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  1. Also, it worth a look at Finqwerty itself for other layouts.
  2. Take a look at Finqwerty which installs different kind of keymaps, so not this program does the magic, but it registers the required files to the OS. It really worth a try.
  3. I use my own Pro1 since the very end of last year using stock firmware, I don't find it unstable at all. I also use two SIM cards in it, a private and a corporate one. What happened within that hour? I have heard about a problem causes restart in certain conditions, I also ran into it near a specific part of a motorway (near tunnels), but never at other places. It may happen to live in a place which is affected by this problem but I hope it will be repaired and I heard of other phones maybe with the same chipset which had a similar problem resolved. Also, LineageOS may worth
  4. It happens on every reboots. I usually don't restart my phone only sometimes because the system complains time to time about fingerprint sensor hardware becomes unreachable. However, I have first experienced it when the phone was running at low battery, but drained before I could charge it. When I powered it on, I experienced this behaviour, so I thought I need to charge the battery, then to remove the SIM and SD card, etc. When I could start it, it worked well... then after my next restart, it happened again and I had to wait it to start before I could use it. I tried some reboot
  5. Anyway, I have noticed some weeks ago that when I restart my phone and instantly try to use it, it will turn off. I receive a popup maybe about something is not responding, the lock screen will not come back and sometimes not Hacker's virtual keyboard appears but another installed one. Maybe within a minute, the screen becomes blank and I should press power button to turn it on. If I leave the phone alone for a few minutes, it starts up normally and it works well. I am a bit unsure about device states and actual behaviour, but I think startup takes a little bit longer than exp
  6. I don't miss my N900 but I still miss the freedom of its Maemo system and its usability (the real multitasking and proper application-handling for example).
  7. It can be a reason - I mean this batch may have been sent to Europe (not only for Germany but also for "nearby" countries) and you (who have lower order numbers without notice) may live at other parts of the globe.
  8. Basically international layouts were based on US keyboard map but some of the keys, mostly non-alphanumeric ones were changed (as we have more alphanumeric letters than in English). They kept CTRL + ALT, in Hungarian layout, their name are the same, in German layout, they were renamed (but still the same). The "Alt Gr" key is an additional modifier, which is technically the right Alt button on US keyboard. For example, in Hungarian layout, "[" and "]" can be reached by pressing AltGr+F,G and "{" and "}" by pressing AltGr+B,N and also Z / Y are interchanged and 0 moved to the right of
  9. Yes, but 8th of June is definitively Monday, so I am optimistic. 🙂 It seems to be only a small "typo".
  10. VaZso

    Factory Restore Tool

    Yes and based on kernel messages, it seems the device disconnects at around the time when it tries to access UFS. Thank you your help again.
  11. I have not experienced such reboots for a while because I have not really traveled on the same road in the last couple of weeks because of Corona thing... ...it may be another bug or not directly related (WiFi was turned on but not connected, so it may still cause problem), but a relation with weak signal (near tunnels) and network switching is suspicious.
  12. VaZso

    Factory Restore Tool

    Thank you, I wrote you a message. Now I am going back to sleep as it is too early in the morning here. 🙂
  13. VaZso

    Factory Restore Tool

    I still have my friend's phone with me. Software was unmodified stock and it suddenly went to "bricked" mode and not even F(x)tec logo or anything appears on the screen but an EDL/QDL USB device after 15 minutes. Since my last post you may see, I have received a cable which supports "Qualcomm EDL / DFC / 9008" boot mode but the same happens like with my self-modified cable. Not even my working Pro1 enters EDL mode if I push the button on it - like if it was missing from Pro1's boot loader or I am doing it wrong... (I don't know if anybody else could manage to enter EDL mode this way
  14. I spent one and a half year on a Moto G6 when I gave up using my N900 before my Pro1 arrived in late December. Pro1 was still an idea when I have bought the G6 but I heard some info about it so I have eagerly waited for a proper replacement of my N900... G6 is currently a spare and tester phone for me.
  15. I really like its keyboard as I feel it is much more convenient than touch keyboards because you feel it and it does not consume part of the screen. As a blind person, I think a hardware keyboard is really a must-have feature. I don't know the accessibility features of Android and possible reader solutions, I hope it is also solved on Android systems. Pro1's basic QWERTY keyboard does not have a standard layout, but a bit modified one as they tried to build a more ergonomic button placement (so some of the non-letter buttons were moved to the other side). However, I have bought a P
  16. Yes, the screen was successfully replaced by at least one member of this forum, so it is definitively possible to do it.
  17. Hi, I have not rebooted my phone but when I press emergency call button on lock screen, I can go back by pressing ESC. When I type on keyboard, it also displays these characters in the top row. Anyway, if you can connect a mouse somehow, then you can go through lock screen. You only need a Type-C to USB (OTG) converter or a Type-C HUB, then it handles mouse well. It may happen you had one/more connectors unconnected by drop (that is the best case scenario).
  18. It looks to be a really good news, so I hope the best.
  19. What you wrote is a worst case scenario and I hope it will not be true and they have enough liquidity. It is true the situation is unfortunately affects profit but they are still live and working - otherwise they would have not been able to ship devices in the meantime or update their website's code. So I am optimistic.
  20. This album is what I shared maybe one/two weeks ago. They were taken by Pro1 using a GCAm port: Only two more photos, but they were taken by Pro1's stock camera software:
  21. You may try to rename .apk to .zip and open it using WinZip, WinRAR or Total Commander for example. Inside, there is a directory /res/raw, you can see the .kcm files there. For example, you can find the Hungarian layout in pro1_qwerty_hun_1.kcm or in pro1_qwertz_hun_1.kcm depending on the physical layout of your phone. The difference is the mapping at the top of qwertz version. If you look inside these files, their format is simple. For example, if you modify in "key 7" section at "label, base" the written "7" to "8", then save this file inside this .zip archive, then you have
  22. VaZso

    Factory Restore Tool

    Thank you your reply. Have you also experienced that you can turn off the phone by pressing power button for a long time, but after power on, have to wait about 15 minutes for EDL mode to come up? How did you start the process after depleting the battery? Currently it is charged and it keeps draining about 120 mA from charger. I don't know what percentage of this ~120 mA is waste energy, but maybe it drains the battery by about 100 mA per hour in this state, so it should drain completely in about 1.5-2 days if everything are right. I didn't dare completely discharging the
  23. The source code you see at GitHub can be loaded by Android Studio and you can modify, then compile it. If you only modify a .kcm file then you will see its original name but when you use it, it will be your own layout, but the original name also can be modified in an .xml file. Basically the .apk file is a compressed image (.zip), so theoretically you can modify its internals - you may open an existing .kcm then you can modify it, but I don't know if Android will accept this modified file. You can not just drop the file into the filesystem unless you have root access, but another f
  24. Their expected delivery is March 2021, so approximately a year from now. Yes - it looks to be an interesting product anyway, but as I heard, support of their older devices are not very good. I hope F(x)tec will be better regarding this. Same here, I hope they will have a Pro2 even if it is going to production after two years from now. I would also support F(x)tec if they keep this form factor, so a similar outfit.
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