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  1. I am too lazy to get ye olde oscilloscope out of the cabinet, but I too suspect it to be electrical noise. Possibly not even from the charger itself. The ghosting only happens when the phone sits on the plastic surface of the table. IT is a height adjustable office table with a laptop and two screens on it. Maybe the table itself acts like a capacitor and the surface of the phone gets charged electrically when it is in contact with the table surface while connected to a power outlet. Oh my, so much text and I bet @[email protected] is not even struggling with ghost touches only while chargin
  2. I see these ghost touches when a certain charger is connected. On another phone, I had ghost touches in strong winds...
  3. Yes, AppWereRabbit can be confusing and it is still in development. E.g. the author wants to implement batch data recovery, which is missing so far. Looking at the list of issues with oandbackup on GitHub, you can see for yourself whether oandbackup would work for you or not. The author is still active and does release new versions every now and then. The last update made oandbackup ready for Android Pie. IF you are a messy like me, and have 500+ apps installed, any backup solution will fail for at least one app 😉
  4. A while back, oandbackup had problems with symlinks. I tied out AppWhereRabbit and came to like the UI and the possibility to categorise data backups. If I hadn't bought AppWhereRabbit, I would probably just use oandbackup today.After all, oandbackup is opensource. All in all, I think things look rather grim when it comes to "offline solutions". Google is pushing the cloud, same as Apple and Microsoft. You are not supposed to have local backups, local contacts storage, local e-mail, or even use something as devilish as an SD-card! 😉
  5. You have a good point here. The apps that get permanent root on my phone are apps that I use daily. Thankfully, Magisk has an option to revoke root privileges automatically when an app gets updated. Edit: Was I wrong about Magisk revoking root after an app update? I can't find a corresponding setting in the Magisk Manager. Did I mistake Magisk SU with SuperSU? Was I blinded by wishful thinking?
  6. Appwhererabbit and oandbackup are two of extremely few backup apps that do backup data properly using root. XPrivacyLUA lets you set the Android ID, serial number and other things globally or individually for each app. I had to use this feature to keep Sygic working when I messed with my Android, or when I got a new phone. The official way is to contact the app developer, but that becomes cumbersome quickly for weirdos like me who experiment with their phones a lot ... and mess things up on the way 🙂
  7. You might want to read about SELinux 😉 As others pointed out, you may grant root only once, or just for a few minutes. Although I don't quite get the point of restricting root like that. Trusted apps get permanent root on my phones. Untrusted apps never ever get root, not even once. Getting root one time is enough for a malicious app to compromise your system (privilege escalation) ...
  8. No, none of the Xposed modules causing a boot halt ever "worked randomly sometimes". They all crashed Android a few seconds after Android finished booting, whenever I managed to get Android to boot up. One exception might be MyAndroidTools Xposed, which did work when I booted without my SIM. And it continued to work after I put the SIM back in while Android was running. My Pro1 does not pass the SafetyNet checks. Whether that is caused by XPrivacyLUA or by EdXposed itself I don't know. Thankfully I don't have anything running on my phone that requires SafetyNet 🙂 (I have to us
  9. I don't know either. You are right, it doesn't make sense. All I know is that it works ... sometimes. When I first found out about re-flashing magisk_patched.img I was thrilled because it solved all my problems. Until I had to find out that it only works sometimes. So far I was lucky and always found something to make my Pro1 boot again. Like removing the SIM, which should not have made a difference either. However ... I wouldn't be surprised if it was all just a big "coinkidinki" and all it takes is rebooting 100 times until the phone randomly starts. Although, the first time I encounter
  10. That's true. And, thank you for reminding me. I forgot doing that the last time 🙂 That's the beauty of "Method 2", re-flashing magisk_patched.img leaves Magisk active and retains root 😉 It doesn't always work, and there is a lot of weird stuff going on, like removing the SIM and/or SD-card helping, but it might be a way to start your phone and disable Magisk modules. In my case, I had a few seconds to do so, before Android crashed and got stuck during the boot process again. I don't know what else the Magisk manager is doing when you install Magisk again with
  11. Yes, having a way to retain root and disable Magisk modules is very useful indeed. "EdXposed Manager" is not a Magisk module. It is an app, just like Xposed Manager, to handle the EdXposed framework (which is a Magisk module) and Xposed modules (which are apps).
