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  1. Did you even follow the links I posted?! Both of them give you portable Windows *.exe's (along with builds for other OS) that just run on any random box. No one expects you to compile the code yourself. When I say "no dependencies whatsoever", I mean it. Was actually trying to help ... 🙄
  2. 😄 ... as I already hinted above, you could have avoided python and git -- and thus most of those tedious steps -- by using one of the standalone extractor tools I linked to above: I just tested payload-dumper-go. It works well and has no dependencies whatsoever.
  3. True. However, the reports of connectivity failure are so widespread, both in time and location, that I suspect something is just designed too much on-the-edge with the Pro1-X's RF system. Meanwhile, I must admit that I find the "cannot reproduce" attitude of F(x)tec on the topic increasingly hard to believe. As @jakfish suggested, they could just fly a dev with a handful devices (from different batches) to one of the reported areas and test away. As you write, one possible reason they do not do this is money. Then again: if they cannot afford a boarding pass to the US or continental Euro
  4. Dear @Hook and @jakfish, Thanks for sharing the outcome of your investigations. It is intriguing that you get better results with GSM telephony. With my German carrier (O2), I have never been able to place or receive a call on GSM. Only VoLTE will work in the few places where the underlying LTE connection can actually be established. Note that this is not a restriction of my provider: I use and prefer GSM for calls all the time with the Pro1. What is different in our two cases is that US T-Mobile uses the 1.9 GHz band for GSM, while my O2 Germany relies on 900 MHz for that. Also, I o
  5. Your aversion to python is obviously still going strong. 😄 Can't really understand why, but then, I'm into scientific computing where there has hardly been a way around that language for 15 years or so ... That being said, there are standalone payload extractors, like this one or that one. I haven't tested them though, as I have a lineage build environment anyway, which includes the official 'extract.py' tool.
  6. Found my report from a month ago: To repeat: I think I have seen the Pro1-X switch between LTE bands 3 and 1 without dropping dead. Band 20 seems to be the problem for me.
  7. Unfortunately doesn't help. As (I think) I wrote previously, band 20 does not work, even if I enable the modem (or boot the Pro1-X) in that "zone" of my apartment. It will then directly go to the "no service" state.
  8. According to my research, T-Mobile US uses several "long-range" LTE bands (5, 12 and 71), all below 1 GHz (though not identical to my band 20). We'll see what happens ... 👍
  9. This doesn't change anything for me (nor all the other "preferred modes" I have tried). I have a pretty constant behaviour in all the tests I have made: 1) At one end of my apartment, the Pro1-X works acceptably. It uses LTE band 3 (1840 MHz) in that spot. Mobile data is fine. Phone calls go in and out, though only via VoLTE (in principle, my carrier supports GSM calls and I use those exclusively with the Pro1). 2) When I move to the other side of the house (~ 10 m), the Pro1-X switches to LTE band 20 (800 MHz), and all connections stall, even though the signal strength is displ
  10. The latest build of LineageOS 16.0 (for SD835-Pro1 only) is available at https://findus.zwergenschaenke.net/~puma/linux.html#lineagepro1. Go for the ROM dated 201230326. It includes backported ASB fixes up to 5 March 2023. As for the last months, there is no upstream code review any more. I can confirm that there are no problems on my own Pro1. Beyond the ASB, there are no changes since last month. My full list of increments with respect to the upstream LOS 16.0 tree can be downloaded for reference. Have fun.
  11. I agree. I am in the lucky position to own an original Pro1 that is unaffected by all these issues. It shows that F(x)tec can make functional phones, just to emphasize that here once more. One thing @Michael074 could do is join their beta testing programme and provide debug-info to them. I haven't done so yet because my Pro1-X is already on LineageOS. Also, I admittedly have too much other fish to fry right now and cannot routinely carry a second smartphone along just to study its field-behaviour. That being said, admittedly, even with all necessary debugging info provided, I no lon
  12. That's a very similar symptom I observe often: Apparently, there is a signal, but calls can't get in or out, and finally the phone "gives up" and you get the "no network" message. Unfortunately I have no solution. For me (German carrier), calls do work in principle, but only with specific cells/bands, and only with VoLTE. Do you have the latter enabled? At this point, no one really knows what is going on. Sadly, if F(x)tec do not come up with a fix for this, be prepared to never be able to use the Pro1X as a (reliable) phone ...
  13. Of course. There is a lot of frustration resonating in that message, wherever it came from.
  14. It does confirm what I wrote above almost to the letter, even including the words "out of control" and "mess". And I have no behind-the-scenes insight. So, yes, I think this is a quite realistic picture of the situation. Maybe it could be classified a pyramid scheme in the sense that IGG earn their income from companies running their campaigns through them, with many of these campaigns failing, backers and/or companies loosing their money, and with only IGG themselves making profit in the end.
