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  1. 464 is by default associated with FUNCTION on Android: https://android.googlesource.com/device/google/atv/+/master/Generic.kl However for some reason @Sean McCreary wants us to use scan codes below 255. In your changes you took over some of Sean's defining left function as 195 and 196. That mean you should have something like that in your KL file: key 195 FUNCTION key 196 ALT_RIGHT Providing that you want the left function key to be passthrough as FUNCTION and the right function key to be passthrough as ALTGR which I reckon is the way we should go. I'm going to
  2. Just wanted to provide links to source files that makes our Pro¹ keyboard. That can be used as reference for anyone wanting to understand and customise Pro¹ keyboard experience by building Lineage OS. From low to high level files we have identified the followings key components: Device Tree Structure Include, contains GPIO pin mapping to scan codes: https://github.com/LineageOS/android_kernel_fxtec_msm8998/blob/lineage-18.1/arch/arm/boot/dts/qcom/msm8998-qrd-skuk-t5.dtsi Permalink Driver, brings together GPIO and aw9523b controller input to define the scan codes sent to user space: h
  3. Looking at your changes you did not setup in the KL file. See:
  4. Not sure that was my problem. Do we use META at all in the current keyboard? Can't reproduce it.
  5. Yes as it is you need to overwrite the Kernel copy of the keymap for it to work. That would be awesome if you could fix that.
  6. Thanks for putting this together. I have not tested it but from looking at the code I fail to see how Android will understand those new scan code you introduced as Fn. Also From the KCM documentation there it no such thing as left and right function so I was thinking we should report them as left and right meta. However I don't know what meta is usually used for on Android so maybe that could conflict with other features. Your changes just report every Fn regardless of the mapping. That's not what I had in mind. For instance your patch would not be able to report '?' or '/'
  7. I'm using ASK too and I don't have auto caps. Nor do I have sticky shifts. At least not in WebView based browsers. Maybe it depends on the app somehow but I doubt it. Settings search field also does not have auto caps and stick shifts here.
  8. Is there not a different set of settings for hardware keyboard?
  9. Certainly caused by your keyboard software. Try AnySoftKeyboard maybe or look into your current keyboard settings and see if there is an option to disable it.
  10. I'm contemplating the following keyboard driver changes: @VaZso You are going to like that one.
  11. To keep on improving on our Lineage OS keyboard driver implementation here is a proposal about Fn passthrough. At the moment Fn modifiers AKA Yellow slant arrows are being handled internally by the driver and not passed as such to the application layer. Which on one hand is needed, notably to generate the proper key scan code without modifiers, think / and ?, however on the other hand it starves the application layers from an otherwise perfectly valid modifier which could be used in custom KCM layout notably to improve international characters support on thumb keyboard. Therefore thi
  12. Battery life is pretty good on Pro1 and should get even better on Pro1X. You can easily go through a day of normal use with a full charge. Two if you are being careful.
  13. DO NOT USE THE SCREEN FILTER ON LINEAGE IT CAN BLANK YOUR SCREEN! I think that only happens if you have Night Light enabled at the same time. To recover from such situation see: https://slions.net/resources/fx-service.8/updates#resource-update-172
  14. Yes, I did try that using custom keymap before going out of my way to modify the driver as it did look like the only way to implement actual alt+tab with fn+tab. Also since the driver already implements forced modifiers it was quite easy to get it done.
  15. I think I fixed it in the last patch. Did a build and testing it again.
  16. I don't think we want most of the functionality. We want the actual Alt+Tab functionality. that the point of those changes. Yeah we don't want that when we can have the real thing. Reminds me of a bug they introduced lately in Vivaldi Web Browser where you have to hit Ctrl+Tab twice to get to your previous web page, that pissed the hell out of me 🤣 I'm open to alternative solution but I doubt there any while you can't remap the right Fn key from KCM to actual Alt. I was floating the idea of having a new keymap that would not mask the right Fn key from the system but that's n
  17. I vaguely recall playing with that functionality using KCM on stock but you just don't get proper Alt+Tab and Alt+Shift+Tab behaviour…
  18. Could be, I was running some script to clean-up the file, sorry about, that was sloppy.
  19. @EskeRahn Ho yeah, it could be enabled by default in Fx Service 🤣 sorry about that…
  20. Solution: adb install <full-file-name-apk> Though really we should report those issues upstream to Lineage I guess.
  21. Could be, though I'm not using that batch script of yours, just doing sideload which I believe is targeting the current slot which I never changed explicitly.
  22. Good point, Fn+Shit+Tab works as Alt+Shift+Tab would with that patch already.
  23. I'm having a hard time installing APKs on my custom Lineage OS build. First for some reasons I could not setup gapps probably because of signing issues. Then the Files app won't open some apks. Some work like the one from my Fulguris Web Browser, some do not work like the one from F-Droid or my Fx Service. It has not much to do with the APKs themselves it's just that the Files app won't install them for some reason. When I had gapps I could use another File Manager to install them but as it is I can't cause I can't even install F-Droid…
  24. No, I've only submitted to 18.1 not sure what's the process is to propagate it to 16.0. As it is if my change is merged it only goes to 18.1 branch. That would be great. If the driver code is still the same then you can just copy the file.
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