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  1. Uploaded my LOS 16.0 build dated 20211017. AOSP patchlevel of October 2021. Contains a version of @Slion's experimental "Fn-Tab-as-Alt-Tab" mod as discussed above.
  2. Guys ... you do need to clean your gear from time to time! πŸ˜„ Ever heard of this (famously quoted in Kubrick's "Full Metal Jacket")? Different device, same approach. πŸ˜‰
  3. This. That's also the most annoying issue I have with my flap case, which otherwise serves me well (see earlier in this thread). The strap is somehow always in the way, especially when taking pictures in landscape orientation. When opening the flap by 360Β° it is possible to get the strap magnet to attach itself to the flap "in reverse", which gets both out of the way. But you obviously can't take pictures in that configuration. What's more: in my case the magnet of the strap is exposed (i.e. not embedded in the leather, like in yours). Believe it or not, it has left scratches on the
  4. I am ready to help, but I would first need to know what you are failing at ... Please have a look at this post, and try to understand it, following the links I provided. The first step is to prepare an SD-card with a partition containing the GNU/Linux distribution. This is best done from an existing (x86) Linux-PC using qemu as described in the first link of my post. As most modern Linux distros are based on systemd (which cannot run in an Android chroot), I suggest Devuan which uses traditional System-V init. It is possible to change the init system also in vanilla Debian, but that
  5. You are right. But @Dyna Smart do not provide much details in their report: Replaced themselves or by FxTec? Source of the replacement screen? Installed OS? My experience is that, in lack of more information, you never know what people understand by "not working at all", especially when they are at a certain level of frustration. Hell: I myself have sometimes said my Pro1's camera was "not f**ing working at all!", although this is objectively far from true ... πŸ˜‰
  6. In case you replaced yourself: most spare parts now seem to require a firmware update for the touch function to work correctly. See this thread and the possible solutions discussed therein.
  7. Termux is a nice project and has some interesting features. But as an in-app solution, I guess it will always be somewhat limited. That is why I decided to install everything from scratch by myself. Note that, in the beginning, I also knew nothing about chrooting Linux distros on phones: the Pro1 is my first Android device. Do not give up! The reward for all the work and learning is that I have now a GNU/Linux distro running really in parallel to LineageOS, which allows me to use the Pro1 like an actual PC, while neither disturbing the Android environment nor depending on it in any way (e
  8. Nice job! Always good to see I am not the only one using the Pro1 as an actual computer ... 😎 By using XRDP as a wrapper around VNC, you can forward sound from the VNC session to an RDP client (I recommend MS Remote Desktop 8 as it seems to work best with the Pro1's keyboard). This way you do not need a separate XServer on Android, and the Linux session can run in the background when disconnected. I gave an overview about such a setup in another thread. I do not use termux, but I guess it cannot install XRDP and the required PulseAudio drivers for you. You'll have to do that yourself f
  9. Oh, I did read that. As I did read all the other announcements since 2019. I guess, for those who have followed FxTec's path for so long, there are only to possible outcomes: you become either a pessimist or a believer. πŸ˜‰
  10. With all due respect: I think no one here ever got their phone within 3 months. Even if mass production restarts in November, FxTec will be busy for months serving all the Pro1-X backers (and probably quite a few remaining Pro1 orders). If you haven't pre-ordered a Pro1-X already, I do not think there is any hope to get it in the first half of 2022.
  11. Confirmed on LOS 16.0: With NFC switched-off, no clicking when recording from the 3.5-mm-jack. Thanks for sharing!
  12. No, don't think so. Also the device-specific code has distinct branches for 16.0, 17.1, and 18.1. That patch of @tdm is proposed against 18.1. So if it is accepted, it will be only in there. Currently the driver in 18.1 is still (almost?) the same as in 16.0 and 17.1 so backporting the patch to your local 17.1 tree should be trivial. That may change in the future, as there are several proposals for improving the keyboard driver in 18.1. I am loosely following that development, but almost certainly will not backport everything to 16.0, as I am in fact quite happy with the current
  13. Try to be optimistic. Money is not everything. I paid my Pro1 (without the "X") also more than a year before I finally got it. Now that I have a real keyboard phone, I congratulate myself for the decision to preorder every day.
