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  1. Yes but it supports only a few protocol(s) and sound was laggy. However, Linphone works well for SIP calling.
  2. I have a problem recording videos without audio filter enabled. For example, "Footej Camera" has an option of "Microphone audio source tuned for video recording", but only a few seconds are good and the rest has filtered audio. I could also not find a suitable "raw" audio source in Open Camera. It would be good to solve it somehow so I could record audio without any filtering.
  3. I had an exact same behaviour when "Button Mapper" was installed. I think not really Button Mapper was the problem but the amount of buttons of the device has, which may cause slowdowns. So I think every applications which tries to subscribe for several key events can cause similar problems. I suggest you to try uninstalling related applications and see if this problem has gone.
  4. Sorry if I misunderstood that, but wasn't it potentially related to improper band feedback inside that application?
  5. For me, I haven't experienced problems with voice calls even in hands-free mode (despite of loud minimal level of volume in normal mode). However, I have tried some software phones and I had problems in some of them. So the integrated SIP client and MizuDroid had distorted audio while Linphone works absolutely well (no sound distortion). I don't know how Facebook Messenger works but it may also have similar distortions like MizuDroid (I don't know, just a guess).
  6. Which I can tell about this - I live in the EU and as far as I know, Pro1 supports all frequencies where I live. I have two SIMs inserted which belong to two different service providers. I haven't done much testing, but Pro1 has very similar coverage for me like my Moto G6 had also at home or at work or near the motorway when currently I am not the driver of the car (I can use mobile internet during the way). I hope antennas are tuned appropriately on each frequencies, but I think which you notice is most likely related to not supported frequency/band(s) at your location and not an imperfect antenna system.
  7. On my Motorola G6, I used to pick which card to use before placing a call. By default, Pro1 initiated the call on 1st card and I could change it to 2nd card, but I found the exact same behaviour which worked on my Moto G6 somewhere in settings. So Pro1's software also have the option to specify which card to use before initiating a call. So the difference is Motorola's software had a wizard to choose these options but Pro1 had a default value which had to be changed but it also works well. So I'm sure second option is exists as I use it that way. One thing I missed was to specify different ringtones for these cards but I use DualSimRinger for this purpose.
  8. Anyway, I have used my heat gun to perfectly remove the sticker on the back before it is worn out. 🙂 It is a good thing to have if you would like to remove glued parts anyway.
  9. VaZso


    Yes, I know that. I just said it is a good and usable thing.
  10. VaZso


    In N900, modifiers like shift were sticky and it was really usable. I miss that on Pro1 but I hope it will have that option soon. So if I wanted to use shift+letter, I could type the same way like with PC keyboard - but if a key was hard to reach, I could press shift, release it and just press the other key and it behaved like if I pressed the shift key. So this is an important feature for faster and more convenient writing on the keyboard...
  11. It is a HTC TyTN II, also known as HTC Kaiser. Mine is working well but has dead battery...
  12. As far as I know, second camera helps the focus system, so it may be faster then and not made to take photos using it.
  13. VaZso

    Factory Restore Tool

    Thank you for sharing. Good to know you have worked it out and the device is working again.
  14. For me, this one (simple case made for P20 Pro) seems to be very good. It is not as rubberized anyway, but it clips slightly in at the top side of the lower part - so it holds perfectly. Especially as I have a SIM adapter on the back and some rubber pads to not sit on SIM holder while it is laying on a table - that is why it seems to be uneven at its back. However, seller sent me two types of this case (I have received two of one type and two of the other). This type has one oval hole at back, the other has three separate ones - I like this much better as I need to cut less to be suitable for Pro1. Sorry for the quality of photos, they were made by Moto G6 in a darker environment...
  15. I had the same issue when I had Button Mapper installed. Maybe a similar application is installed at your side - so it can be any programs which look your keypress events. Maybe try to uninstall Swiftkey or maybe something related to keyboard to see what solves this behaviour.
  16. This issue also exists for me in stock firmware. So if you figure it out, it may also help F(x)tec to solve this issue in stock firmware (or other way around, I don't know if next OTA will fix it or not).
  17. I doubt FinQwerty is the cause of this for you in any way. I have it also installed (together with a lot of users here) and never noticed any problems. Moreover, it basically installs those layouts but they are used by the system instead of FinQwerty itself.
  18. Yes. I hope physically it can drive it using higher speeds (I mean proper wiring). It can be a software issue anyway or even a hardware issue.
  19. Yes. I just wrote that the card it not a limiting factor (Samsung 512 GB SDXC / UHS-1 card anyway).
  20. I had a writing speed of 21.49 MB/s and reading speed of 18.46 MB/s... Internal storage had a writing speed of 191.18 MB/s and reading speed of 506.89 MB/s. RAM was 7188.19 MB/s. I am not sure if it uses the card at Pro1 hardware's maximal possible speed as the card should be able to work at about 70 MB/s of writing and near 100 MB/s of reading speeds using a USB 3.0 card reader.
  21. I can enter WiFi password using physical keyboard - at least I can write in the field, but I have not clicked to save it as it is someone else's network. 🙂
  22. It is somewhere at Settings / System / Special / System updates. Sorry if they are not exact names but they should be called similarly. Hmm, I have just noticed, in this place, Current (version) was translated to a word not meaning actual but electrical current in my language. 😄
  23. Exactly the same as on other devices (I have it installed). 🙂
  24. I use Nova launcher and I haven't noticed it either. It makes me remember such situations was exist before last OTA but since I have upgraded its firmware, these problems were gone. Are you sure you have the latest update installed?
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