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  1. ...or another application / service was upgraded through Play Store as a standard Android (not firmware) upgrade which is somehow in connection with speaker-related issue...
  2. Exactly - only difference between printers may affect size. ...or more likely this one: https://www.protectionfilms24.com/article/2x-brotect-flex-full-cover-screen-protectorfxtec-pro-1-x-5145664.html I have also purchased screen protector from Aliexpress but sellers for Elephone U Pro have started to disappear.
  3. Pro1 and Pro1X has the same size, if you need to adjust, that is because of differences between 3D printers. Anyway, there are screen protectors made for Elephone U Pro which has the very same dispay, even there is a company which sells screen protector specfically for Pro1(X)... Elephone U Pro is the same regarding screen protector.
  4. @Logan, right, as others say, it is nothing to lose if you try it out. 🙂 It may also worths waiting for a firmware upgrade anyway before a final decision. One advice based on earlier experiences with Pro1 is to handle the back sticker with care, your hand may easily worn its text - and that is what you don't want if you may want to sell it to somebody. I have removed my sticker of Pro1 and put it back to its box anyway. Otherwise it does not matter if you try it out I think.
  5. In another thread, I have showed my daily driver Pro1 and my hard rubber case made for P20 Pro which has needed some hand cutting but basically it fits. One disadvantage is the different position of volume / power buttons, so you can not feel their exact position but that is not a huge problem for me. Here it is (see near the end of the video):
  6. I think it is a software issue which they should repair sooner or later by an upgrade. I have also experienced a similar behaviour - maybe related to VoLTE / VoWiFi but not checked yet. Do you mean the sensor does nothing or touch panel works even when screen is off? If the latter (but otherwise screen blanks) then it is not a sensor issue. I may check later (I don't have Pro1X with me now) if it behaves the same for me - it sounds also to be a software issue. So I would not worry too much yet. 🙂
  7. Button Mapper has used to cause problems on my Pro1 after some time - that time I have thought the plenty buttons of the phone has caused some slow down, so I felt it is better to not use it. Anyway, just wanted to write I have no problems writing question mark and other keys on my Pro1X but it seems you have already figured it out. 🙂
  8. Interesting - I have applied only the latter but it seems to work... it displays a battery on boot and charges.
  9. Yes, it is (currently) not working. I hope it can be solved later by a firmware upgrade.
  10. I could not open it of my Pro¹X using my nails but it may happen the reason was the very first two openings - also it is harder to open if both SIM slots are in use. Once I saw a very well-built (not too long) 2SIM + SDCARD holder. Otherwise, I feel more confident also having an alternative data storage in my phone - I understand there are "clouds" but also phone hardware may have problems. My friend's Pro¹ has developed an internal UFS flash storage problem (completely dead flash IC) and also two of my Nokia N900s developed faulty eMMC flashes - however, N900 had a 256MB flash
  11. I feel the same... when I first saw Pro1 will have a hybrid slot, I was very upset. However, also founder wanted to have a full slot, simply engineers could not solve it by the time. However, I still feel my Moto G6 has a much better SIM slot, however, it is also much longer. ...but I also saw other phone which had a relatively small SIM holder but maybe a bit thicker. Also, F(x)tec wanted to have a SIM slot which is easy to open, that is why the current opening method (it does not need a SIM tool), but I could not open it with my nails so I always have to find some opening tool
  12. If anyone interested - I took a video of my daily driver Pro¹ which is in use since two 2 years and 8 months (since very end of 2019). I had to replace the screen a few times and its USB board once. I have used this Pro¹ to take photos of the Pro¹X (and video of it together with my spare Pro¹) above and now I have used my Pro¹X above to take a video of it. 🙂 I have applied a hand-cut protective foil at its back because it seemed Pro¹ has a bit weak paint at its back, so it is there since I have started using it. My second SIM card is wired on the back of the phone because I wante
  13. I am using it on Pro¹ and I hope to be available running similarly well for Pro¹X later.
  14. I don't have such feeling - maybe the pre-production unit you have has a bit slimmer backplate.
  15. You may also check if your Pro¹X stays in landscape mode when the keyboard is open while you rotating the device.
  16. I have the 8GB/256GB model of Pro¹X and I am currently using LineageOS on my Pro¹ which I love to use. Anyway, that is my daily driver and it is in good state - that was the phone I used to take photos / video above. 🙂 Its keyboard is a bit shiny anyway (compared to the matte original looking, however, it is also still in good condition. I also have a Mobian installed on my Pro¹ (on top of Android) but I still not configured it to an appropriate state. 🙂
  17. Dear Community, I have just received my Pro¹X yesterday (photoed near a Pro¹): Its build quality is absolutely perfect, it has no rattling effect, buttons are even and not too loose (similar to Pro¹). Its colour is good - I like original black colour but this deep blue also looks good. I see there is some room for improvement at software side (and I have not used it extensively), but so far I don't see its radios are significantly worse than Pro¹'s radios (however, there are some improvements yet to be done). I feel keyboard's backlight is different - either Pr
  18. ...and not necessarily hosted at GitHub or GitLab... Sometimes it is better to filter unnecessary "noises" around a project till a point it needs more testing and it may have more contributors after a specific point of development...
  19. Not necessarily. Even a developer may work on the code locally then release it at a later point in time. Also it may happen some developers are using a specific repository while developing which you will not find officially.
  20. If you are lucky... otherwise that Pro1 would has been also converted to Pro1X... I would still wait for LineageOS... support also did not come too early for Pro1 but it is a much better system. I hope there are some work in the background and Pro1X will also get official LineageOS support, it would worth a lot.
  21. It is a good idea but I would not think it is an easy job hunting for a used Pro1.
  22. ...or around VoLTE / VoWiFi settings. I also had problems on Pro1 when switched mobile data from one card to another (after doing also an Aeroplane mode on/off switch) that the other card started having problems of receiving/initiating a call because it wanted to also use mobile data but otherwise I did not see VoXXX to be working, however, both cards work well when mobile data was switched to the other service provider (only one of my cards support VoXXX). So it also worth looking around this setting as the source of such problems.
  23. ...and what is your approximate IGG number? 🙂
  24. Anyway, I have just received my Pro1X which should be a very early one of IGG orders and it has a serial number somewhat above 5000 which may mean (if they are not numbering inconsistently or randomly inside batches) it may be near 5000 Pro1s (or let's say more than 4000) around the world... or may not if the numbering does not reflect the queue.
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