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  1. In my opinion LineageOS 16 was a very important OS for the Pro1 that brought the best out of the device at a moment when stock couldn't (yet) . Although not a developer, I can well imagine it also broke the ground for all future releases of Lineage on the Pro1. So, I guess this is an appropriate moment to thank @tdm for all the hard work!
  2. OK, thanks for the information. That 16.0 will not get any security updates from upstream is a pity though. From what I read, the changes related to su would render the upgrade of my set-up to 17.1 non-trivial at best. So I'll have to stay with 16.0 for now, at least until I learned how to efficiently use magisk together with LOS on the Pro1 ...
  3. Bumping my question from above as the silence about this worries me a little bit. After all, LineageOS 16 is the very topic of this thread. I was hoping to keep LOS 16 on my device for a while, not expecting it to be abandoned so quickly. I worry that 17.1 will not work as a drop-in replacement for me due to the absence of AddonSU, which was a nicely integrated and low-profile root-management solution. I require permanent root access for several things (SSH server, Debian Chroot, cross-system file management), but I obviously do not want random apps to be able to su all the time.
  4. Well, on October 31 the target "pro1 userdebug lineage-17.1" was added to the build system while "pro1 userdebug lineage-16.0" was removed. That does not seem like a malfunction, it was done on purpose. See the diff here: https://review.lineageos.org/c/LineageOS/hudson/+/290451/ Until the respective target is re-added, the build system will not compile 16.0 for our device anymore. Independently of that, the build(s?) for 17.1 seem(s?) to have failed last Monday, as a patch to fix a build error was introduced on Monday evening: https://review.lineageos.org/c/LineageOS/androi
  5. Wondering why no new OTA updates had been offered for a while, I checked https://www.lineageoslog.com/16.0/pro1 There it says: "The selected device is not currently supported in LineageOS 16.0": As one sees, it is also suggested that only LineageOS 17.1 is supported on the Pro1. However, a stable build of that does not seem to be available yet, as far as I know. Have updates of 16.0 been abandoned in the process of porting 17.1 to the pro1?
  6. Oh, very sorry to read that. 😢 I will try to replicate your scene and reproduce the bug using my device as soon as I have time to do so. There are several options related to HDR in the "Photo settings" submenu of OpenCamera. Especially the one named "HDR contrast enhancement" seems interesting to me: it defaults to the setting "smart" (whatever that means). All the way down in the menu (under "Debugging options") there is one more: "Enable fast HDR/Expo burst". Did you try to mess with those settings yet? Also the option: "Save all images for HDR mode" could be interesting
  7. Thanks for the warning, Eske. In fact, I practically never use HDR. I still learned photography on film, therefore HDR pictures have an "unnatural" look for me most of the time. Matter of taste of course. With that being said, I could not reproduce your bad experience in a few initial tests. E.g., when I take an HDR picture from inside of my room towards the window, both the interior of the room as well as the bright-daylight world outside come out correctly exposed, with no shadow around the window frame. So HDR seems to work at first glance. But, as I say, I am not an experienced HDR ph
  8. Update: 10 days later, I can report that OpenCamera has mostly settled my issues with the Pro1 as an "always-carry-on" camera. The "focus locked" program of OpenCamera works very well with the Pro1's double-action shutter button, and allows me to take sharp pictures also of quick-motion scenes. If needed, OpenCamera offers many more possibilities of manual control (exposure lock, ISO sensitivity, ...), but I rarely have to use them in daylight conditions. I'm also under the impression that focusing is faster than with the built-in LineageOS app, though I am not sure if this makes sense as I th
  9. No Gapps. As previously I flashed only Lineage and AddonSU.
  10. OK. Problem solved (for now). I re-flashed the same 16.0-20201026-NIGHTLY-pro1 via sideload and guess what: GPS is working again. Previously it had been installed via OTA update. No idea what may have gone wrong there. Thanks to all for your support.
  11. Yep, I think I did mess with such settings recently, but now cannot find them anymore. I'm on LineageOS 16 though, not Android.
  12. Thanks, tdm, What about the "Location Mode" setting? Is some option that was available in the past now hidden as a consequence of the update? I tried to downgrade to a previous nightly via sideload, but it seems like recovery does not allow downgrades. Is there any way to override that (without wiping everything)?
