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  1. I have also called service provider's IVR system and I haven't noticed call is quieter than before... or at least it is still too loud.
  2. I also feel the Pro1 hardware is more than enough and the keyboard is a huge plus, so I would not trade my Pro1 for anything else... However, about photos... have you tried GCam mods like "Poco F1"? It takes really good photos even in dark environment - so basically also its camera is good, just need a better software than stock one.
  3. That is also not bad anyway. 🙂 I don't know how about stock Android, however, if a mail client also runs with IMAP Push and two SIM cards and also a relatively active usage, it lasts about a day for me...
  4. ...and another thing which is good to know is the Pro1 hardware itself seems to be not eating the battery too much when the phone is switched on. 🙂 So its power management / power handling seems to be good anyway.
  5. Do you mean your Pro1 was able to survive almost a week in deep sleep and still has 25% capacity left? That is really impressive although the system doesn't really do anything in this state, but RAM refresh and maybe some wakeups happened during this period. Anyway, the UBTouch for Pinephone has recently improved to last about a day if I understood well. The ~1 week capability of Pro1 is really good anyway - does it wake up on phone call in this state (does it ring)?
  6. That is also my hope as it is the closest successor of Maemo which may also have Android app support.
  7. Right, that is what I did so far when I wanted to reach my files. However, I usually ended up using a more convenient and faster solution (I mean without using MTP).
  8. Thank you. Unfortunately, it was written in C#, so there is no much chance to be compiled to run under Linux. However, maybe also MTP/PTP handling would be also different otherwise. ...but it should be a useful program for Windows.
  9. For me, an up-to-date Maemo with Android app support...
  10. Right, FinQwerty is mandatory for proper using of international layouts. Interesting... it seems I use both of them as small. ...maybe that was why I was wondering one of the web pages I often visit loads in a mobile-like outfit (it is a Drupal system which moves sidebars to the bottom if resolution is below 1024 pixels). However, it seems logical resolution is still below this value. I have tried this application and it looks good, but I had problems with my keyboard when it was installed (slower appearing of characters and unintended repeat of characters). Maybe it is b
  11. Yes. I use "Poco F1" port anyway. I think not all versions were compatible with Android 9.
  12. Thank you your detailed reply. Apart from these symptoms, when the phone starts properly, I don't feel any defects. Phone calls come up delayed but the phone works well otherwise. I will try the bugreport / logcat but I am happy it is currently working and I am afraid if I restart it, then I may not be able to boot it up again. Also, I am currently a bit busy and it is my daily driver, so if it becomes unbootable, that is a really bad situation for me. Maybe when my other Pro1 comes back from RMA, then I can start to experiment a bit more and find out what is the cause of my
  13. Hi, I have a Pro1 since late December. I like it, I like the keyboard, it does not rattle more than it should and I have no problems with the screen apart of an always-on, but hardly noticeable pixel. However, since a while, I have noticed if I restart it, the starting of the system is hard (it is the stock Android). If I start using it, it complains about "system" is not responding, lock screen does not come up after unlocked, restart / shutdown does not work and not all applications are available... but it goes black after maybe a minute, then it restarts (it does not asks for
  14. It may happen the system they use thought your message is spam with higher chance if you use your own (or corporate) domain which does not have proper SPF / DKIM records set. Maybe try to contact them using their web form.
  15. This is a Lesser stag-beetle taken with my Pro1 on Saturday. I have cropped the photo. So it is the small variant of stag-beetle, maybe around 1.5-2 cm only.
  16. Thank you, now I think I have found it. ...however, "thankfully" they have translated it and I have two "Vezeték nélküli frissítés" apps. One with blue background and an Android-like logo and another one which have an arrow facing down... it would be good to know what it is as it looks strange anyway.
  17. Is it part of the stock launcher?
  18. Could you please tell me more about this "Ellipsis"? I have also noticed this sign...
  19. Please write in English here, generally we don't understand Czech language only by Google Translate... Anyway, I think you bought a QWERTZ device and selected Czech language. The basic keyboard of Pro1 is QWERTY which is shifted and that is why the shifted layout you experience. Download FinQwerty which also has Czech layout for QWERTZ version of Pro1 and set it as your layout. It is not an active program but it registers appropriate files and it will work the way as any stock layouts. So FinQwerty is what you need.
  20. Do you mean the settings of "Auto check when connected to" ...wifi/etc, check interval, auto download, SD card update, etc? Those settings still working for me (at least I can reach them).
  21. Maybe they already know something - I also hope pre-ordered customers will also have a surprise soon (I know nothing anyway).
  22. I think there was a fix in the update which broke safetynet then was reverted, so it should be included in this release. If I recall well it was an improvement in keyboard driver which allows of pressing more buttons at once.
  23. Maybe the most important part was the security update itself but I hope they will also work on bugfixes.
  24. My Pro1 also displays this new firmware (I am currently on the update which was available for a short time and had safetynet lost, so it may be the more complicated part of the upgrade arriving). It wants to download 265MB of data and has 20200620223710 in its name. I will install it later (maybe late afternoon / early evening). Edit: Security patch is 2020 April
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