  15. Even though they communicate much more openly since a few days ago (which is good), their "careful" phrasing still leaves room for speculation about what is happening, of course. However that post from "Project owner" I quoted already above seems pretty clear to me: "[...] shops have obtained stock from our warehouse without our permission or knowledge. This action was taken by our warehouse in an attempt to recover a some of the outstanding balance that they are due to paid by us." (emphasis mine) and later: "We are told that 300 devices were given(sold) to the Japanese sh
  16. Reading down the IGG comments a bit further, I come to the impression that this is F(x)tec's last stand. They're completely out of money. Their devices sit in Hong Kong with no clearance to ship because F(x)tec are unable to pay the bill. Pro1-Xs "appearing" on the market are due to Expansys acquiring devices as a way to obtain their payment. Probably, F(x)tec are at the point where the few shipments actually taking place are being paid from employees' revenue. What a mess.
  17. I am fully aware of that. Crowdfunding is shifting the risk from the company to the backers -- and that is precisely what F(x)tec should have taken advantage of! In January 2021, they should have declared that, with the SD835 unexpectedly impossible to source, the project had reached a dead-end, and that -- as much of the raised funds had already been spent -- backers could unfortunately NOT be refunded, but would be granted a discount on the Pro2, just entering development. Then they should have quietly sat down and designed a proper Pro2 -- reusing as many of the parts already purc
  18. Actually, reading through the IGG comments, I find now that F(x)tec actually confirmed the "appropriation" theory! F(x)tec (@IGG): However, they also state that, as they have manufactured many more devices then needed, there are (still?) enough to deliver to all backers ...
  19. I agree with some of the IGG comments that it would have been better to end the project when it became clear that the SD835 could no longer be acquired. I wonder if some of the Pro1-X's problems could have been avoided, had it not been developed under the pressure of having to deliver it to all backers ... I understand that it is easy to feel smart in hindsight, and that decisions made two years ago cannot be undone anyhow. But, in the IGG comments, you argue that continuing the project based on the new SD662 had literally been the only option, as the SoC change "only became apparent 1.5+
  20. I also once had a theory along the lines of Expansys "appropriating" part of the stock . However, F(x)tec now explicitly state that at least all IGG-backed phones are "ready and in Hong Kong".
  21. I own both an original Pro1 and a Pro1-X, so I'm in the lucky position to be able to compare the two devices side-by-side. Part of your criticism (which I partly share) applies to both phones, but some things are also regressions introduced with the Pro1-X only. I agree. In three years, I never dared trying to learn to open the Pro1 single-handedly, out of fear it would jump out of my hand in the process. I could never have afforded an N950 (😉) but even my N900's simple sliding keyboard mechanism was more practical from my point of view. I fully agree that this is a really anno
  22. Thanks for sharing your experience. As you know, you shouldn't take people too seriously on the internet. Many trolls are actually nice people in everyday life, but somehow flip a switch when they sit down at a keyboard ... Are you actually able to place and receive calls through VoWiFi while connected to the LTE router? While I don't think I would ever settle for such a solution, technically, the portable hotspot is an interesting workaround.
  23. Of course that would have been a tough decision to make. But, retrospectively, I think it would have been the right one, and a more experienced company would have gone that way. The Pro1-X crowdfunding campaign was never meant for hardware development. It was about making a "collector's edition" of the existing Pro1 with improved alternative-OS support. When the SD835 went EoL (something they should have seen coming btw.), they should have taken the chance to communicate that -- given these circumstances -- backers unfortunately cannot get the Pro1-X device they backed, but will be o
  24. For completeness, one should mention that this news story is about a phone that was ordered on 11 November 2022 and delivered on 31 January 2023. I.e. the customer had her device in hand 2.5 months after placing the order, inspite of Christmas, CoViD, and war standing in the way. In my view, this rather illustrates that international commerce, against all odds, is indeed working. The delays F(x)tec and their customers are facing are of a different order of magnitude and probably caused by other (additional) factors.
  25. As harsh as it sounds, in retrospect, F(x)tec’s biggest mistake was to keep up the effort of delivering all promised devices to their IGG backers. That they tried (and are still trying) to get a device to any one who invested in the Pro1-X crowdfunding campaign is honourable, but, from a business point of view, it was the wrong decision. When it became clear that the SD835 could no longer be delivered, they should have declared the IGG campaign a fail, taken the money, and invested it fully into development of a viable successor of the Pro1, without committing to delivering any devices be
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