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  1. Sorry, but this is not true. You quoted a post of @VaZso, and then responded with the opening sentence "Don't you think ...". I am ready to believe you did not mean to address your rant at @VaZso, and that the impression of you doing so just resulted from a careless writing style of yours. However, this interpretation is all but "obvious" and, even if true, would still call for an apology. In other news, all-caps are usually considered equivalent to shouting, for which there is also no need here. Even if we all frustrated about manufacturing delays and F(x)tec's communication skills
  2. @Dean you accidentially posted in a forum aiming at constructive discussions. The place you are looking for is the IGG comments section. Your useless ranting will blend in nicely over there.
  3. Happens to me too. First time it drove me nuts. I think I hit that poor, inncocent Caps-key pretty bad. 😳
  4. @daniel.schaaaf and @VaZso: I think we already discussed that elsewhere, right? I have not found any switch to enable or disable sticky shift. Interestingly, I found that the feature does not work in all apps: On my setup, "typical" smartphone apps like messengers and firefox tend to have it enabled, while more advanced things like terminal emulators and text editors usually don't. Seems like apps can choose to support that accessibility feature or not.
  5. As @Jacob_S point out, all editions of LineageOS for the original Pro1 have the sticky-shift feature enabled. We do not know about the successor Pro1-X yet (Pro1 is no longer available). I might add that, because of the large size of the Pro1, I find it is not practically possible to use the keyboard while holding the phone single-handedly -- with or without sticky shift. You'll still have to put it on a table when typing with one hand.
  6. I'm not downplaying the known bad communication skills of F(x)tec, but this fact alone would have led other manufacturers to say: "Well you broke it, and, after that, you probably made things worse by exchanging parts yourself. Our <shiny-new-successor-product> is superior to your broken phone anyway, consider buying that as a replacement. Otherwise, please don't bother us anymore."
  7. Interesting. I wasn't aware there were file types one could not send via bluetooth. But you are right: shell scripts are not accepted for me either. Not that I use BT file transfer much (ssh rules!), but I might still include this in my next ROM, too. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Thanks for sharing. Few would think about the SD card being the reason for the long boot time. Good luck with your next card. I've had a Sandisk Extreme 256 GB almost since day one. I run my GNU/Linux chroot on it (which certainly causes above-average disk-I/O) and it still hasn't failed me.
  9. No, I think it won't. UbuntuTouch for the Pro1 (and for the Pro1-X, as far as I know) is a hybris port, meaning it does not actually use it own Linux kernel. It re-uses the kernel of the original AndroidOS that came with the device (together with other core parts of Android). That basic support for the Pro1 is in mainline now, is certainly a good thing in itself. But right now it allows not much more than booting to a terminal. There is no support for any advanced hardware that one needs for the device to fulifil its purpose as a phone. It may be an interesting starting point for new
  10. In LineageOS 16.0 this works: long-pressing any accentable character on the hardware keyboard (e.g. 'a') brings up a selector box allowing you to pick any accented variant ('à', 'á', 'â', 'ä', ...) using the touchscreen. The box looks a bit rustic, like using a design from previous Android versions, but it works. Not sure about the later Lineage versions 17.1 and 18.1. Note that this is for the original Pro1 only. We still know nothing about software for the new Pro1-X. The LineageOS ports for the Pro1 will no longer work because of the different SoC. A new port will be necessary and prob
  11. Indeed. I cannot use any of the standard ALSA tools like aplay for doing anything with these devices. I am testing from a rooted GNU/Linux chroot. In contrast, if I connect a standard USB sound device, I can control it normally via ALSA. So I assume that proprietary driver is just behaving differently. Edit: Better be careful when messing with the sound interfaces directly. I remember that, on the N900, one could break the internal speakers that way (as one was able to bypass some software filters in the driver, I think).
