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  1. Similar case for me (a bit higher number in preorder, but not much behind). I have waited with my preorder here as was suggested. I have received my IGG voucher on the 2nd of April, preordered 2 and a quarter hours later, received payment request on 1st of August and payed it two minutes later. I have asked support on 4th of November and they wrote me a similar answer with expected shipment in mid-november and delivery by the end of the month... I hope second batch will really cover most of preorders here and also hope third batch may have some more phones as stock for Christmas sale in December. (So I hope they can fulfill all their orders till early December to have a chance of sales / arrival before Christmas, but I don't know if it is even possible...)
  2. I mean sending from China to "Fulfillment centres" - I think they are speaking about this process. So the process is something like this: - Sending phones to EU/USA - ticked - Being at outbound Customs in China - ticked - Left China - ticked - Arrive in EU/USA - ticked (as far as it seems to be) - Being at inbound Customs of the country in EU/USA - ticked - Arriving at destination in EU/USA - unticked (or currently in question) After arrival of the phones: - Separate them by final recipients and sending every phones to its final country/address - unticked So if I understand well, the last process should be completed this week and tracking number will be available then.
  3. Regardless of when they have shipped these phones or what happened in the background about other potential problems, I would like to mention that customs exists both at sender and recipient countries. So if the package is again at customs potentially means it has left China customs, they traveled to recipient country where is currently at local customs. So this information seems to be valid as this is the normal process of international shipments.
  4. I am also hope so. Anyway, some of us (who are in the first batch and received mails) may receive valid tracking numbers during this week and maybe they will receive their phone soon. So something may change on this forum very soon if everything go right. πŸ™‚ I am looking forward to see their feedback soon.
  5. Yes, we don't know what happened or not. Anyway, support may have been asked to stay because an order number had been associated to that order and wanted to ensure the situation of receiving both the phone and refund will not happen. Maybe the modification of the list they sent to partners is not even easy. I don't know the background but there may be several reasons in a specific case. Also, we heard in this forum about successful refund and also IGG backers were refunded on request.
  6. That is why I have not spoke about this phone at my work. They will see it when I have it in my hands. (I spoke about Keyboard Mod earlier and did not want similar questions.) I knew it will be a hard project and I expected the phone to come a bit later than it currently seems to come. There were several things to solve and several problems may come up. The only thing what I currently don't like is their current communication solution. If there are any information one can use to count what may happen, I would like to hear it. Also, I would like to hear if any delays. I don't mind if delays overcome my expectations. I may recount my expectations again. The worst thing is if they say something, then have some delays but they also don't speak about delays till the last minute. Maybe there are people who understand things like unexpected delays or best case-worst case expectations while others are not willing to even try to understand it. Maybe there are some groups of people who worth to be informed. Even it would be good to be somebody who can and will answer questions officially on their official forum...
  7. When they said they will provide only a sleeve, I have instantly bought some rubber cases in a hope I can modify it. As I didn't really know its exact dimensions, I bought cases for the U Pro - I thought the same display may have similar physical size. The reasons of more cases (from different sellers) was the chance of getting one relatively soon... otherwise, I don't know if it should work at all... (I was really angry that time anyway...)
  8. Right. If they need to manufacture let's say 1000 additional phones, that means they need to order at least 1000 PCB and the assembly of 1000 PCBs which means they need to order electrical components of at least 1000x of every parts. There are places who does this, but components may come from other countries / distributors. Also some components are not available from one distributor, so they may not only come from one distributor. When the PCB is manufactured and components are available, then assemble should be done - it means 1000 assembled PCBs, not anything more than that. It may need to be waked up / tested in some time in the process (maybe later, maybe in this phase). They also need ribbon cables of specific length and type, also need to manufacture every parts of 1000 cases (which is another factory and another area), ordering 1000 displays, assemble them, test them, finalize them, put them in boxes, etc. In latter phase, you also need to book capacity in advance (so it may take time to be ready for you) and if another party has higher priority, you may have to wait. So it is definitively not an easy process and we are speaking about a highly complicated device.
