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  1. I don't know if stock Pro1 is updating display's firmware but I doubt it. What you write is basically correct, but display has some configuration options and default margin configuration is different for Pro1(x) and Elephone U Pro phones. Maybe they are handling screen edges differently at kernel level. So display is connected through I²C interface and display controller has a description where possible configuration options are written and display margin is among them. So it is clear what should be done. However, I don't know how Android could be told to stop using touch inter
  2. Search a display made for Elephone U Pro for example at Aliexpress. Usually displays sold at Aliexpress are not perfect, most probably there is at least one black part of a corner which is not a big problem but be prepared (so there are more or less missing pixels at one or two corners). Also, a configration may be necessary of the margins of new screen which is atomatically performed by last stock firmware but not the LineageOS version. Prior to that, the very edges of the screen will not react of touching, that is a configuration mismatch.
  3. 😞 It wold be good to find a suitable source of a similar replacement battery which actually arrives...
  4. Hi, Generally it looks to be a problem with display cable. Either the cable which goes from bottom part of the phone to top part or simply display's connector was partly detached (for example as a result of dropping the phone) or there is a chance display's own ribbon cable is broken. As of last problem, you can order a display for Elephone U Pro at Aliexpress which are basically all have a smaller or bigger black area mostly at corners, so they are not perfect but they work. Stock OS is needed to set touch panel's margins. So at this point, there are more potential causes of
  5. If you separate the top part, then the top one which holds the display is plastic and the bottom part which is the display base and which contains the display assembly, is metal.
  6. That is definitively can be the reason of the fault. Anyway, once I have boght an Elephone U Pro display together with its original frame by mistake. I could separate the screen which worked after it, bt it was not the easiest thing to remain intact - I still have the frame if you may like to see a photo of it. It has a big metal part behind the screen, where the screen was glued using original sticky part... so that frame is metal as opposite to Pro1's frame and it does not allow movement.
  7. The frame is not metal, it is plastic. Mine has a small bit missing at one of the corners since it was <1 year old.
  8. My plan is the next time I will have a defective screen, I will try to apply some glue under that ribbon cable. (That was also my plan before my previous replacement but I wanted to do it quickly and weekend was in the corner, so I forgot to do it...) However, my current screen is the one and only I have ordered from Aliexpress which has no defects at all of the screen, including screen corners....... However, I am planning to do it using a two-component glue instead of a superglue (cyanoacrylate) because the first one is easier to handle and harder to misplace while cyanoacrylate
  9. Also, if display is the exact same type, the whole unit which holds the display is definitively not (as per F(x)tec stated), and it is not a good idea to separate the display and its frame. It is not impossible but also includes a potential damage of the display. It is much better to order a screen for Elephone U Pro which can be used to replace Pro1's screen as I have also did it a few times...
  10. How (where) is it possible to order it and what is its price?
  11. Basically what should be done with the device itself is simple and written in touch controller's datasheet. However, the actual internal working of Android affects the way of how to do it and if it is possible or in what circumstances - and that is where deep knowledge of Android programming may highly affect the possibility of success...
  12. I don't know. I am not familiar with Android programming but I have tried to do it using an own commandline program, without success. I was able to unload kernel module but still I could not reach the hardware... maybe it is something to do with Android OS itself.
  13. As far as I have found earlier, it is simply a configuration, a setting of touch controller... simply it was not easy to reach the circuit on the specific I²C port under Android which would like to use it for touch sensing... So basically it is not flashing, simply a setting which is one of the parameters the touch controller has, stored in an EEPROM-like way.
  14. Right, and we really need the "stable version" of stock OS which has all basic functions working. Maybe we don't really need google certification (correct me if I am wrong) which is one of the most expensive part of the process but we need improved kernel modules / firmwares to make Pro1X a usable phone. Basically, Pro1 works really well using LineageOS and I would be happy to have a similar state of Pro1X - I don't need stock Android but without updated modules / firmware, this phone will not have 100% functionality and only F(x)tec has chance to improve these parts.
  15. Basically it seems to be a problem with ribbon cable of the screen itself. I suspect if the screen is not glued well or glue releases and the bottom part of the screen can move in relation to its frame, then ribbon cable worns out (looses continuity) causing ghost touches or other screen issues. That is a wide ribbon cable which is part of the display module.
  16. Basically Pro1 had a very loud speaker with limited effectiveness of volume setting. That was improved in a later firmware I think or maybe in LineageOS... Otherwise, microphone is a bit silent compared to other phones. I don't have problems with calling, signal strength / capability is not stunning but usable (my Motorola G6 was a bit worse but it was not stunning either), however, I think my service provider has not enabled VoLTE for me, at least it does not work... It also had a speaker miswiring where left and right speakers were swapped. It was also corrected (in software
  17. It may happen that antenna design of Pro1X is worse than Pro1's design (I don't know) but this problem sounds like most likely the SoC's firmware also has problems which should be independent of F(x)tec... or other manufacturers are actively doing workarounds on poorly written software of the main component of the phone? ...or other manufacturers are receiving firmware updates from Qualcomm to address SoC-related issues but F(x)tec does not? ...or something happens which triggers an issue what does not happen on other phones? ...
  18. Is it under stock OS or Lineage? My Pro1 became highly better after switching to LineageOS...
  19. Basically you should think about keyboard scan codes. So every keys on a real keyboard generate a code which represents the physical key pressed. Then you have keyboard layouts, which assigns physical keypresses (scan codes) as an actual letter. Looking from the other end: In the past, there was an US keyboard layout. Later, national keyboard layouts are also appeared which were practically the very same keyboard what US layout was, simply the prints of actual keys were different. So OS should know which layout was printed on keyboard, then it can generate the same keys wh
  20. Right and I understand there are only a few phones exist with keyboard support, but that is not a negligible request...
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