lifts as you push a bit downwards (that is what you see above in full speed)
Note the important detail that my thumb is NOT continuously pushing in the same direction, but follow the screen edge down and then up.

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And here one where I on the contrary LIFTS the front, by rolling in the finger



And as a third method you can of course just lift the back edge up.


Or you can also do a combo lifting the back while pushing the front.

I most often lift with the right index after triggering the fingerprint scanner, while pushing with the left thumb.

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I like to slow down how fast it opens by maintaining control of the back side of the screen. I only have one hand while filming but still easy enough :).

please ignore the pimples btw, newly and badly applied screen protector xD

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5 minutes ago, netman said:

The way i do as in my video works for me, especially with 2 hands when it is easier to slow it down :).

Alternatively, do it under a pillow to muffle the explosion. :-)

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I find pushing my right thumb's fingernail under the right hand side of the screen panel is the best way to open that brick almost one handed without causing unwanted inputs.
By the end of that movement it should also unlock without having to think about it as your index falls naturally on the fingerprint reader.

As an added bonus, when doing that down the pub, you can also enjoy the envious stare of fellow geeky patrons languishing with envy.

Clack, clack, clack! 🍺

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12 minutes ago, Slion said:

I usually go ask directly as I enjoy the social aspect of it, to the despair of forums moderators 😁

Yes as it makes things almost impossible to find, so the same questions are asked over and over, and someone usually have the heart to give the answers again cluttering the forum further.

Sure the forum could be structured better, but spamming it does not help. And we already got this almost brand new thread derailed from the help @Elysia tried to provide for new users.

And please do not take this personal, it is a general trend in here to post before seeking.

And when people make posts or whole threads with multiple questions/issues, it even makes it impossible for us as moderators to straighten things out by split and merge, as we can not split a single post. Nor clone it (for manual splitting the post)

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Don't you hate it when moderators go off topic 🤣
I mean if you want to discuss moderation go create a thread for it instead of hijacking honest threads about clacking 🤣😂

Sorry just taking the piss, feel free to moderate that 😁
That's all light hearted, so don't you worry about hurting my feelings mate.

On a more serious note, strictly moderating a large successful community is an impossible task. The world wide success of wikis as long proven that trust and self moderating communities is the way to go. Duplicate topics on forums are actually a good thing as it improves the chance of someone finding what she is looking for through searches.

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