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  1. Exactly that. There was no IGG campaign directly for Pro1 but coupons transferred from Moto Mod campaign. So as of last information, your order should also be fulfilled by this batch.
  2. Thank you this suggestion, I will try it later (it is early in the morning here). Simply PAGE_UP does not work but I have not read about replace keyword, so it also worth a try.
  3. I saw this but it does not help replacing fallback as far as I can see. I don't know if there is a representation of "page up" for example like '\t' for tab and '\n' for new line/enter. Fallback works well anyway but if application tries to handle it by itself then it will not fall back to the key specified by fallback option. So I had no problem with modifier+key handling but I would like to see a better option instead of fallback with the same behaviour but in every case so not just simply being a fallback.
  4. Please provide us a feedback later mentioning how that display is working in Pro1 compared to its original display. Also it would be interesting if it may have some light leaking issue and how it is look like. Moreover, I would like to have information of how you screen performs some months later. Thank you in advance.
  5. I agree. I really like having an unshifted keyboard. I would be much more happier if it were unshifted QWERTY but unshifted QWERTZ seems to became a really good compromise. Basically, I use unshifted QWERTY layout on this while I can reach every special characters I need by pressing fn (the yellow arrow button).
  6. I wanted to do my own layout for Pro1 like I had in my N900 but without root access it did not seem to be an easy way to do this. Also, it wasn't convenient to write in my language on Pro1 without having an easy access of characters with accents. ...but when I saw FinQwery and its availability on GitHub, I have decided to play with it a little bit... ...so I have used FinQuerty but modified it a tiny bit by removing every keymaps (so it only contains mine) and renamed it slightly to be able to install it without affecting original FinQwerty so it can be remain installed and updated wi
  7. That case it would be better if F(x)tec may have a transparent version of the keyboard at these characters if we kindly ask them. 🙂 ...maybe...
  8. This formula seems to be a bit strange to me although my device should be included as being with IGG coupon. ...but as I live in a relatively small country, I have a fear that the amount of Pro1 ordered from my country may be relatively small amount especially as I have not really seen Pro1 mentioned in local (tech) media - even though I have tried to contact some of them being at Barcelona at MWC without success, however, they wrote about those foldable things... So does it mean in a case of living in a country where not really much orders have been taken, one would not receive its
  9. It has an option to draw visual borders (shades) but you can turn visualization off.
  10. First I have also thought they are the same link - these two links are very similar. 🙂
  11. Usually customer services here have an automatic warning message that they will record the conversation for the purpose of "quality assurance" and usually they also provide a reference number. There is no option to refuse it just to hung up the call. However, as far as I know, one should only record the call legally here if the other party has accepted the recording somehow...
  12. Another problem with edge null is that it has no settings for top and bottom edges in landscape mode - it always tries to solve left and right touching problem but in landscape mode of Pro1, it does not make sense as shorter edges are not easily touchable as opposite to longer edges especially when accessing the number row of keyboard.
  13. Basically, its camera is good for my needs. It can take very good photos in daylight. I have not noticed the strange blur then sharpen type noise filtering scheme which can be found in the software of several phones. However, it has some noise filtering settings which I have not experienced with. In darker environment, it may be a bit noisy, I don't know what filter algorithm do with it or what other phones do in the same situation. Which is important for me is I can also take photos of subjects in the closer range - it can set focus very precisely. For example, I could ta
  14. VaZso

    ROM: Ungoogled Stock

    Sure, why not. Anyway, I would like to try Sailfish OS on it (after checked if it works correctly using stock firmware) after having some protection foils also on that device. I may also try other things but definitively not as much as if I were a beta tester as I would not like to worn out it's built-in flash too far as being my spare device to be used later in case my current Pro1 has problems.
  15. I don't feel the situation as bad as @Gon009 feels. Personally, I have learned these button placements. I agree fingerprint sensor could have been placed a bit higher as I have also touched it occasionally but otherwise I can find convenient positions of my fingers to use it, so it may not be a huge problem. However, it still has bugs in software like forgetting fingerprint settings after reboot. For me, it is a really good device. Performance-wise it is very good, keyboard is awesome, and the image quality of the screen is brilliant, GPS reception is perfect (better than on my prev
  16. I haven't noticed this type of gap between screen and top part, my Pro1 seems to be aligned well... Am I right that on the left, you feel screen goes a little bit farther than the top part is?
  17. I really hope they will update their driver in next OTA which includes also this improved keyboard handling.
  18. I have also experienced some missing characters when I wrote messages on my Pro1. I thought I may not pressed those buttons well but I also knew they had "clacked" so the problem exists. So that case they may have modified the original keyboards driver to handle loosing keyboard problem and not the improved one? ...or is it in another part of the kernel? ...at least it seems improved keyboard driver still not ported back to Pro1's stock kernel.
  19. Now I have tried it. At minimum level, "Call volume" displays 20%. I can adjust it to go below it but I don't know if it affects call volume, however, it goes back to 20% automatically.
  20. I have the same bug but I also had it before last (keyboard-related) update (I wrote it above). The most annoying thing for me is the audio volume of earpiece (I mean the in-call volume). I use it using lowest possible audio level but it is still too loud and if the other party speaks too loud, I can not do anything - also people around me may hear the other party. So it would be very welcome to reduce software gain or have an option to set gain as soon as possible. However, I have not experienced keyboard lockouts since last update, so it seems it may be resolved. Also, I w
  21. I am sure decision is not only made by one of the directors but they have consultation about the current known state of production, financial state and possibilities. I think they had a decision to send packages weekly to be able to send as many phones as possible before Christmas or the end of the last year to have as much people as possible convenience... but last year has already passed so they made another decision which is financially better. So I mean things (decisions) can be changed as also the speed of manufacturing process may be improved which may be the source of changing
  22. I think it should be a few days before 25th in January in order to let logistics to have some time for packages to leave the country before the beginning of Chinese New Year. Maybe it means a maximum of two weeks from now and we not know if the mentioned batch would be available to send let's say in a week, so delay this case may be lower than two weeks and it seems they are in hurry to be able to fulfill all orders before this celebration.
  23. I also assume IGG backers are not prioritized. However, if they ship all phones together from China, it also don't really make sense or at least it means only a few days difference so the time they need to prepare and ship all remaining pre-orders after they arrived to their intermediate distribution places. However, I hope they will ship them by this deadline and there will be additional general orders from users looking at the device at someone's hands. 🙂 ...and by that time Pro1's community may start to gain more and more members and developers.
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