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  1. ... as to Reportedly (some?) issues related to WiFi were fixed via OTA. Is your device up to date? (I do not have a Titan, but am seriously considering it as my Pro1's keyboard is getting worse and worse ... 😥 )
  2. It seems like many Titan power users install the Blackberry Keyboard app to improve behaviour in that respect. Have you tried that by any chance? As written above, I'd be most interested in a way to fluently enter all those symbols for coding and terminal work, i.e. things like | > { } [ ] ...
  3. @Hook, he needs the sources, apparently including the exact building configuration. ROMs contain only the resulting binaries in executable form. @pAn : You probably have good reasons for what you are doing. But out of interest: If you kernel project works well with LineageOS, why don't you just use that?
  4. The "stock" kernel sources (you didn't mention if you are on Pro1 or Pro1-X) are available. That's what the LineageOS trees are using. Of course @EskeRahn is right that those do not contain the source code of all the (mission-critical) vendor blobs.
  5. The Pro1X's USB port does not support GPU-out via alt-mode. Therefore things like UBTouch congvergence mode will never work, contrary to what was promised. As far as I understand, the solution that was demonstrated with that "USB to HDMI" cable relies on screengrabing and -casting over a network protocol and thus works independently of the GPU on any recent Android device. The screengrabbing part is probably the reason for the extensive permission requirements. It's also the reason why things like Netflix or Prime cannot be displayed using such tehniques (as they have DRM mechanisms
  6. I have uploaded a new build of LineageOS 16.0 for Pro1 (SD835) at: https://findus.zwergenschaenke.net/~puma/linux.html#lineagepro1 It gives you ASB fixes backported to Android 9 up to patchlevel "5 August 2023". There are no other changes with respect to the June update above. I will continue to make new builds of LOS 16 as long as I use my Pro1 or until Markus stops backporting the ASBs, whatever comes first. However, as the Pro1/X community -- and by extension this forum -- seems to be dying, I'm not sure I will keep updating this thread much longer. If you are using my builds
  7. Unfortunately, there are flaws with the devices that cannot be fixed by the LineageOS folks. The most prominent is the the mobile connectivity issue, preventing many devices to effectively work as mobile phones. Then there is the dreaded "battery depletion" bug which results in a bricked device for Average Joe. There are more - less disabling - issues that will never be fixed with F(x)tec being effectively broke, like the "right loudspeaker fail at high battery charge bug" and others... I had genuinely believed the Pro1-X (QX1050) could be a viable successor to my Pro1 (QX1000). It c
  8. Nope. The Pro1-X project is dead in the water, with most ordered (and paid) devices not even delivered to customers yet. Reportedly, the phones have actually been manufactured. But for almost a year, F(x)tec have been unable to pay for continued shipping. They seemingly are also unable to refund disappointed customers cancelling their orders. At least one of their other products (linxdot) seems to be haunted by similar troubles, suggesting the company is nearly broke. I actually expect them to announce end-of-business in one of the next IGG updates.
  9. The "T" in "T-Mobile" actually refers to the German company "Deutsche Telekom AG". The various T-Mobiles around the world were initially independent operators that have been purchased by Telekom and incorporated into their brand. Of course, inspite of the similar name, the radio frequencies in use are different for all of those networks, as they are governed by the different national authorities.
  10. Battery depletion bug. Send your phone to Fxtec (good luck with that) or fast forward to here:
  11. The competing Switch is hugely popular with its 1280x720 pixel 7-inch display, so the screen itself is probably fine for people. One may argue that, as the Deck is (also) supposed to run games made primarily for (larger) PC displays, there may be a case for a higher-resolution built-in display here. While far from a gaming expert, my experience with Steam on Linux (which is what the SteamDeck is running) is that the total number of pixels to be rendered still matters as much as in the olden days. It also seems to be agreed among users that, when using the Steam Deck's (much) higher resolu
  12. I've uploaded another build of LineageOS 16.0 at https://findus.zwergenschaenke.net/~puma/linux.html#lineagepro1 which includes backported ASB fixes up to "5 June 2023". Go for the ROM dated 20230628. Based on @raymo's feedback above, I have removed @Slion's "fn-tab = alt-tab" patch from the keyboard driver for now. It was the only mod that -- while significantly modifying the driver code -- was never included in any later official LOS trees. Based on my own testing, I still do not think it introduces any problems with regard to keyboard response, but I want to give it a shot. I
  13. @raymo: So I installed a test build of my ROM with all my keyboard-related modifications disabled. I.e. the driver is the same than in (official) LOS 16.0 and 17.1. My sometimes unresponsive keys ("N" is the most problematic one for me) are definitely still there. As I remembered, I get a lot more unwanted doubles ("douubless") this way, as the respective patch introduced in LOS 18.1 is now missing.
