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  1. If the charger is not really good (maybe noisy) it can happen. I have also experienced it with older phones and not really good charger.
  2. That is why I have removed it immediately from my daily driver as I saw in this forum that it worn quickly. I put it to my F(x)tec greeting card card in the box. ...then I put a durable foil on the back of the phone... 🙂 Also, I cut a P20 back case and my phone sits in that since then and it also has a foil on the screen. 🙂 I hope they will protect the phone when it is necessary.
  3. I am really sad it was not a successful story for you but I think you will sell it easily. Maybe it would help if you provide your country or approximate place of the globe near you (continent, etc). Anyway, for me, it is easy to operate the slider even without noise, but I don't know exactly what disorder you have. It is also true for your touch screen problem - if it is the edge touching, you can make it better using a software. If it is too sensitive for you (causing problem to touch something when your finger is close to the display but not touching it yet) that is another quest
  4. Here is a teardown made by a forum member here. Also, if you contact F(x)tec, then they can provide a service document to do this replacement.
  5. It may happen the screen has quality problems but it may most likely reveal in a few weeks or a few months. However, I hope it is only a minority and it is most likely not happen later on. Anyway, my phone is almost seven months old so I really hope its display will remain working... Also, if it would be a common issue, this forum would be full of this problem - I hope replacing the screen will resolve this issue permanently.
  6. Yes, I know - just forgot I am reading Ubuntu Touch topic. 🙂
  7. I think Android 9 does not have desktop mode, but Android 10. However, I can connect my phone to a monitor and see my phone's display, so a later system upgrade may enable this mode... Edit: Sorry, it is UBPorts thread... I have not tried it on my Pro1.
  8. It may be also in connection with the microphone is too close to the only speaker working in handsfree mode. I mean when I checked other phones which have two speakers, the opposite speaker was working in handsfree mode which is close to the noise microphone. So I think if the two speakers would have been changed in software, it wold highly affect this behaviour. So main microphone would hear you much better as there is no noise from the speaker nearby and noise microphone could pick up noise also from its closer speaker. Now as it is reversed, noise comes from the speaker near m
  9. It is not needed for warranty.
  10. Will it remain usable the same way after LineageOS becomes official and maybe upgraded? ...just because it would be a very good reason installing LineageOS instead of stock one...
  11. Interesting... have you tried to simply restart the phone or turn it off / on before you turned it off for a few hours?
  12. Which nation? USA? Here it is working (Europe / Hungary) - also call and mobile data.
  13. I think this is the appropriate expression I was searching for. If I have root access on my phone, then it is less secure in corporate perspective, but if I don't have root access, then the phone is less usable for me in general.
  14. Yes, it is a bad PR and also a misuse of warranty service which is a direct and indirect loss of money on one side. On the other side, it allows the use of other OSes and may also cause more selling of phones. So at the end, it is a good question what is the better option financially. However, in fundamental point of view, the better to have higher freedom. Right, I feel the same and I hope they will also have later devices and they keep these options. However, the background of Android / Google's behaviour (which we discussed above) has the same roots...
  15. Right, they are not pushing it but they allow the use of other OS (or don't really care). As the hardware has high potential, it would be a wrong decision to limit it to only run stock Android. However, it may also gain more work on helpdesk side, but this possibility is also a selling point (so it is also not black and white). It is right that an 'ordinary' user should not do it as it may cause false use of warranty service - we also saw it on this forum when somebody sent the device back to Dragonbox, while only its software was messed up.
  16. Cool, thank you. Maybe NTFS support was built in to have higher support of pendrives anyway.
  17. It sounds good. Anyway, is there any possibility of f2fs support on sdcard?
  18. I think no. The seat belt is not limit the use of the car at all. It is more like the car manufacturer or authority would physically limit the maximum speed of the car (I mean by software, which as far as I remember they started to speaking about). Basically the idea is good but there are circumstances (for example to avoid an accident) where you may also need higher speed to escape from such a situation... and here come the exceptions anyway. ...or a better example is later, when self-driven cars are widely available, an authority will not allow you to drive your own car just the
  19. ...but there is no official support of rooting, so Google is against rooting. Yes, it should have been implemented much better in Adroid and yes, Android used to work on much more limited hardware. However, the lack of proper user / permission handling is not caused by weak hardware, it is not a really hardware-consuming thing. Also, the main idea of using Dalvik VM was a much more hardware-consuming decision - it has its own reasons, for example the possibility of changing the Linux main layer later (which is also sometimes used by applications, so it is not as easy anyway).
  20. Not yet. I hope they will include at least exFAT in a later update, but I would rather use F2FS instead for longer SD-card life... however, I see no high chance for the latter...
  21. ...but OS owns the infrastructure and it is what was designed this way. Also. I don't really understand why they did not implement Linux permission system on user level as Android runs under Linux itself but on a higher layer. Under Linux, updates are perfectly handled by a proper package manager - it can be done well and it is an OS thing. I can login to a bank account on my machine where I have root privileges. If they follow the same thinking, they will not allow to access them running under Linux if you have access to root account or Windows if you have access to Adm
  22. Basically the problem with rooting is what you wrote above. There are apps which I should use and they handle everybody as billions of flies. I understand the reasons behind this but I don't agree with them - I understand it is not simple, but that way a web browser on any machine is a very similar "security risk", so do remove all permissions from users on every machines as they don't need it (NO!). ...and there is a continuous fight between those who root their devices and others who don't allow to have full control over your device and on the top of this side is Google. ...and
  23. I have the same problem with my Pro1. Usually my fingerprints are lost during reboot - but sometimes it survives reboot... Unfortunately, I don't have permission to reach this directory without root. (That is one reason I hate Android and its scheme of you device is not yours. I HATE IT!)
  24. I think that is "just" a delay between fingerprint reads and not a modification of maximum attempts. So it should not affect security requirements.
  25. As far as I know, it has been already resolved in LineageOS and maybe the actual (unreleased) version of stock firmware has related bugfix. So yes, it is up to F(x)tec (their partner) but they will definitively solve it sooner or later as the cause should has been already known.
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