  9. I think by that time most of the things were worked out. Anyway, mass-manufacturing was still not built up by that time and as far as I know some minor modifications happened on the hardware (they placed some screws near the keyboard instead of glue), maybe some fine-tuning happened near antennas (or not, I don't know) and a lot of work happened software-wise. MWC was a good opportunity for them to show their phone is basically works well. They (as a startup) need others to know them to be able to have real business. Financially it is a very expensive project and if no buyers, it can turn out to be a massive loss. Also, they had to estimate the demand of the phones they need to manufacture. If they manufacture too many devices (compared to the number of devices they can sell), it will cause high amount of loss. If they manufacture too few devices, then they may have too low amount of profit and inconvenienced users. At first, it seems they had massively underestimated the demand and they tried to solve it by following batches later. Anyway, preorder is to order something which is practically still not exists, however, they may have less or more of something which they can show you. The best possibility of a preorder is that model is currently under manufacturing and you may expect it to be manufactured and shipped in a specified date. A bit more real possibility of a preorder is that gathering money to be able to manufacture an otherwise ready hardware.
  10. I just would like to mention it was a preorder and in this category, things may happen. It is definitively not an easy thing to do any similar projects. I hope we will see some delivered phones soon and other phones will also arrive in a few weeks. That may give some patience also for others who are still waiting.
  11. When I receive refund from Ebay / Paypal or Aliexpress, it also take several business days to appear at my local bank. I think these things are usually not fast. It I send money abroad from my local bank it also takes some business days but it depends on the method I use to send (which have higher fee for a faster method). So I'm not wonder if it takes time...
  12. Maybe second batch can be faster if that is true that customs can be much slower on the first run of a new device. However, expecting 10 days and experiencing 5 for example is much better than expecting 5 days and experiencing 10. πŸ™‚
  13. eMMC also has some versions (just like UFS anyway), so it can be relatively fast, but UFS interface is definitively better. πŸ™‚
  14. I think flash speed can be more impact on the overall speed if it is relatively slow. (Anyway, they said it is connected on UFS interface so it is not eMMC which sounds good anyway, so I hope it is relatively fast.) Also software optimizations may have high impact on overall performance.
  15. I have the exact same thoughts regarding this and I also even hope to be a huge success. Also, how high the success is may be found when (and if) they start selling Pro2. If people see Pro1 (also those who did not bought it) and they find its quality good and hearing good opinions of their users, then they may also buy the successor and can be braver to buy it than any preorderers of Pro1. πŸ™‚ I don't think other manufacturers are starting to produce similar hardware by that time, that may be more risky if we are speaking about Pro3. Otherwise, if they can build up a good reputation since then, they could be something like the new No*ia wih their appropriate fans, so if they do well, a long-term business can be also built up by them. I wish them to do that while they are close (closer than now) to their community.
  16. I also hope the same. That also means they will have to start doing something in 1-1.5 years to have enough time for a new design. Maybe a new design can be done a bit earlier as there may have solutions which are exists now in Por1's design. Also electronically, also mechanically, also the experience and business connections. However, the next few months will be very important in this aspect for them as it will be the interval when they may decide about a successor and find if its worth the effort. So I hope they gain as much profit as possible and for this reason, the availability of shipment-ready stocks before Christmas would be very welcome...
  17. Today's people may think also Pro1 as an outdated device. It isn't, but they will definitively not buy it one or two years later. Also, people don't really like "downgrading" from a higher-spec device to buy a phone which has real keyboard. So in this point of view, its worth considering to start designing a higher-spec successor in a few months and reach manufacturing state in 1-1.5 years from now. ...just to make higher presence and reach people who would like to have higher-spec phones with more current hardware.
  18. I'm also part of the Moto Mod backers and I have also not received that mail. For me, I would buy Pro2 even when my Pro1 is still functioning well. ...mainly because I would like to keep this style of phone being produced. I also hope the phone will have much more than 2-3 years of lifespan, but I also hope a Pro2 device may be available in not more than 2-3 years from now.