  14. @raymo: I'm a bit confused now. I had understood your initial report in a way that, with my unofficial LOS 16.0, you experienced keyboard problems that you didn't previously on 17.1 and also not on your present 20.0? I anyway just built a test-rom with all my keyboard mods and backports disabled, and will test that on my device. However, I too believe that my keyboard in fact just has (small) hardware issues. It is true that the proximity sensor is sometimes slow to react when you take the phone off your ear, but eventually the screen always does switch on for me. I did nothing
  15. Hi @raymo, Thanks for your interest and feedback. So you are saying you had no HW keyboard issues with LOS 17.1, but input problems started when you tried my ROM? That is interesting: My keyboard driver indeed contains several mods with respect to the upstream LOS 16.0/17.1 one, as documented in my patch log. Partly, those are backports from LOS 18.1 and above that are actually supposed to improve keyboard behavior ... E.g. I think unwanted multiple presses of the same key became much fewer (for me) after I had backported the respective patch from 18.1. I do experience problems with
  16. so ... what keeps them from working on the Pro1-X's Android OS or at least explaining why they chose to stop development?
  17. Of course they are out of money. On the other hand, as they are neither producing nor selling devices right now, what else is there to work on except software development? Since last summer they - reportedly - were chasing all those Pro1X bugs with highest priority. And for months they were confident to release a new OTA soon. Then, with the April update, all news on stock Android development stopped. What sense would it make to abort such development at a stage when, apparently, 95% of the work has already been spent? Rather than financial issues, I suspect that either 1) all their
  18. Given that a significant number of Pro1-Xes have been grey-marketed, and given the significant problems it causes many users, unboxed-but-unused Pro1-X pop up on E-bay all the time. It shouldn't be hard to get one if you really want it. Be warned though: my Pro1-X absolutely cannot work as a smartphone due to missing LTE connectivity in my area (EU/Germany). I have a perfectly-working original Pro1 as direct comparison. The X has quite a number of other bugs, but none is as dealbreaking as its missing mobile network connection ...
  19. All the income on the preorders and IGG perks has already been generated. They have all that money already ...
  20. Most who actually have one got it via Expansys' grey-marketing (myself included). But F(x)tec's delays in delivering the preorders/perks is one thing. What is imho more worrying is that all technical activity on their side seems to have come to a halt. They appear to mostly manage the logistics disaster the Pro1-X has become. The bragging about community-supplied OSes in their IGG updates appears like a helpless attempt to mask the fact that their in-house development work has essentially stopped. Considering that the Pro1-X's stock Android (on which also all alternate OSes rely) still ha
  21. Like they did already in May, they fill their update with information on an alternative OS that is entirely community-developed (besides all this information on Droidian being readily available on this forum anyway). What about the work the community cannot do? What about stock Android? Will we ever get that update towards which we have been "sprinting" for the better part of a year now? Any news on firmware fixes related to LTE connectivity? Battery depletion bug? Anything at all? I wonder if the prawn-X might be the first device to be EoL'd before even all preorders have shipped ..
  22. At least for the Pro1-X, the battery connector directly contacts the cell electrodes. Otherwise charging with an external PSU would not be possible in the way that has been shown to work. I'd be surprised if the Pro1 was any different in this respect ...
  23. The polarity on that one seems to be inverted with respect to the Pro1-X's ribbon cable (compare the labels P+/P- with those from @Whitey's picture). Everyone, be sure to always connect your charger in the right way ("+ to +, - to -"). Otherwise bad things may happen.
  24. [deleted] Edit: OK, had not seen your last edit. I guess problem is solved?
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