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  1. ...i need it too + i need delorean ! ...and i need it now ! 😄
  2. hmmm, i mean that it is same problem as on my old project - MAME arcade cabinet...usb connected driver for keys.i was not able to press 3+ buttons suddenly 😞 ...and it is not fw/sw fixable...it will be needed better keyboard driver ic. I will test it tomorrow on my xt897. BUT...for test you can play GTAIII/vice city on keyboard (not san andreas) ?...on photon i was able to press 3 buttons on same time. EDIT you can find on gugl online keybord testers....
  3. oh...test to run GTA1 and GTA London if is it playable on keyboard 🙂
  4. soo i have got message from fx on fb messenger...my phone will be delivered on mid up to end januar...that sounds good 🙂 ...soo i will hope
  5. oki...i will contact fx via messenger 🙂
  6. Do anyone know, when (approx) will be my phone delivered? It was ordered and paid two months ago and order number is 398xx. I dont need to know exactly date...i just need to know how long approx must i still live with my photon q with broken flex cable 😄
  7. ...livermorium = fxtec...same company. I still hope, that Fx1 will be really fully released and delivered to customers ... and will be NOT cancelled as motomod keyboard ! BTW...hello Craig 🙂
  8. ...this is not standart xt897...this is model with sim slot from manufacturer , 2GB Ram and with worldwide LTE support...cancelled 😞
  9. i have got for my "vintage" phone collection japan phone sharp willcom w-zero WS007SH....and i must say that this keyboard is amazing! BUT for me was the best android qwerty phone droid 3....5row keyboard , cool design and metal frame! only problem was 512 ram, pentile display and not unlockable bootloader. Droid 4 was good, but too much small display for its size 😞 Soo i am now on my sim modded Photon Q 🙂
  10. Hello, i have some questions :) How it will be with warranty for bootloader unlocked phone? Warranty will be full or limited after unlock? How about LineageOS - it is under development? Can anyone share some pics or video? LineageOS or others will be installed via TWRP as on other phones?
  11. i know this for droid1/milestone....and something similar was for droid3. This will be cool for playing gta san andreas etc :) I have another idea...small attachable usbc touchpad for using phone on desk without touch on display :) I mean that 4x4cm area with two buttons will be enough :)
  12. ...maybe i am stupid but what is problem with landscape picture + keyboard? I am on photon Q and i dont have problem with approx 90% of apps. Yess some apps have problem in landscape mode - but it are apps like youtube go, bank app etc...in these apps are qwerty not needed
  13. ...thats good question. biggest problem - as on all sliding/opening phones - will be flex cable
  14. ...i must understand. Droid/milestone was really good madded phone. I have used it too, then droid 2 global and then droid 3. For me was really best d3....cool design like d1 with 5row keyboard. Only problem was ti cpu and not unlockable cpu :( Now i still on phq xt897 :(
  15. ....but july is summer i mean :)
  16. i mean that it is soft conductive material...it is used on many phones for made conductive contact between mainboard ground and phone frame. It is for better shielding of phone
  17. ...hmmm yesss...and no too. Really old oled/amoled displays butned into totally black...Low resolution phones have this problems not too big. Correct is , that its depends on usage - white screen with black text will burn screen quickly. I have not seen old S2 with burned text on display. Big problems with burning are now on S7 and 8...on both - curved and flat
  18. ... I am service technician and i must agree. Curved sreens looks "maybe" beautiful, but are really more fragile and pricey. Changing display on phones like S6edge etc is too much pricey, that is better put broken phone into trash and buy whole new phone. BUT...unfortunately...is maybe too late late to made new construction for "flat" display...if phone will be released within few months. So now is needed to reconcile with curved screed, or maybe wait for Pro2. ...and i forgot...i really dont like oled displays...yess - colors are good, but life is short...it will be burned lite plasma tv
  19. ...i dont know who designed it...but i know that battery (back) cover on pro1 looks too much chinese and cheap :( battery cover must be redesigned. front of phone and keyboard looks nice so it will be good to have whole nice phone.
  20. what is my favorite qwerty phone...hmmm thats hard question. My first was nokia 9110, then 9210, htc wox, htc xda atmos, htc s740, milestone, xperia mini pro, droid2global, droid 3 and then of course Photon Q...all of these phones was good...but maybe best was droid 3 for its design , 5 row keyboard and for metal frame around display.
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