  14. Build 20210922 is available. It includes the September 5 AOSP security fixes. As of this release, the build includes a backported patch, originally made by @Slion for LOS 18.1, which allows one to use "Fn-Tab" and "Alt-Tab" equivalently for switching Apps (see this thread). I find that feature really useful when holding the Pro1 by the keyboard. I have used that modified keyboard driver for weeks without issues. Still, be warned that this code has not been merged into any official LOS branch yet, and should thus be considered experimental. Edit: I think I should clarify:
  15. While I agree with most of your ideas, I think that ship has sailed. According to the last update from Fxtec, they should be in the protoyping phase by now. Even small changes to the hardware would likely introduce large delays at this point. As @VaZso pointed out, that's especially true for the Fn key which is wired differently than "normal" keys. So it is not only a matter of changing the printing on the caps. That said, I would not worry too much. My experience is that typing on the phone and on the PC "feels" so different that it does not help to have identical layouts for the symbols
  16. Exactly. Out of interest, I had applied the proposed patch to my LOS 16 on my QWERTZ Pro1: The respective key immediately stopped working correctly. With @tdm's default keymap, things have always worked - given the correct configuration you describe. That one has to configure things in two places is of course a little cumbersome, and many of us QWERTZies stumbled on that in the beginning. Streamlining the UI here would be nice, but also not strictly necessary, as for most users configuring this is a one-time action.
  17. Since I have never had stock, I cannot compare LOS to it regarding call quality. But I somehow remember @tdm saying the telephony bits were taken 1:1 from stock, so maybe there really should not be much of a difference ... All I can say is I'm happy with the few phone calls I make. Yes, sometimes I adjust the volume during a call, but no idea if the Pro1 is to "blame" in those cases, or whether it is my partner's phone. That said, I am probably the wrong person to ask, really. I have accepted the fact that reliability and audio quality in telephony reached its peak around the time of the
  18. I was asking about the patch being "cosmetical" because in the commit message of the patch it says: (emphasis mine). Actually the patch cannot be directly used in LOS 16.0 because more entries (related to the use of PowerHAL in later releases, I guess) have beeen added meanwhile. Anyhow, I backported the change from '44 -> 2c' to a test build of LOS 16, and that has been running normally on my Pro1 for two days now ... Question is, should there be any (net) effect of this change (e.g. regarding power consumption), or not? πŸ€” Yes, that one was clear to me. Thanks for the
  19. Should this fix actually be backported to 17.1 and 16.0, or was it purely "cosmetical"?
  20. Had not tried that. I confirm that recording from my 3.5-mm-jack headset does not have the background-filtering problem. However, recordings done that way have a low-volume (but clearly audible) "klicking" background (~2 Hz). Attached is a sample of that. Does not happen with the built-in mic (where it is probably suppressed by the filter). So, indeed it is better, but (for me) no ideal solution either. 2021-09-09 23.27.25.wav
  21. The Pro1 seems to do quite aggressive background suppression when recording from the built-in ADCs, no matter what specific audio source is selected. For normal voice recording, this actually works quite well for me. But I do believe this is what prevents you guys from recording music with the built-in mics: Depending on the tone and loudness of a particular part of the track, the filter takes the music for background noise and suppresses it. In fact, I think I can produce these artifacts even when I try to record myself singing (though normal speech works well). And, no, I will not uploa
  22. Nope. I underestimated OSMAnd~ (again). πŸ˜„ One can indeed activate "Snap to Road", however that is active only during turn-by-turn navigation. Not when just recording or monitoring your position while you move around freely.
  23. True. But I regularly record GPX tracks of my hiking or biking tours with OSMAnd~, and they are always "noisy" and little "off" the road, so I believe it does not do such things.
  24. Be remined that the accuracy reported by the phone is just an estimate. Even under optimum conditions, the true position deviation can be significantly worse than the reported estimate, as e.g. this study found. In particular, the authors show that phones can, both, over- and underestimate their precision, and that models reporting better values may in fact have larger deviations in reality. If surrounding structures (e.g. tall buildings) introduce systematic errors the receiver cannot sort out, these deviations can probably be much larger still. My personal experience largely a
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