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  1. I thought keyboard mat is in one piece but maybe it isn't. Hmm, if it is in one piece, F(x)tec may send a replacement part and maybe replacement stickers, but... ...in the world of money, I think these special differences make it worth even more. I am not sure about technical devices though.
  2. VaZso

    Factory Restore Tool

    I would like to also hear about this problem as detailed as possible. Also if it is a hardware failure and also if it is a software problem... and if a solution has been found, it would be good to also hear what helped. I hope you will solve it soon.
  3. I don't think encryption is a huge problem unless the keys are hidden from users... ...and here comes the problem with it. If system locks you then prevents you to reach your data in case of a failure as not giving its keys - then it means this encryption is definitively not made for you. ...so that way I rather would like to see my phone unencrypted. So nobody should say encryption is for users till the OS is not willing to give keys for users to able to access encrypted data. ...as they don't do it, then it means basically encryption go against the user thus it allows the manufacturer to have access of data (being the "God" there) but prevents user to do anything with it even in case of a failure. It is very sad anyway. So in such a word, I don't need encryption - simply because I would like to keep the possibility to assess my _OWN_ data also in case of a hardware failure. Who need it is the manufacturer, including G and not me.
  4. Mine has passed customs and "Tendered to authorized agent for final delivery" on Friday afternoon. They still show scheduled delivery of 29th but I have a feeling it will arrive sooner.
  5. I see "Android operating system" uses far the highest memory of 1.1 GB, then "Android system" with 218 MB, then "System UI" with 163 MB, then "Google Play services" of 66 MB and then the rest. Basically what I would like to see is hidden as it would need the phone to be rooted - so I din't see the process list to find out what happening. Currently load average is 6.94 7.57 8.02 Image attached below is also looks strange.
  6. I am currently experiencing high load on my Pro1 and I don't really know the available options to hunt it down without root rights. The system shows applications are running properly but I see load even as high as 7-8 for longer period of time. Also it does not scroll evenly, sometimes typing several characters (like release event would be delayed) and also experiencing similar behaviour of touch-screen keyboard thinks long-pressing a button. I don't know if updates of today or yesterday is the root cause or an application installed earlier did something which has activated after reboot. As I have not initiated a reboot till yesterday evening after 14 days of uptime (and it worked perfectly before reboot), I think it can be closer to the root of my problem. What happened between shutdown and reboot is I have changed SIM2 extension to another one which has black ribbon cable so it is less ugly a bit. So I would like to have a similar output like top / htop does under Linux but I did not find a similar application. Also, without root rights, I am not able to look at it under Termux. ...so what is the standard way to find the cause of high load under Android? Thank you your help in advance.
  7. Be aware that QC (or some other chargers) may increase voltage slightly to compensate voltage drop. Maybe it was not the case for you anyway.
  8. It may depend on the cable anyway so it may not draw more current when voltage drop is as high as remaining voltage become lower than the actual voltage of battery. 🙂 The lower the current, the lower the voltage drop at the same resistance and resistance of cable depends on the material, its thickness and the length of cable.
  9. Mine went from Hong Kong -> Japan -> France -> Germany -> Hungary It is still at Customs and scheduled for 29th.
  10. Definitively. I have used Pro1 for this purpose and it worked perfectly (having a non-shifted physical QWERTZ layout anyway using standard QWERTY layout). [I am currently waiting for my pre-order having IGG coupon to arrive but I have bought another one so I can use it since the very end of last year.] I have tried to do similar things on my Moto G6 software keyboard and it was really inconvenient so I have almost never used it to do such things as it is extremely inconvenient. So with Pro1, I am having similar feelings I had with my N900 earlier but it is even better. 🙂
  11. She told me everything is okay with documents, so I should receive it next week without problems. 🙂 (I have a knowing of another two persons here having the same request of FedEx and as far as I know, they have not contacted F(x)tec anyway.) So that way it seems to be okay, thank you the information you provided.
  12. They seem to understood DDP so it should be okay, I have just asked them if they see the full amount is not really fair as a base number to count Customs. ...so they told me they are going to subtract mentioned VAT amount and use that value but they will do administration according to DDP so I don't have to pay any fees. I have just did not want to have F(x)tec costs higher than what is necessary (or which would be even unfair).
  13. @Erik, @Waxberry, I have just called FedEx to gather some additional information and spoke with Customs handling person. I sent them what they have requested on 22th, so they have a receipt of what I have paid and also they have the information on order page so they see product price, shipping and also the note that the included amount of VAT. She told me they work with these values so I have (649-100) EUR + 24 EUR, so 573 EUR payed with 112.17 EUR of VAT included, so they will subtract the latter and they will handle customs based on that value (so 460.83 EUR for me if I count well). Also, as being DDP, they will not put on their handling fee as they would if I would pay these fees instead of F(x)tec. They told me I can not prove the mentioned amount of USD which is the real costs of F(x)tec per production unit as they wrote here. I have asked them what happen if a user does not provide order info so the amount of VAT included and she told me then they will ask the user to also send that information (the same as it is written in their notice), so they will also subtract TAX value for them. However, for a standard (non-IGG) order, the base value will be even higher than their real cost... So this is what I could get as additional information about Customs handling (at least for Hungary anyway).