  19. Have you received any e-mail from them regarding that your order is being assigned to a Pro1? If not, you may be in the second batch I think...
  20. As far as I remember well, they said the first batch was in construction while they started to negotiate another batch - I think because the demand was higher than their expectations earlier. I don't know what was the real state of the first batch when they has started to write about the second batch - maybe they were mostly prepared for shipping but more likely that was about booking capacities in the factory and the first batch is just had been done a few weeks ago while the second batch may be currently in construction. So yes, it seems the second batch may follow the first batch in a few weeks - maybe the gap is smaller now as first batch was delayed a bit (initially they said one month if I remember well, but now they say the middle of November). Otherwise, I am a bit sad not being in the first batch as despite the coupon, I will receive my phone almost the same time as any other preorderers. 😞 Anyway, the last time I really missed Pro1 very much was today. Currently I am working on a measurement system built into a car and started to type in Termux on my Moto G6 to see what happens in the system... it took too much time and was very inconvenient... then I went for my laptop instead, but programming is more convenient near the table - so a Pro1 would had been much help for me today... (it was just an example, there are several similar situations). Typing in a terminal on a touch screen is a nightmare even on Hacker's keyboard which I found to be the best so far as it provides a full-featured keyboard.
  21. I wonder if IGG backers would be less than 100 and I would also wonder if the first batch is less than 100 units (what we know they may be around 120 or unknown size, so the expectation of 100 may be right anyway). However, I also have IGG coupon applied and still not received the e-mail above. I wrote them a question about it by e-mail yesterday but they may be a bit busy now. So I am afraid the first batch does not cover all IGG backers or at least not all IGG backers with QWERTZ order.
  22. For me, I miss notification LED of my N900. A few months ago I have found there is a "flash" for front camera in my phone and found an application to use it for this purpose, but it is too bright and is only one colour. I think RGB notification LED is a very good thing to have if you are able to set it to notify only about what you want in appropriate colour. I mean it is much better to look at the phone and see if there was any calls or SMS rather than constantly wake up the phone to activate display - if you are waiting for a call or may others call you some time, then it makes life much simple. When you don't need it, you may just turn the phone around and that case you don't use that LED. πŸ™‚
  23. I hope it will not be a one-off device, however, I also think we should wait for a while regarding any successors. They may relax for a while and may try to gain some profit - time will tell. They definitively should make Pro1 if there is a demand even if they have started designing any successor... and yes, that state they should not show it to wide public because selling of Pro1 would decrease that point... but if they have profit, then they may have money to invest in a successor and they may use the same or similar production and delivery system which were built up recently. So a successor may be easier for experienced people than the process of Pro1 was. ...but it depends of many things, so time will tell - currently the most important is the success of Pro1.
  24. I think (I may be not true) they earlier thought they may ship phones from warehouses at 29th and later they did not want to announce another delay but blur the info a bit instead (or maybe they had internal misunderstanding earlier). It is an interesting thing anyway at PR-wise. If you say something was unsuccessful and have another delay, it may have a result of many unsatisfied people instantly. If you say everything is as expected and you can ship it in only a few days delay, it may be better - but if don't, it may be even worse. I am in a group who more satisfied if one say it is delayed because of something than if one say everything is on track, even if real shipment made only a few days after it. Maybe most people work a bit differently. They definitively can not ship faster if we write anything here and they may also work hard now. I am also don't want to cancel my preorder nor I wanted to cancel my IGG preorder earlier, I hope their success. About the case - I don't really mind a fatter phone, but I would like to have some protection for the phone. Everything can happen and I want to have this phone for long-term, even if I buy another phone later - it is something like a historical thing if I can hold it in my hands. My brother recently bought a phone which had a very well-made, but thick case. He bought another, clear case for it and put it on. I said him it is much weaker and if he drops it, it does not have much protection for its curved screen. He said he will not drop it - I said he will, accidentally some day. Then he dropped it... it had only a minor damage on one of its corners (luckily not on the screen) but in a place where the other case would have been protected it. He use the thicker case since then. So as I would like to use the phone for a longer period, I would like it to have protected...
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