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  1. Take a look at Finqwerty for example. You may modify it (as I did for my own) to have a custom layout or simply edit one of the KCMs and use the name of that specific layout as your custom one. That program does not run constantly but registers these layouts to be available in system. So basically it works the same way as any other layouts, no need of any special programs - I mean it is the same as if F(x)tec would put this file to the filesystem and tell the system that its name is Tsunero's custom keyboard.
  2. I think at first ask them about the available options then (after their reply) you may decide how to go further.
  3. VaZso

    Factory Restore Tool

    Yes, under Windows, it detects EDL mode as "QUSB_BULK" (I could install a driver for it). Under Linux, things are much easier and it also shows it as device "ID 05c6:9008 Qualcomm, Inc. Gobi Wireless Modem (QDL mode)". This is my friend's phone and it bricked itself - nothing happened, not even any touch of stock OS (no root, no install of any other OSes or any reinstalls). He wrote me this in e-mail after it happened (translation) - I don't know how to translate the first part so it became Mmm, but basically it is a written form of a hesitation which some speakers use to keep up b
  4. You can connect the phone to a monitor and connect a USB mouse using a device like this. It works well using my Pro1. As of screen, maybe you need a new screen or if you are a bit luckier, maybe screen's cable has detached somehow. I suggest you to contact F(x)tec for assistance.
  5. VaZso

    Factory Restore Tool

    Thank you your reply. I will try it but I think this phone does not reach that state so I don't think it will enter EDL mode this way. (There is absolutely no image on the screen [no Fxtec logo or anything else], it hangs somewhere before that part of boot process.) It falls back to EDL after 15 minutes and the only live part I can see is its device ID through the USB port. It would be interesting if anyone who has such a cable could try if it works as I think it is not implemented in Pro1's software - otherwise my own phone should also enter EDL mode when I try...
  6. VaZso

    Factory Restore Tool

    How did you switched to EDL mode? Have you tried to use Qualcomm cable which has a push button or another method like switching from fastboot?
  7. Just a note... last batch seems to be mostly QWERTZ phones which were on hold for a while, so these numbers may be much lower than those which will be shipped next time. So don't worry if you also see numbers in the 3xx range. 😄
  8. I agree - it would be good if they would integrate LineageOS fixes into stock firmware or hire somebody who is competent in Android development like @tdm to do this valuable work...
  9. Thank you your reply. What problem you had with this flasher and what was the solution? I am asking this because after a reboot, my friend's phone became in a state where it does not boot anymore and there is not even any drive of the OLED panel. Basically, during boot, it tries to do something, then after about 15 minutes, it falls back to EDL mode. ...but when I tried the flasher above, Linux version complained about a timeout and Windows version complained about unknown error. I was waiting for @tdm to reappear on this forum as I feel he could help me to fight down what h
  10. Anyway, an official place for the apk of launcher would be also an option. However, I use Nova launcher instead of stock one.
  11. Which tool are you speaking about and what problem have you encountered?
  12. VaZso

    Factory Restore Tool

    Not yet. It would be good to have some messages out of flasher tool to see what happening as I am sure something is wrong but I don't know if it is a hardware fault or software issue (or an issue which could be repaired in software). What is strange the software was intact before it bricked. It also had a relatively high uptime so it had no serious defect at first glance... or second. Also it's owner took care of it and never dropped the phone, it is in good physical condition. It had the latest software before the current firmware was released. Anyway, I can imagine there m
  13. So far I use this screen protector on my Pro1, but now it has some scratches... I liked BROTECT screen protectors but they started to lift up from the curved part, so finally I had to peel off both of them after a few days (it does not really liked when I pushed the phone into my pocket or when I pulled it from my pocket)... I still would like to apply a screen protector bought at Bestskinsever, I think that is the best material. However, they don't have a screen protector designed for Pro1, so I should cut one for myself and I'm afraid a bit of cutting the speaker hole. Anyway,
  14. No, I have just sent them the requested details, there were no problems regarding this.
  15. As you requested, I took some photos using my Pro1 today. These photos were just done, so there were no several shoots and long setups, just some simple photos... These photos were taken by a GCam port (Pocophone) using HDR+ setting turned on, so it definitively manipulates the photos but I have not edited them. You can see them here. I took only two photos using stock camera and put it here.
  16. Camera is pretty good for me anyway. The stock application has fair image quality (especially in dark condition) but modded Google Camera (like Pocophone's) has absolutely perfect image quality also in dark condition. So hardware is really good and by using a better software, it has really good image quality (much better than my Moto G6 anyway).
  17. Yes, I had a tracking number and also had to fill a form for Customs and tick "DDP parity" - it went through so I did not have to pay customs fee but F(x)tec payed it. It was in January, I don't know if something has changed since then, F(x)tec told me to do it this way. I think the current shipments go the same way. I had to fill several information on the paper but I also wrote there what amount of VAT was included in original purchase (in Euro). Also purchase info of F(x)tec website and payment receipt were attached (as requested). I have called Customs by phone and they tol
  18. I thought FedEx delivered something to me in Hungary earlier but it seems I have mixed it up with UPS (it was a big black car, so there is a high chance for that)... 🙂 When I have received my Pro1, it was tendered to another courier for local delivery, but I am not sure which courier... but... hmm, if I remember well, DPD was the final courier - driver called me and told courier's name but then he called me back a bit later to tell he called me by mistake as he will come from the other side of the city, so he will come somewhere in the afternoon -, so I would have been waited a bit in the
  19. I agree, I am sure they want to fulfill demand as soon as possible and I hope the best. Anyway, I don't find postal service really fast these days - usually they are really slow here and now I feel they work extremely slowly at lowest imaginable limits (even when the package is in the country). Other couriers like DHL seems to be working well anyway (and Pro1 shipments used higher-grade couriers), however, shipping through these couriers seem to be more expensive now. At my side, I use a Pro1 as my daily driver and I would still say it worth my money. So I know closely how usa
  20. VaZso

    Factory Restore Tool

    Yes, it comes up as "05c6:9008 Qualcomm, Inc. Gobi Wireless Modem (QDL mode)" I have disabled modemmanager. I have not removed it anyway, because this is a laptop and it has an LTE modem which I use sometimes but it also caused me problems earlier when it catch my own USB device(s) after a few seconds (hardware / software under development). It is not a very well designed thing (basically because of the way these modems work and it comes from Windows / plug-and-play style strange solutions), so it tries to communicate with every USB-CDC devices to switch a potential modem to modem mode.
  21. VaZso

    Factory Restore Tool

    Exactly the same here (with my friend's phone). It was running stock OS but after a reboot, it went to a state where it is unable to boot but it falls back to EDL mode after 15 minutes. I have tried flasher under Linux and got "Connection timed out" message, then tried under Windows and got "Unknown error" message. As I see, under Linux, the message appears at a point where the phone (as a USB device) disappears, then about the same point in time when it comes up again, flasher displays this message. I have tried to initiate EDL mode on this phone by shorting data pin to GND usin
  22. My laptop currently has 48 days and 16 hours of uptime (Linux), but I had to restart my Pro1 two days ago because of loosing fingerprint sensor...
  23. Anyway, I often use Ctrl+W to close a tab in browser and as Ctrl+Q sits next to that combination, that is the reason why I occasionally press the latter instead of closing only the current tab. 🙂
  24. I have also disabled Ctrl+Q in my desktop browser (Vivaldi) because I have occasionally pressed it and I did not like it. 🙂
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