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  1. Now I have installed it but I have not found this option in it either. Yes, it should work but without root rights it is not an option - that is one thing why I don't like Android...
  2. I agree it produces really good photos in dark environment. Just experiencing it the second day and it seems to be really good. My main problem with it that it does not have an option of saving to SD Card. There is a Gcam Tool which can copy/move (when payed) them to SD Card but it is a later operation so it still uses internal flash which I wanted to avoid. In night mode the image is strange but taken photos are good. It also has a really working HDR function which can capture good photos.
  3. It may be related to high CPU load...
  4. Usually when I am working at a PC keyboard, I am not even look at the keyboard itself. The phone is a bit different story as it is much smaller and not something which I use the whole day but when a PC is not available. ...and I feel Pro1's QWERTZ keyboard is comfortable especially because it has the same layout as a PC.
  5. See some thoughts about the same problem at these places:
  6. I think it "just works" - at least for QWERTY layout if you not select a specific layout. Specific layouts may also work. However, yellow-labeled keys should have some configurations because basically they are not necessarily there where they are written. For QWERTZ layout, keys should be remapped if lower level drivers are unmodified.
  7. It is only a cosmetic issue and there are other characters which are different (even Ö, Ü characters are at different places, we have no Ä character but Á, no ß character and so on). Moreover, I use US layout while I can access national characters by fn modifier key. I haven't really tried to use it that way. Usually I look at the keyboard but I don't have to look constantly on it...
  8. I am happy with unshifted QWERTZ, however, I don't like CTRL being Strg and I would much happier with unshifted QWERTY (as I don't think my national layout will ever come up as an option). Otherwise, those extra keys are very good for using international layouts as they may also contain meaningful letters instead of special characters like in intl. US layout.
  9. Thank you, so if it is a general experience then the possibility of my e-mail not reached them is a bit lower... Yes, I have replied above that line.
  10. Sorry for asking it again but I still don't understand it. So if I replied to their answer, should I receive another "Request received" e-mail?
  11. As of hardware key codes, that should use the same code as "-" key in standard layout. (National layouts have always used the same key codes as standard US layout but included some special characters instead of original function, so like ";", "'" or "=" characters are replaced.) The strange part of F(x)tec keyboard is for example that ";" character of QWERTY is located at the right side of "P" and it should have been at the right side of "L", however, it generates the same code as being the ";" key. So on a QWERTZ device, the same key has "Ö" marking but located at the right side of "L" which is the original place of it but in QWERTY layout, that is the "L" key. Also, on QWERTZ device, "Ä" character is on the appropriate key of "'". Sorry for the complicated description. 🙂 The most important part is the scan codes of QWERTZ layout basically the same as the appropriate position of international US keyboard. (Which is currently not true for Pro1 because of the shifted QWERTY as its default keyboard.)
  12. Just a question... if I write to support, I have an automatic reply of they have received my e-mail. If they reply to me and I write them another reply about the same issue, should I also receive a confirmation e-mail or if it is an open issue then confirmation e-mails are not to be sent? So I don't know if they have received my last e-mail as I have not received an automatic reply...
  13. Basically, Pro1 comes with shifted QWERTY keyboard. Its keyboard generates the same codes written on this shifted QWERTY keyboard as it should. On QWERTZ keyboard of Pro1, hardware is exactly the same, only printing of keyboard is different. So although QWERTZ has most of the keys moved back to its original location, the hardware's behaviour makes it shifted, generated keycodes are usually not match their original codes. So on QWERTZ, these keys should be unshifted by software to be usable. So he means the primary keyboard of Pro1 is QWERTY which is shifted (not the same as a real keyboard), so everything should be shifted back to work on unshifted QWERTZ. Look at a photo of Pro1's QWERTY and QWERTZ layouts.
  14. As far as I know, it is a known bug... at least it works the same for me and I have also wrote it here.
  15. I assume it has a strong drawback when using an international layout where user has access specific characters by pressing fn key and yellow keys are at unusual positions which is not compatible with national layouts. Sticky fn is one thing but I often use fn+key combination regardless if it is sticky if it is at a convenient place. So basically this idea is good but not practical here in general as I would like to use it a way where it passes fn to be able to work with other layouts which is mandatory for me.
  16. That is correct, these characters are interchanged in QWERTZ layout. I think they can not detect which layout is in use as Pro1s using QWERTY or QWERTZ layout only differs of where and which characters are printed on their keyboards - otherwise they are absolutely the same hardware. ...and as QWERTY is shifted and Pro1 internally generates correct scan codes for them and QWERTZ is not shifted, the latter has strange (shifted) scan codes... So that is why layouts for QWERTZ Pro1 have "map key 41 Q" and similar lines in top of layout files to change mappings to meet prints on keyboard.
  17. Currently I can't say the exact names (as I use national interface), but if you open phone application, click on the three vertical dots at top right side, then Settings, then Phone Accounts, then on the specific card, then GSM Call Settings, then Additional Settings and finally on Caller ID. So there you may set to hide its number. It is the general setting of service provider which was available also in very old phones but at a much simpler location. Edit: Also there is a CDMA Settings menu here in case you are in the US.
  18. I hope these improvements will be also available in stock Android. @Waxberry, @Erik?
  19. That way that is acceptable. 🙂
  20. In stock ROM, audio only comes from the bottom speaker in handsfree mode. However, I have not received complains about using it despite of its position is really close to microphone. Anyway, I would like to also hear the top speaker to be a bit louder and also farther from microphone. Otherwise, it may be in connection with miswiring of speakers so it seems two speakers of Pro1 are interchanged which has to be solved in software. Maybe that is the cause of only bottom speaker has audio in handsfree mode instead of top one.
  21. Press ctrl + spacebar to switch between layouts.
  22. I know it is hard to chase such problems, but today I had an error message I never encountered before. When I have tried to unlock the phone, fingerprint reader did not work. I have thought it is because of too many attempts, so I have pressed power button. It showed my lock screen and an error message about fingerprint sensor. I have tried to unlock and lock the phone several times and when I have turned screen on, the same message was displayed every time. It says: "The hardware required for fingerprint is unreachable." I had to reboot the phone to get it work again (and set my fingerprints again as usual because it forgets them for me on every reboots). Uptime was a bit above 9 days anyway.
  23. Mine does. I suggest you to check distance sensor somehow - like in app called sensors. So what is interesting if "Proximity" shows 5.0 cm if sensor is not covered and 0.0 cm if sensor is covered. The sensor is at the left side of earpiece.
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