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  1. Seems like they indeed fixed it and somehow without reverting those changes. I wish someone could explain that to us. My latest build is real smooth.
  2. I wonder if you could just change the slot without reboot, from ADB?
  3. Ok, apparently you can do it from the advanced menu as explain there: LATER: nope looks like I misread that.
  4. How do you guys do your reboot to recovery after ROM sideload? I don't think you can do it from ADB which would be my preferred solution. I usually try to do it using Power and Volume Up but that's far from reliable I find.
  5. Build took 01:49:55 on Intel Core i7-11700K with 64GB of RAM though I don't think RAM usage got much over 20GB anyway. I used 100 GB ccache but it only contains 26GB after the build. Huge speed increase then, which was to be expected when compared to Windows hosted solutions.
  6. About 6h30mn on Windows using Virtual Box, about the same using WSL. On Ubuntu I'll let you know once it's done. Looks like those random crashes are gone for good.
  7. Still building... RAM usage went up to almost 20GB. All cores at 100%, temperatures still below 70C.
  8. I believe OTA is a different package than the sideload.
  9. Definitely enough free space, it's an almost empty 2TB SSD. I think this is a hardware issue, some kind of memory corruption since I can't reproduce the crash. It always crashes differently even froze the PC once. I've reset the BIOS notably RAM clock from 3600 Mhz to the default 2133 Mhz. Those sticks were rated as 3600 Mhz but that's still overclocking so I guess I better try the system's default. Sure enough my build is still running but I'm pretty it never went that far so it looks like RAM speed was the issue.
  10. Very good point, I'm just like you, trying to understand and learn.
  11. I'm pretty sure that's not the case. You need to reapply GApps even if it was installed on that slot before, same for Magisk. I'm guessing both sideloads overwrite files from the ROM.
  12. I'm having a hard time getting the build to work on a native Ubuntu 20.04 installation. See: https://github.com/android/ndk/issues/1578 Right now I'm stuck, the build crashes and I have no idea what to try next. Turns out it was a lot easier on Windows using WSL or Virtual Box, who knew…
  13. Unlikely LATER: Actually you were right @claude0001see comment from @npjohnson below.
  14. It looks like it's still in there though somehow it was remerged? No sure what's going on TBH. Maybe they fixed it some other way too...
  15. I did not checked that they actually reverted and somehow I doubt it... 😁
  16. Looks like it's fixed. I'll test it some more but I already advised the guys at Lineage to revert it.
  17. I'm investigating that lag issue. As explained above I further reduced the list of potential culprit. I switched back to my broken build and sure enough not long after boot I could reproduce the issue fairly easily. I'm currently attempting a build reverting that change to see if that fixes it.
  18. I never tried do any audio recording and very few video recording TBH. However my understanding is that people have had some issues with that as you discovered from searching the forums. Be happy FxTec support tried to help you. At least they took your harware and tried to fix it somehow. Unfortunately it didn't work so well in the end and I understand your frustration. You may have to live with this issue I'm afraid.
  19. Slion

    Screnn repair

    You want to buy a screen for the Elephone U Pro. Phone call quality is known to be bad sadely.
  20. Those are the changes that occurred between the 25th and the 30st of August. There is obviously one Pro1 change that could be the culprit. repo forall -c 'git log --since "AUG 25 2021" --until "AUG 30 2021" --pretty=format:"===============================%n%Cred$(git config --get remote.github.projectname)%n%Creset%H%n%an%n%ad%n%B%n"' =============================== LineageOS/android_device_fxtec_pro1 15b9323d740da90ba3c00a86002a6b995c42d211 Luca Stefani Wed Aug 18 22:07:34 2021 +0200 pro1: Adjust powerhint for QOS interface Currently all writes to the dev interface are done by WriteStrin
  21. I reverted back to a custom build from the 27th of August and I don't have that issue at all. Actually I believe my code checkout was front the 25th so at some point between the 25th and the 30st someone introduced that regression. Now go figure what it is exactly.
  22. I think I have a similar issue. Looks like I'm getting lags or freeze from time to time. Definitely a regression in the latest release. Even though I'm not actually using the release but my own build from around the same time. It happened like 5 times while I was typing this message. That's 6 now.
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