  14. I agree, these combinations are basically also work well for me in Termux. Moreover, fn+arrow combinations worked well under Termux but I had problems with it under Firefox for example, that is why I asked about an option to declare a function instead of fallback, and it was achievable by using "replace" term instead of "fallback", so it has solved the problem also under Firefox while it still works under Termux.
  15. I also would like to have these solved: - ability to decrease in-call volume further - so I mean the lowest in-call volume is also too loud - only bottom speaker is working in hands-free mode (being in portrait state), top one is silent - it would be good to also use top one - screen colours are incorrect below ~50% of brightness
  16. Now I am a bit confused. I was on travel today and now I am reading the forum... So I have also contacted FedEx by phone and they told me that despite of DDP, I have to authorize them and also provide payment information (of my bank). I have also provided them what F(x)tec provided earlier, so shipping fee and "includes xxx EUR of VAT" descriptions were also there. Basically, here one has to provide customs agency something about the order itself (like a pdf of Ebay / Aliexpress order) and payment provider (like Paypal or local bank appropriate data) because usually for packages coming from China (or may also from any other locations) there are much lower values in customs declarations than the correct value of product and they want to ensure they know the real value of that order and calculate TAX and VAT according to it. (Also, as far as I know, if that value is too low /so being unbelievable/, they may also try to charge based on the "real" price anyway.) Also, they handle item plus shipping prices together (as there was a trick to count part of item's price as shipping price) - basically import TAX usually has a low value (maybe a few percent) but VAT is really high here (27%) which applies on the top of fees. Also, FedEx would charge me in local currency of about 18.85 EUR (including VAT) if they do Customs clearing for me. As of the DDP, I really don't know what differences occur, so if they may agree with shipper company about an other value and they may not charge their ~18.85 EUR fee, but I don't have experience in this so I don't know. What I know is they will contact F(x)tec and I hope they will handle the package as they should. If I can do something regarding this, please tell me. I may contact FedEx this Friday to ask them about it further. @Erik, do you have a suggestion?
  17. Today @Anssi Hannula has accepted my pull request for Hungarian layout in FinQwerty and he also put page up / page down / home / end functions for fn+arrows for all layouts so every layouts will be improved a bit. He told me I missed to include yellow combinations of some buttons in Hungarian layout, so I have also modified it so currently all yellow keys are available using alt+key combinations. That was part of my second pull request but now it is also included in FinQwerty. He said he will release next version soon, so it may be available in Play Store after some days. Hopefully before last stock of Pro1's are starting to arrive next week. 🙂
  18. Also, as far as I know, QWERTZ was available only in the EU which may also distorts results. I would find a standard QWERTY as the best option instead that shifted one.
  19. For me, I have received some standard papers (in PDF) from FedEx which should be filled out. It had an option to pay the fee as individual with the warrant of FedEx (so standard way) or TAX-free based on the laws or by DDP parity. The last one seems to be interesting here as this way fees are to be paid by seller and as far as I know, they would like to handle packages this way. Basically no. There is an exceptionally slow handling of customs at standard postal service, that is right - but these are handled by a higher class courier. If you order something with the delivery of couriers like FedEx, DHL, UPS, then customs can be exceptionally fast, however, they charge you more than standard postal service. They have some kind of contract so they guarantee TAX will be payed and they may even pre-pay it for you and also they start administration even before it getting close to destination country. So these couriers and local postal service are not comparable.
  20. Yes, I wanted to say yellow arrow. 🙂 ...and yes, it was blue on my N900. 😄
  21. Yes, it is better to handle the situation like this.
  22. Anyway, it seems there are also users who have not received stock assigned e-mails but received tracking information from FedEx, so we will see it...
  23. Just some more info - I have received a standard attachment from FedEx which I should send back. In one of the papers, I have an option to choose "DDP" (Delivered Duty Paid) and @Erik agreed I should choose it as I am in the EU. I have not seen it mentioned elsewhere so I put it here, maybe it also helps for others.
  24. He has also received a tracking number from FedEx today.
  25. I wrote about that person who has received an assignment mail in the same country and has order number of 49XX and also a QWERTZ order. Yesterday afternoon, I have asked him and he has not received tracking number yet anyway, but it may have changed since that. I also know he has also moved from original QWERTY to QWERTZ the same as me with IGG coupon, because the time we made pre-order, QWERTZ option was still not available - that option came later. So I don't think it has changed anything in queue. Anyway, at very early stage, they told QWERTZ orders are a minority so they may be even produced and shipped earlier. It seems it became not the case anyway so I don't know finally how they handle QWERTZ orders. Maybe your order was pushed back because of the last statement how pre-orders are handled but it is also interesting that someone stated they sent an e-mail to being part of a shipment in February but we still don't know if he asked support directly. So, currently it is unknown if all orders will receive an update e-mail or only those which have stock assigned. I think it would be the best if they could sent an e-mail also for those who were included in this batch to not leave them in doubt.
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