  12. I know this information is coming too late now, but you can flash back your unmodified boot.img and uninstall the Xposed module that caused a boot halt. Xposed modules are ordinary APKs. Just don't forget to re-install Magisk after you flashed back the magisk_patched.img. Also, https://community.fxtec.com/topic/2755-riru-core-edxposed-magisk/?tab=comments#comment-44099 😉
  13. Yes and no 🙂 Xposed modules are ordinary APKs that can be uninstalled. Some modules are missing a main activity, which makes them "invisible" to your launcher, but they can be uninstalled from within Android settings. EdXposed Manager and the original Xposed Manager let you disable modules without uninstalling them ... as long as the framework is active. The EdXposed Manager might also let you uninstall modules by tapping on the modules name/icon. Although I am unsure if this works without root. In essence, "Method 1" from my thread simply lets you uninstall Xposed "modules" tha
  14. Not to install from the Magisk repo might apply to other phones, or the Magisk modules have been fixed since the installation instructions were posted. Uninstalling Modules only works for Xposed, because Xposed modules are ordinary APKs. It would be cool though, if Magisk and Xposed would let users disable modules without root, and simply defer disabling until when root is available again.
  15. Another module causing trouble: Wifi QR Code Creator This module wouldn't work with Pie anyways, as I found out later ...
  16. Like I wrote before, I installed "Riru - Core (v19.7)" and "Riru - EdXposed (v0.4.5.1_beta4463 SandHook)" from the Magisk repo. I rebooted after installing Riru Core, and I rebooted again after installing EdXposed. Then I installed EdXposed Manager. And yes, we are very screwed without TWRP with working decryption. We just have to wait until we get a working version. I don't know if it will be possible to install TWRP and Magisk at the same time. But at least we can flash TWRP, do stuff, and flash Magisk again. Regarding boot halts, you have to try really hard to get the Pro1
  17. Oh, that surprises me. Flashing back the original unpatched boot.img does disable Magisk and thereby Riru completely. Good luck with getting your data back. If you manage, please tell us what you did 😉 To answer your other question: I installed Riru Core and EdXposed from within Magisk Manager, not from external sources.
  18. The instructions in the "Riru Core EdXposed Magisk" thread to install Riru and EdXposed are very simple, and you can't break anything either. I too read that Yahfa was supposed to be more stable and installed the Magisk module first. But EdXposed Manager would just tell me that there was no EdXposed framework installed. Therefore I recommended SandHook in the other thread.
  19. https://community.fxtec.com/topic/2755-riru-core-edxposed-magisk/?tab=comments#comment-43838 😉 Which EdXposed did you install, SandHook or Yahfa? I never tried any Xposed modules with Yahfa, because EdXposed Manager only works with SandHook. That said, XPrivacyLUA runs great with SandHook and EdXposed Manager.
  20. One thing I noticed when trying to get my Pro1 to boot again was that removing the SIM and/or SD-card helped. Even MyAndroidToolsXposed worked when I booted without a SIM, and it continued to work when I inserted the SIM while Android was still running. I cannot imagine why the SIM or SD-card would matter, but they do ...
  21. Is it possible to edit my original posting? The most obvious way to get around a boot hang is: 1) flash the original boot.img, 2) boot into the UI and uninstall the Xposed module causing the boot halt, and 3) flash "magisk_patched.img" and re-installing Magisk from within the Magisk Manager ("direct install"). This method is so obvious that I did not even think about it before now 🙂 The only possible downside is that Magisk and Xposed modules, like XPrivacyLUA, will be inactive during step 2). However, potential privacy/usability issues are less painful than not being able too
  22. You got Magisk installed? Awesome! But wait, there is more! 🙂 This thread is meant for the exchange of everyone's experience with Riru and Xposed modules running with EdXposed. The installation is pretty simple: 1) In Magisk, install "Riru - Core", reboot, 2) install "Riru - EdXposed" (SandHook), reboot, 3) install "EdXposed Manager" (github.com/ElderDrivers/EdXposedManager/releases). Once everything is set up, install Xposed modules like crazy ... and prepare yourself for a hell of crashes and boot halts 🥰. Since we do not have TWRP with data decryption yet, you have to be prep
  23. Thanks for your offer to help. I will try out discord shortly. Restoring to stock is something I have done before. Of course I was hoping to recover my current system and the data partition. Unfortunately, I tried TWRP, and that made things worse. (I don't blame anyone. I was actually warned to not use the current version of TWRP)
  24. Any idea how to fix the Pro1 hanging at the boot screen? I updated riru core, and now my phone won't boot any more. Since we don't have TWRP with data decryption, there is no way to disable riru and install the old version 😞 Looks like I will switch back to my Moto Z Play for the time being 😥
  25. I did it the exact same way. Your phone booting at all shows that the boot image itself matches your Android version. Here are my SHA1 checksums: boot.img B464AF10C436F5709392F62EA03BDF2E17C03D5D magisk_patched.img 91D9EED33B452B34ECB567F871420EF295E0F2C3 (would the patched images differ on a different phone, assuming the same model and Android build?)
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