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  1. I use an app called "Shake Light" because I missed this function I used with my Moto G6 phone. Usually I press power button then shake the device because it is more reliable this way (it may not work when the phone is in deep(er) sleep mode). I like it anyway. πŸ™‚
  2. Yes, and also it works pretty well using GCam mods. So, for me it is perfectly good and I feel it has high quality and also good focus can be acheieved. Edit: I also agree this price was extremely good for this phone. πŸ™‚
  3. You are right at some points but MTP is very slow and limited for me. So if they do something, it would be better if they would do it in a right way...
  4. When I sent back my friend's phone, they did not request details, however, finally I gave them his order number and details, but without their request... So yes, currently they handle warranty as transferable.
  5. I would order from you if postage fee is not extremely high for Hungary. I had a screen protector applied which was made for Elephone U Pro which worked for a while, however, its size is not absolutely perfect. I have cut another screen protector bought at BastScreensEver which I think would be one of the best materials, but I used the other one as template which is a bit taller than necessary and the edges finally lifted up a bit. However, I have also cut a protector from the same material and applied it to Pro1's back and sides. So I would be happy if a similar protector would
  6. Fingerprint lost on reboot is an existing problem also for me, I don't think it is a hardware issue but a software (firmware / blob) issue instead. The screen problem is really a problem... maybe it is a loose connection of a cable, but it is a very unfortunate situation. 😞
  7. I remember probably this photo was the first what I saw about the new Pro1 when it was still under development. I really liked it, however, I also think black looks even better. However, once I saw a modified photo of Pro1 which was deep red. It also looked to be impressive anyway. (I don't really like the idea of a red phone bat that colour was really good, so it is not simple red - I don't know where I saw it.)
  8. A big +1 from me. If they decide to support only one layout, please support one non-shifted QWERTY instead. That would make easier to support international layouts while it remains easy for everybody (no need to learn) and also should be available in the whole world including the USA.
  9. Yes, I was sitting in the front right (in EU) seat, not in driver position. πŸ™‚
  10. I hope it is not the case. I understand there is a higher cost associated with more layouts available, but I have a QWERTZ unit and I am very happy with it. I would be more happier if they had a non-shifted QWERTY instead, but the shifted QWERTY is a worse option for me. I mean I would buy it if the shifted QWERTY would be the only option, but I feel the non-shifted QWERTY-like variant is a much better option when you think about international layouts and I also think it is more convenient for general usage because it does not differ from casual keyboards, so no need for the brain
  11. I only had similar problems (on stock) when I had an application installed which monitors some key combinations. I felt the keystrokes are lagging, I had missing characters and so on. After uninstalling it, all of my problems with keyboard are gone. So try to look if you have similar application(s) installed.
  12. Have you tried another charger and another cable? ...or maybe plugging Type-C connector in the other direction for testing purposes...
  13. I don't see any problems with my display at all.
  14. What program do you use for testing?
  15. Pinephone is going to be an interesting piece of hardware / software solution especially if they can find a proper solution for an attached keyboard, but it is not comparable to Pro1. Pro1 has a much better hardware in every aspects, higher display resolution, much better CPU, much higher RAM, much better cameras, two SIM slots, etc - and even an own keyboard. On the other hand, Pinephone is cheap and interesting, but its internals are also much simpler and it is still a work in progress. I have both anyway. Also, I follow both projects as these are special parts of the world
  16. I have read this sentence from Clove months ago and I found it strange. I don't know what they build this information on, but discontinued should generally mean something exact thing and I don't think it is true for Pro1 or at least they still fulfilling pre-orders and new orders can also be taken on their website. So I think writing "no longer available" is fair but writing "discontinued" is unfair at Clove's side or at least it can be misunderstood. However, on the other side - in my profession, we have some big wholesalers where we buy electronic parts. Sometimes I see some pa
  17. It can take very good photos even in low light conditions using GCam mods, so it is possible...
  18. I had a similar problem on stock Android when I had Button Mapper installed. It slowed down keypresses and I even had repeating keystrokes occassionally. I don't think the issue is Button Mapper itself but the way it subscribes too much possible keys - anyway, I don't have this issue since I removed it. Any similar applications may have the same issue I think. So I suggest to look at your installed apps and try to temporarily remove those which could be related (in handling keystrokes) and you may find the guilty one but generally the OS does not have such a problem...
  19. Right. A lot of us have already received their order - including me - and they are still sending out units. I hope they can fulfill all of their current orders soon. This is a really good phone, so I hope others will also have this piece of rare style but very useful phone with a great keyboard (especially the non-shifted QWERTZ variant but this is only my own opinion as never used the shifted QWERTY one).
  20. Long story sort, my problem seems to be a software / SD Card handling issue and not hardware-related. A few days ago, I have noticed my phone lighted up its display a few minutes fter I have connected it to charger, but in the morning, it seemed okay, however, it wrote I have to give my passcode after reboot - hmm. Later, it also restarted after charger connection and it was not able to boot up for a few hours (Android tried it again and again, so it is not a cold boot.) Then the latest update came on the very same day - I have installed it late evening / early in the morning, the
  21. We don't know the background, be it a mistake (which are definitively also happened), contract-related or other considerations. Earlier, they may thought they will be able to produce pre-orders much earlier but they had some unexpected conditions like having light-bleeding problem, some other problems with earlier displays, some other quality problems, slower production scaling than expected, etc - these are affected manufactured device count and earlier contracts may had some clauses which may highly affect profitability. We know very few information regarding this, but unexpected c
  22. Hmm, unsure. ☺️ You are right that his / her nickname is self-speaking. πŸ˜„
  23. Do you know what you are talking about? I understand you can do something DIY but to design a phone (both electronically and mechanically), do correct measurements, design antenna system, design manufacturing process for mass production, do certifications, etc are another matter. It is a long and costly project and you also have to work on software side which also has some stages. Anyway, they have also reached that stage what you are speaking about a long time ago but it is only one part of the whole process. Also, you had a phone to work with and not counted the time and eff
  24. Anyway, I am unsure, but may the low brightness colour issue improved? Maybe I was not looking at appropriate photo, but I have a feeling it may be better now. Also, I am not at home (so it is not latest firmware-related), but at this place, I have "4G+" sign in status row.
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