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  1. However, I would think N900 also had a multi-layer PCB, so a photo of both sides may, or may not help...
  2. So they seems to be really restarted shipping of our phones. 🙂
  3. Anyway, this was the reason why F(x)tec has designed a separate panel for USB connector - theoretically, it can be replaced easily. (Only theoretically as it only works if the panel is available to purchase.) Otherwise, N900 had two flashes... one 256MB around the SoC which had the basic parts of the OS and a 32GB eMMC which had all of user data. Unfortunately, the latter usually died sooner or later (after several years), I also have some N900s which had this problem. However, as N900 also had a microSD card extension and 256MB flash is able to hold the basic system, it can be tric
  4. As far as I know, usually N900 had its USB connector torn off. (That way smaller or larger part(s) of PCB traces are remain at connector side instead of the PCB, so it is also a question of luck.) That means it is usually not as simple as soldering any connectors back to the board but also USB lines should be found somewhere on the PCB. Basically it has GND, VCC, DATA- and DATA+ connections and if I remember well, it also used fifth connection to identify a proper charging cable. So to tell something valuable, one have to see the phone, especially its PCB and only may say somethi
  5. Yes, it could... at least other Pro1X phones were shipped using Expansys, so there is a chance.
  6. As far as I remember well, there was a thread about full display assembly (sold by F(x)tec) is not compatible between Pro1 and Pro1X as something had to be changed. ...but as far as I know, screen is still compatible, there is no different subversion of it. One problem what has affected Pro1 about screen replacing is a different margin setting in screen's internal firmware but stock firmware has accommodated and one of the last firmwares has introduced an automatic setting of that value. I think (and I hope) it was also incorporated in Pro1X's firmware. If that would not been app
  7. I don't know how broken it is but most likely it can be repaired. If outer plastic part of the display (so the frame) is intact or only has a minor damage, a replacement screen made for "Elephone U Pro" would help you to have a working screen again... if also frame of the display was broken, you may also buy a display with frame from F(x)tec but you may have to wait a bit to deliver - also, it is the easiest way of replacing the whole screen. If small bump at the back is really small, it may only be a cosmetic problem - hopefully it did not hurt battery inside...
  8. I would be happy if you could share what helped in your case, so we may check if it also helps in other cases (different mobile operator) or if a different setting seems to help.
  9. Right - basically Li-Ion batteries are charged at 4.2V with a certain limit of current (depending on battery capacity, charging circuit, etc). So it has a current limit, let's say it is 1000mA - this current will be constant while voltage slowly increasing till it reaches 4.2V... as 4.2V is the voltage limit, current will slowly decreasing to a certain level, let's say 100mA where charging process is declared to be finished. That is the basic charging of Li-Ion batteries, however, there are also a bit different batteries (chemistries) and a bit different values. The changeover f
  10. So... I had to unlock bootloader of this phone - as far as I remember well, it was initially unlocked and I am sure I have enabled offline charging which was currently disabled. (It went for repair and received back a long time ago.) As I wrote above, it was still at the very first stock image which I was able to update yesterday step-by-step (lot of updates), up to "QX1000_EEA_20200707225313 (security level 2020. april 05.)". Now I have installed latest stock using fastboot and it currently has "QX1000_EEA_20200825231443_20200825-2316" and same security patch level. So I think o
  11. Anyway, it went to update written above and in this thread, there is 20200825 written (against 20200707)... ...I will try to install that one...
  12. This device had stock state of Android (came from repair earlier) which I have updated to the latest software version yesterday (I was surprised update works at all). After applied latest-1 update, I thought margin settings were modified and as far as I remember well, I could pull down Android nofitication bar in landscape orientation... Now it is on build QX1000_EEA_20200707225313 (security 2020. april 05.) So now I put the display to this device, did a factory reset and I still cannot pull down notification bar of Android in landscape mode... Currently I don't understand why i
  13. I had to replace screen of my Pro1 again (after replacing it last Sunday) because of falling two times, first to concrete and then to tile (after not dropping it since years) and the last one caused it to have a lot of cracks of screen glass but otherwise it still worked perfectly (cracks made reading texts hard anyway). So I have decided to replace it again - this was one of my latest display orders, so it had a margin unset, but I put it in a Pro1 which still has stock Android 9 installed and I felt is has solved margin problem (I could not reach top menu in landscape mode, then I could
  14. Or they had to choose another device because of actual availability or better long-term availability. The cause of the symptom above may not necessarily hardware issue but a problem with a kernel component which did not reveal while testing for Pro1 as it had different hardware. Also it may happen for Pro1 display to work on Pro1X also if it does not work the other way as a result of such problem.
  15. It may be better to buy a replacement screen from Aliexpress. Anyway, I have replaced the screen of my Pro1 four days ago because the last time I have tried to use another glue (a better one but maybe too old or applicating took too long) and bottom part (where internal ribbon cables are located) could move a little bit... so developed the usual ghost touch result... this time I glued it much better, it does not move at all. Anyway, this display has better colour temperatures at low brightness. However, basically I never drop my phone... however, after applying my new display fo
  16. It may also happen Expansys bought some of them and as they were the shipping company and they have received these phones, they have started to sell out them while F(x)tec tried to negotiate the shipping of the rest. ...or there is really a grey / legal way for Expansys to sell out devices supposed to go for IGG backers (and existence of this possibility was unknown for F(x)tec or it was discussed prior sending devices for shipping) and that case a really long time for finding a solution may also be an initiation of a new manufacturing run by F(x)tec of these orders... and they may though
  17. Interesting - I do not have spotaneous rebboots of my original Pro1 except during traveling in the very first months usually only happening at a specific location. There was an update which has resolved tis issue and never came back later. However, it may highly depend on the service provider itself and mostly its frequencies used.
  18. I also have a case attached to bottom part but I don't have a feeling it lifts anything up generally (also, it could only lift top part altogether, not part of the display module). However, I have a theory (written here earlier) that display part may getting loose on top of upper part and if it starts moving, data lines of ribbon cable will break sooner or later... there is a wide ribbon cable at bottom which is also the place where applying a pressure usually solves ghost touch issues temporarily. The loose display part may also come from alcoholic cleaning of display surface related to
  19. I don't know what type of glue he used, but if I want to use a strong (and hard) glue, I use a two-component glue like DevCon (made in the USA) which is really strong and S-31 is water-clear but advised to be used in a well-ventilated place or maybe Uverapid for example (made in Hungary) but that is not 100% clear... Basically these are two-component "epoxy resin"-based adhesives which are usually very strong glues. DevCon is my favourite being really strong, has a long shelf-life and remains usable even long time after opened (if you not bought it from old stock). S31 has an about
  20. I remember when F(x)tec has announced the chipset change, there were some users complaining about the lack of external output by chipset. ...then F(x)tec told they have received a comfirmation about the chipset supports external display. However, I don't know who told this information to F(x)tec and if that info was true or not...
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