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  1. If you look again at the OP of this thread, the behaviour you observe is exactly as described for a screen having not reveived the "Stock-firmware-magic": The outer ~7 mm are insensitive to tapping but still correctly register dragging your finger form the central area outwards. I had understood stock Android 9 does its touch-calibration thing only on first boot. So just connecting the screen to an already-installed stock-Pro1 might not be enough. I would try to facory-reset the "calibrating" device first.
  2. I guess @Tommi69preordered an original Pro1 via the f(x)tec website and was later "upgraded" to a Pro1X. As such he is eligible for refund while IGG backers are not.
  3. Exactly, that's what I mean and what I tried to swap among my Pro1 and Pro1X. I also thought that was the unit you can obtain from f(x)tec as "replacement screen". Thanks for clarifying.
  4. Sorry, I'm getting confused. I thought the replacement "screen" you ship as spare part includes the upper housing. I.e. replacment using your part does not involve glueing? So are you saying the top assemblys of Pro1 and Pro1X were already known to be different parts, and in addition you found out that even the screens themselves are incompatible? Wouldn't this mean that also the Elephone U/U Pro screens from Aliexpress people have successfully used for repairing their Pro1s would no longer work with the Pro1X?
  5. Interesting. Just to be sure: When you say "screen" do you mean the entire top unit (detachable by 5 screws from the mechanism) or just the display (as available from e.g. Aliexpress) that is glued to the rest of the top unit? As reported above, I tried operating the Pro1X top unit on the Pro1. The display and digitizer seemed to work fine in recovery, but the Pro1 wouldn't boot into the full OS.
  6. I guess you might be right. I was firmly assuming they had kept that unit identical to keep development cost low. But then, the different SoC on the other side may have dictated some modifications ... Retrospectively, I consider myself lucky not to have damaged anything with my bold move two days ago 😆. For those owning both a Pro1 and a Pro1X it would be good to know for sure, though.
  7. The problem is that security issues in the binary blobs owned by Qualcomm are not going to be fixed. Even LineageOS 19.1 is still on the "vendor security" level of April 2020.
  8. As @Hook wrote, there will be no more official updates of Android 9 for the Pro1, let alone upgrades to newer major releases. While there are several options to get your Pro1 an up-to-date OS, LineageOS is certainly the least obscure and, combined with a suitable distribution of the Google Apps, will give you the most "Android-like" experience. Installing LineageOS on the Pro1 is easy if you follow the instructions in the Wiki: https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/pro1/. Presently, the officially supported release is LineageOS 19.1, which is based on the Android 12 Open Source Projec
  9. Venerable 835-Pro1 just got another updated build of LineageOS 16.0. At http://findus.zwergenschaenke.net/~puma/linux.html#lineagepro1 head for the ROM dated 20221026. This build includes backported patches from the Android Security Bulletins up to patchlevel "5 October 2022". I bumped the security string in the ROM accordingly. As noted already in the last update, since May 2022, the ASB backports for Pie lack upstream code-review and are no longer merged into the official LOS-16.0 branch. I see no problems with the build on my device, but please be aware of that before yo
  10. The full top unit - i.e. what you hold in hand after removing the 5 screws and disconnecting the ribbon cable leading to the phone. The digitizer also worked btw. as I could navigate through Lineage recovery using touch. Could the front camera be different?
  11. Hmm ... Just tried to replace the screen unit of my Pro1 by that of the Pro1-X: While the display does seem to work, the Pro1 goes into a boot loop (Lineage 16.0). So something does seem to be different (firmware?) Before you ask why the hell I tried this: The Pro1-X's screen has much better colour fidelity (no green tint at low brightness) than my Pro1. And as the latter will still be my daily driver for some time, I thought I could pimp it a bit by swapping the screens ... 😎
  12. Thanks for making the GMS-less beta-build available. Installed it via fastboot/adb as described above and rooted following the official guide (thanks for that, too!) - works fine. I won't use the Pro1X productively before a somewhat mature LineageOS becomes available. But until then, this is a good way to play around with the device without big G watching too much. Dumb question: Is it normal that in GMS-less 2.1.5 available WiFi networks are not automatically detected or listed in the quick-settings panel? In stock 2.1.2 (as in LineageOS) I get a list of all networks in range by tap
  13. Well, UPS probably pay for the customs in advance and then ask the addressee to pay back. Of course, they will want their money back from someone. I try to understand your frustration. But, in a better world, the person sending you that "gift" would have known that, after UK left the EU, import taxes and custom fees are clearly in order and would just have offered to cover those on your behalf ...