  12. I uploaded my latest Lineage 16.0 build, dated 20220225. It includes the February 2022 fixes from the 2022-02-05 Android Security Bulletin. These fixes are now backported to Lineage 16.0 by the good people at lineageos.org, as AOSP does not officially support Pie anymore. I bumped the Android security string to reflect this. New local mods since the last release: Backported some CPU and GPU (surfaceflinger) optimizations that, while initially proposed against 16.0, were merged only in 17.1. My full local patchset with respect to the upstream lineage-16.0-branch can be downloa
  13. I guess, the simple answer to this is (and has been for a while): No. The official Android 9 for the Pro1 is dead. I do not expect that there will be any more fixes from F(x)tec. Although the stock keyboard driver is open-sourced, producing a fixed driver and installing it in the stock ROM in binary form is probably not possible because of code signing. I am no expert on this though. The pragmatic way of getting better keyboard support would be to simply install a recent LineageOS release, which improved on the duplicate-stroke issue (besides many more enhancements). The relevan
  14. We do not know anything about the status of OS development for the (future) Pro1-X. What we do ḱnow is that UbuntuTouch on the original (835) Pro1 is falling behind LineageOS by many orders of magnitude. LineageOS outclasses even the official Android 9 OS that came with the device, while UbuntuTouch -- unfortunately -- lacks some of the most basic functionality even two years into development The reason for this is that F(x)tec officially support neither of those OSes for the original Pro1, but, because of the much larger community, LineageOS has much more traction. Hopefully the si
  15. I'm using Lineage myself and completely agree on that point. However, also @EskeRahn is right in that "certification" of a software does not necessarily mean that the software in question is technically superior to any other. It just guarantees that it fulfills the requirements of a certain defined standard in terms of configuration and behaviour. Technically, my self-built LineageOS 16.0 is, both, more capable and more secure than Stock Android 9: unlike the latter, it contains the latest security patches and the many feature enhancements implemented by the LOS community and mysel
  16. I'm using Vanilla from F-Droid. It can also use the keyboard to navigate around the controls and has a two-column landscape mode. Thought that was pretty standard. And no in-app purchases (as expected from F-Droid software).
  17. I am pretty sure there will never be an official Android 10 or 11 for the original Pro1. All development efforts target the Pro1X by now. As @VaZso wrote, Lineage 17.1 and 18.1 are available for the Pro1, and are technically equivalent to Android 10 and 11. Lineage 19.0 is already in preparation. However, I have doubts that your security auditors will consider a custom ROM as equivalent to an official Android provided by the device manufacturer when it comes to certifications.
  18. My thoughts on this (more or less unchanged since that other thread on the AstroSlide): The two devices are complementary. For me the AstroSlide is -- unfortunately -- too large. Imho, today's smartphones cannot practically be larger than the span of a person's thumb. The Pro1/X is really the largest device I could operate single-handedly in what is today's de-facto standard mode: portrait-touchscreen-only. The AstroSlide is significantly bigger, so I expect I would not be able to use it comfortably as a regular smartphone when holding it in one hand. This may seem like a small thing
  19. That's the last official build that was made at lineageos.org. I am using my own builds since then but have never changed anything on the recovery system. So I think the keyboard should work in your version, too. Concerning transfer of your apps and settings I do not know. There are backup solutions that are supposed to be able to do that, but I have never used any of those.
  20. @Fxtecish Thanks for your compassionate words regarding F(x)tec's situation. Indeed, people tend to forget that what F(x)tec are doing is deemed unreasonable by all of the big phone manufacturers (as it supposedly does not pay off): make a keyboard phone for the few people out there that really want to use their device as the mobile computer it is. Off-topic: I do not get why you engage in refurbishing N900's in 2022. Do not get me wrong: I own two N900's and love everything about them. But I really think their time is over. Their CPU is too slow and their RAM too small for participating
  21. Just as a last resort: What version of LineageOS 16.0 are you using, exactly? Go to "Settings -> About Phone -> Android Version 9": that will show the "LineageOS version" string. If it is a really early release, one could check if keyboard support in recovery was added only later during development ... I wouldn't count on it though. Unfortunately, there are no new Pro1s to buy. The Pro1X is a completely different phone, so it will not be possible to transfer your LOS 16.0 to it. I would contact F(x)tec and try to send them the phone for repair. Despite all the bad experience
  22. Yes that's what I mean. "Volume Up+Power" boots to the Lineage recovery system (which you used for flashing Lineage initially). Not to be confused with "Volume Down+Power" which takes you to the bootloader (which does not have keyboard support).
  23. Actually, I just thought of a more simple test for this. I realised that the Lineage (16.0) recovery system supports the Pro1's hardware keyboard: when I boot into recovery, I can navigate through its menu using the up/down-arrow, return, and backspace keys on the keyboard. Could you check if this works on your phone? If yes, this would clearly demonstrate that the keyboard itself is fine. If not, I think it would be strong indication of a hardware failure and your chances of fixing things by reinstalling the system would be slim ...
  24. Concerning: As you mentioned earlier, your present system is rooted. It might thus be of interest to you that LineageOS 16.0 was the last major release with built-in root management ("AddonSU"). Starting from 17.1 you have to use Magisk for rooting, which I am sure will work, but may require to do differently whatever you are using your root access for.
  25. @VaZso : UbuntuTouch on the Pro1(X) is not about vanilla Linux support (mainlining). Ubuntu on Pro1 and Pro1X uses / will use libhybris, which does make porting easier. Still it takes a lot of polishing to get a port to a state where it can be useful to average Joe as a phone. Look at that thread I linked above: the UbuntuTouch port for Pro1 does not provide the most basic functionality you expect from a smartphone: GPS, cellular internet either do not work at all, or not out-of-the box. HDMI out is not there (which is huge, as many want Ubuntu for the "convergence" thing). When such bugs are
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