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  1. It supports CDMA, but it can only use it if your service provider allows it...
  2. VaZso

    Backlight Dim

    Maybe that is why I have not really noticed an uneven backlight of my QWERTZ device.
  3. Anyway, if they successfully manage to enable function of double tap to wake, then it may be not a huge problem I think. It may happen that the hardware registers different codes as well. Maybe a solution could be to disable the sensor handling for a short period of time after receiving an input...
  4. Maybe try Light Manager to set up custom notifications.
  5. Have you updated it to latest software?
  6. I have also written something about Pro1 here. However, translation from Hungarian to English has a really poor quality anyway...
  7. I have a "clacking" device bought at Dragonbox anyway, but this one was my pre-order which has just arrived today...
  8. I have not added any screen protectors anyway... I have also thought it has a screen protector on anyway but just right after I found that crack, I took a few photos and put it back to its box forgetting about everything else... I may look at it again but I was felt a bit disappointment (although these things may happen)... anyway, I have turned it on and display looked fine but just went away to see how brightness setting works and then turned it off... however, I am not really able to tell if that was better or not than of my other Pro1... maybe a bit better anyway but it should be compared against the same image and I have not even set a WiFi connection on it. However, I have contacted F(x)tec and I will see what will be their reply.
  9. VaZso

    Spare Parts

    I have this application installed and it displays light intensity and also proximity sensors values (however, the latter has a "digital" two states of 0 or 5 cm). I think it is suitable for you to test if the sensors are working. If not, then maybe there is some misplacement near these sensors behind the screen's glass.
  10. Moderator: Split from this thread. Now I have checked my Pro1 which has been arrived today. It does the same physical movement like in the video and unlike a very early model. ...but which I find strange is not this sound but I think there is a crack at the frame. Could you please confirm you don't have a similar crack at this position?
  11. My pre-order was scheduled for delivery on 29th but tendered for delivery agent last Friday afternoon and it has been arrived today. (That is my pre-order, my order from Dragonbox is here since 30th of December.) I will see it when I am at home but finally my pre-order has arrived. 🙂
  12. NFC is working for me - I mean the sensor and not payment service (I am not wanted to set it up yet). It took me a while to find where could be the sensor but it seems it is somewhere close to rear camera lens.
  13. Opening mechanism will be better once you learn how to use it. 🙂 You should select German layout which will work with QWERTZ by default but you can even install FinQwerty which will install several layouts and you will be able to set up other layouts beginning with the name of FinQwerty. You should pick a suitable layout for QWERTZ model then.
  14. Currently I am using this one and I put some rubber near it as spacers so the phone is not sitting directly on this adapter.
  15. It can use all three cards simultaneously - it is working for me using an extender for SIM2...
  16. I haven't noticed it. Maybe there is some contact issue under your keyboard. Maybe try to press it several times to see if it changes by using it... I hope keyboard pads are made of something like a special "gold" plating but maybe it has some residue under the keyboard which keypresses may worn so contact may be better then... It behaves similarly on mine but I didn't find it as a problem...
  17. Tested with 512GB of card and it works fine. I think it should work up to 2TB.
  18. Currently there isn't an option for that and I don't know about other solutions to do it without rooting. However, I have not tried it, but I think if you download FinQwerty's apk, and modify the appropriate .kcm file in this archive and install it directly instead of the original application, it should work. ...or if you make your own build like I did.
  19. I think it would be good to provide your location / provider details as it may highly depend on the frequency range or potential frequency ranges depending on where you are and what you use. For me, I have not noticed any issues with phone signals compared to my previous phone. WiFi signal is a bit weaker anyway but it is still good I think.
  20. VaZso

    Displaying Black

    I have a greenish colour at low brightness and also brightness is not really changing at lower levels. However, I suggest you to check in the same app's screen as it is not completely dark but grey. Otherwise, I will receive my pre-order soon, so then I may be able to compare if there is any difference between the last batch and a very early production unit.
  21. @Waxberry wrote it will be fixed in next OTA. It may come somewhere after the Chinese New Year celebration. As of Sailfish and Lineage OS, as far as I know, it is already fixed.
  22. Yes - I have just tried to remove then reinstall it and I had the same problem. Even a single keypress is slower to respond but also experienced multiple keystrokes of the same button when it was active.
  23. So... it looked to be strange as I feeled there is a problem somewhere but not really found it. Battery usage was not seem to be radically high nor the system showed extreme usage of apps and I could also not find its cause in other apps. CPU usage was also not showed to be high by those application [email protected] has linked and it seemed CPU frequencies are also changed frequently - so system looked to be relatively good, but I still had several characters while typing on Pro¹ keyboard and also had long-press effect time to time on touch interface. Moreover, scrolling was not really fluent. About scrolling... it was much better when I have turned on forced GPU rendering of 2D applications in Developer settings, so then it was fluent in Android menus. When I have turned it back off, it became not really good again. About load average, that was written by uptime command in Termux and maybe caused by CPU mostly working at lower frequencies. I have booted my old phone and checked it also, it had similar average load times. As I though the cause may be something which tries to catch events, I have tried to browse system settings and permissions of applications. Finally, everything stared to work fluently when I have disabled "Button Mapper" - I have installed it when I saw it mentioned in this forum, I set up a combination in it, but it was the cause of my symthoms. Now even single keypresses are displaying fastly and there is no forgotten release event of keyboard, no lagging scrolling and no occassional long-presses in touch keyboard. Sorry for my messages and thank you for helping, at least now I know some useful applications, however, I still miss root access when it is needed. Anyway, I have written this whole text using my Pro¹ to test keyboard a bit and it worked well. 🙂
  24. Hardly, but in the event it would be necessary, maybe by removing flash chip and to read it elsewhere. However, it is a very complicated process potentially being a BGA component or at least it needs special equipment to do it. If TWRP will be able to decrypt data before backup, that makes everything far much better. I hope for a fully working TWRP soon.
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