  14. @Casey, thanks for explaining / confirming what I thought. The flashing of the GMS-free 2.1.5 via adb as in your other post worked fine for me btw. thanks!
  15. Off topic: @Casey, what's the advantage of this QFIL business as opposed to traditional flashing via fastboot/adb as you reported here and which is essentially a two-liner (if one has the Android debug tools installed anyway)?
  16. So I seem to have the exact same issue with the right speaker as reported by @spam71. The speaker just makes a popping sound at low volume and works reliably only at highest gain. After operating for a while at high amplitude (warming up? vibration from speaker itself?) the volume can be decreased to lower values. After some time (cooling down?) the popping noise comes back, though. The problem can sometimes be cured by applying high pressure to the case near the speaker, and is much worse with USB plugged in, similarly to what spam71 observed. This indeed looks like a hardware issue
  17. As I said, I had this on an 835-Pro1. Mostly, when using the phone on the move. The problem with bad VoLTE calls is definitely not specific to the Pro1-X. It is generally not just a problem on the side of the phone, but also caused by shitty LTE coverage and bad handling on the side of the network operator. E.g., when in the midst of a VoLTE call you roam to a cell with no or poor LTE connectivity, the call should seamlessly transition to GSM - however for me this never (or rarely) worked: the call just stalled (German O2, cannot recommend ...). By forcing GSM/2G from the start, you
  18. It was your naming the App "Schlichtes Diktiergerät" (aka "Simple Voice Recorder"). 😄 I do not know about (the future of) 2G/GSM availability in Spain. Disabling VoLTE is a safe solution for Germany and Austria for now, but not for the entire world: If you are in a network which has disabled those old protocols, VoLTE is now mandatory for phone calls. But just trying will not break anything.
  19. @Feld: As your phone seems to be set to German UI language, I will assume you are located in Germany or Austria. If so, you should try to disable VoLTE (sometimes called "Enhanced 4G LTE Mode" in the settings), which will force phone call audio to use the traditional GSM protocols rather than VoIP. For me this was a day/night difference with the Pro1(noX) regarding call availability and connection stability. You will lose native video calling in the process, but I think it is well worth it - and most people prefer using seperate apps for video conferencing anyway. Unlike in some other co
  20. Mine looks fine too. Only issue I found so far is the known problem with the right speaker making just clicking noise at lower amplitudes ... let's see how that will evolve in my case ... Expansys even included a separate travel adapter for German AC wall sockets -- probably not knowing that the bundled charger from F(x)tec already includes a euro-type adapter plug (among others). Funny, but it also shows that they are somewhat serious about customer experience.
  21. 307 € (2249 HK$) for the device (6/128 GB) + 62 € (450 HK$) for rest-of-world shipping via DHL + 87 € german customs and VAT = 456 € total. Haven't unboxed yet, so let's see this was worth it ...
  22. Not true in a big city at night. You see no stars, no moon, no nothing. The Pro1 compass is actively disorienting me in such cirumstances. But OK, I like the phone nonetheless ... 🙂
  23. Found this thread following your suggestion: https://community.fxtec.com/topic/3670-pro1x-stock-android-non-gms-build/?do=findComment&comment=63768 Pretty cool. Sounds like a good interim solution before we get official LineageOS support. Thanks for the heads-up.
  24. Is there a publicly accessible development branch? Or is that test-ROM you mentioned available for download somewhere? My Pro1-X should arrive soon and I do not intend to get engaged with Google-infested stock-Android.
  25. I have a similar bug with the 835-Pro1 (in OsmAnd~ and SatStat). Often, the compass is 90° off with the keyboard either flipped in or out. Rotating the phone in all directions often helps to re-calibrate it to the right direction. But, obviously, if you have to know from other sources which direction of "north" is correct, the "compass" is essentially useless.
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