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Rear/main camera focus to infinity not work on LineageOS

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i got something! I got some system info using this App:

I did this on freshly flashed Stock ROM, and also on freshly flashed LOS official.

The resulting JSON files were mostly identical, but with a perhaps problemrelated difference:


   "0=back<LEVEL3>4048x3040([100, 800])": {
      "android.lens.info.focusDistanceCalibration": "1",


   "0=back<LEVEL3>4048x3040([100, 800])": {
      "android.lens.info.focusDistanceCalibration": "2",

See? Difference? 1 vs 2? Also, the similar section for the front camera has the same value on both systems. (Front cam working for me fine on either ROM.)
Can you guys run this app and export that json on your LOS Pro1, please?

So, I think THIS IS IT! How do we fix this?

(I HOPE the value did not change as I might have used the cam app on the one rom before exporting the json, but I think this is a fixed value... Well this sort of testing woud be a lot easier if I had TWO pro1...)

According to docs "2" stands for "CALIBRATED" and "1" for "APPROXIMATE".

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On my LineagOS 16:

"android.lens.info.focusDistanceCalibration": "1"

just like on yours.

However, if I understand the docs correctly, this calibration affects only the object distance that is saved in the EXIF header of the pictures and has no influence on the optical functioning of the camera itself.

As far as I know, auto-focus works by optimising the FFT of the actual picture on the sensor and does not rely on somehow "knowing" the true distance to the object. The distance that is saved in the picture metatdata is then derived from the (optimised) position of the lens with respect to the sensor (which is where said calibration comes in).

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10 hours ago, fxtec-preorder-47xx said:

@tdmWhat do you think about the differing values of android.lens.info.focusDistanceCalibration? Do you think you could add this to the LOS code? Or try if it improves focus?

You can try and let me know.

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