  13. Thanks, Eske. I remember that I was able to toggle the AGPS setting somewhere (in Settings -> Location -> Mode according to the "Internet"). I suspect I set it to "device only" recently, disabling Wifi-assisted GPS. Now I think this may have been a bad idea, but cannot find the option to re-enable AGPS anymore. Was something changed in this respect in LineageOS in the last ~ 2 weeks?
  14. Actually, I may have found my first regression in my LineageOS 16. I found out today that GPS is not working anymore. Neither OsmAnd~ nor GPSTester seem to get a GPS lock, no matter how long I give them time to do so. I toggled the few available options under "Settings -> Location" to no effect, permissions are granted as they should, deinstalled and reinstalled both apps. I for sure know that location worked flawlessly in the past. Last time I remember actively using it for navigation was approx. 2 week ago. I also somehow remember that I had a setting somewhere to toggle AGPS on
  15. Even if it were in Aurora (seems not at first sight), it is said to require the Google Services or some surrogate, which I do not want to install. And the privacy aspects you showcase in your links come on top, indeed ...
  16. Thanks for the suggestion. But as I'm on LineageOS (without microG and such) this is not an option, even technically. You are probably right that the camera is not bad optics-wise. I have made a decent picture every now and then. My impression is that the camera is simply not working reliably, at least with the default software: Too many pictures came out with imperfect focus or bad exposure. I'll give OpenCamera a chance for now, it seems to behave better ... The thing is, with my N900 I never messed with the camera settings much, let alone install alternative apps. It just took pic
  17. Not sure about that. Some claim that a hardware keyboard is superior to an on-screen one in all circumstances, and that having it will boost your productivity "automatically". Also the Fxtec advertising insinuates that a little bit (ok, that's probably just what marketing does). I believe that, at least for some, this is wishful thinking, based on fond memories of devices like the N900 that had software optimised for landscape and keyboard control. That is however not the case for the Pro1: Android software tends to be tightly optimised for portrait and single-hand touch-control. Also gen
  18. I must say that @Wasmachineman_NL does have a valid point here. Android apps are designed with portrait orientation in mind, and while all (that I use) support landscape somehow, most do not even try to make any clever use of a wide screen. There are a few notable exceptions (like K9-Mail) but they are rare. When using Lineage, I rarely slide out the keyboard for that simple reason: For many on-the-go tasks -- like single-handed web browsing, email checking, or even writing short messages -- landscape is not practical, as, both, the apps and the (huge) phone are simply not optimised
  19. Did not know that trick. Thanks! There, it says "LineageOS-version: 16.0-20201026-NIGHTLY-pro1", so it seems like all is in order with my little one. While being here: Me neither have ever had issues following OTA updates since August. Lineage 16 seems quite stable on the Pro1, indeed.
  20. Where can one actually see that version information? I just realised that in my "Settings -> About phone" it says "Build number: lineage_pro1-userdebug 9 PQ3A 190801.002 0450462ee2". As every week, I also just did the OTA update, and the Updater does tell me that I am now on "LineageOS 16.0 / 26 October 2020" with no further updates available. So, where does that old build number come from on my system?
  21. I have used Stock only very shortly. But as @OKSun wrote, its initial bugs are being sorted out. So If you are after the full 'as-Google-intended' Android experience (with all pros and cons attached), stock is probably what you want. If you want an Android-like smartphone experience, but intend to use mostly FLOSS software, go for LineageOS (and best avoid installing Gapps et al.). This will allow you to use all Android apps listed on F-Droid plus many free ones from the Play Store (although most are not FLOSS). Some Apps relying on Google services may not run though, even with Gapps et a
  22. I must admit that, since posting my above comment about the keyboard backlight switching off, I have been unable to reproduce that behaviour ... I must have been doing something very unusual when that happened - I was messing a lot with my (rooted) chroot setup back then, maybe that can have some crazy side effects. Whatever. Thanks for clarifying the backlighting logics for me and even pointing me to the code, tdm. If I ever reproduce the bug, knowing how things are supposed to behave will certainly be useful.
  23. Hello community! First of all: Many thanks (mostly to @tdm I guess) for providing LOS -- I think it is the most useful and polished OS for the Pro1 by quite some margin. After trying, both, Stock and SFOS, I have used LOS exclusively on my device almost since day 1. My (small) problem: Even though this is supposed to be fixed, it still happens to me that the keyboard backlight switches off, and can be re-enabled only by sliding the keyboard in- and out. I notice this mostly when using Microsoft's "Remote Desktop 8" app (although I do not think the issue is related to the app).
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