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LineageOS, Current status : 16.0 Test Builds

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4 hours ago, Hook said:

Isn't this in the wrong thread?

I was talking to Rob s. Should have used the quote. My B. 

There is a separate magisk module that can hide that status better than magisk can, but it's all a crap shoot given the nature of Google's hacker these days. 


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Posted (edited)

Someone previously provided a way to make a lineageos test build. Is it possible to turn on selinux for that build and start trying it as a rough daily driver?

I have my Pro1 on stock and not using it because I was waiting on LOS stable, but I admit I am beginning to lose patience just cause I want a pkb with me when I go out.

I'm not about to rush tdm, I'm far too grateful for the work they have done to make LOS for the Pro1 a Thing to do that, this is more of a 'tide me over until LOS stable can happen' scenario.

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Hey all, I know it's been a while but .. well .. pandemic and all.  I have been doing my "day job" remotely from home with 4 boys running around doing some sort of "school" for a couple hours of the day and being .. well .. being boys the rest of the day.  So it's been a bit of a challenge to manage everything and still run side projects.  But I think I've got most everything under control now and I'm going to try to drive this thing to the finish over the next couple of weeks.


So, as a (re)starting point, I've synced up my Lineage tree and rebuilt from where I left off to make test12.  In other words, test12 is the latest Lineage 16.0 tree with the latest security and bug fixes, but has the same pro1 code as test11.


I'll go over the issue list on github and prioritize later today or tomorrow.  If I recall correctly, the biggest issue remaining was SELinux.  So unless something bigger has been posted, that should be my next issue to tackle.


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