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  1. I see your point. It is true that -- probably knowing that the SD835 was getting EOL'ed -- they tried to secure a few thousand specimens of that SoC already in December 2020 (let's not forget that, in this business, these chips are usually sold in lots of hundreds of thousands at least!). However, in that very February 2021 update you mention, they wrote that they "were informed last month that it can no longer be purchased from our suppliers". That's the wording I adopted in my post. I do no know what happened to the money they reportedly payed in advance to some reseller. But it is
  2. You basically confirm what I wrote: The IGG campaign -- which ran from October to December 2020 -- was initially meant to produce more Pro1's, not to develop a new phone. Hence their attempt to order the SD835, which is the SoC used in the original Pro1. Only in early 2021, when it became clear that the SD835 could not be delivered, they repurposed the campaign money to redesign the entire hardware.
  3. Nope. The Pro1-X was initially intended to be a trivial variant of the Pro1, using the same SoC (Qualcomm Snapdragon 835). It was only after the start of the campaign that they realised they could no longer purchase the SD835 and hence had to redesign the entire phone. This was not initially planned and explains the very long resulting delays.
  4. Having much experience, they might do a better job than anyone of us. However, also they might break off these grounding contacts bridging the seam between body and keyboard plate if not specifically briefed. The point is that the Pro1(-X)'s battery is not meant to be customer-replaceable. It can be done, yes, but there is a risk of breaking things.
  5. Fully agree. Opening the base of the phones is nowhere a fool-proof operation. I broke-off several of the grounding-spring connectors (contacting the mainboard to the aluminium shell) of my Pro1-X while leveraging the case open. Happens when you slide the prying tool along the seam between body and keyboard plate without knowing in advance where those contacts are ...
  6. To be fair, the Pro1-X was initially quite close to that same idea. At the start of the IGG campaign, the Pro1 not only existed, but had been field-tested by quite a few customers already. The alternative OS's -- then the "big thing" about the Pro1-X -- were already available in either rock-solid (LineageOS) or beta-quality (UBTouch) form. Yes, you could add more memory and get a shiny blue body with custom engraving. But no one really expected any showstoppers there, given that the phone would technically remain a Pro1. In my view, the Pro1-X campaign was initially intended purely
  7. Thanks everyone for trying to shed some light on this severe issue. Unfortunately I cannot provide data until I find a way to report modem usage in (Gapps-free) LineageOS. Discover LTE does not work for me for the reasons discussed. Meanwhile, I have taken my Pro1X on a few trips across Germany. Its LTE/VoLTE reliability is catastrophic all around. Even with a theoretically good connection (> -100 dBm) there is usually no Internet service. I gave up testing GSM (i.e. non-VoLTE) calls as they have never worked for me, even with working LTE (data) connection. Side note: My (835)Pro1, whi
  8. @steff and @EskeRahn: While I agree to all you write, maybe there is one thing that can be said in F(x)tec's defence: From their perspective, everything must have changed at the moment they were forced to "upgrade" all pending orders for the original Pro1 to Pro1X's: As at least some of those were ordered (and paid!) way before the start of the IGG campaign, they essentially had the choice to betray either these original Pro1 customers (by postponing them until after end of the IGG campaign) or the Pro1X campaign-backers (by continuing to serve regular website customers alike, breaking IGG rul
  9. Yep. Unfortunately, I couldn't get LTE discovery to work. I have LineageOS without Gapps. Even giving the app root access did not help ...
  10. Re-reading this thread, I found that in one of their posts, @Rasva suggested an app named "LTE Discovery" that seems to do exactly that. I'll try it once I'm back with the prawn-X.
  11. The 1.8 GHz band is certainly important in Germany. According to this Wikipedia page, my carrier (O2) is using it for LTE and GSM. Interestingly, up to now I've never been able to initiate or receive a GSM call (i.e. with VoLTE disabled), even in one of those lucky spots where LTE (and VoLTE) works. Is there any app that can display what frequency bands are being used by the modem in real time?
  12. I'm in the EU (Germany), no 3G here anymore, just GSM and LTE. Pro1-X connects only in some specific "islands", cannot be regarded as a portable device, really.
  13. As a long time Pro1 supporter and LineageOS maintainer, I must say that I am somewhat unsettled by announcements like this. For many users (including myself) the Pro1-X is effectively a brick, as its GSM/LTE connectivity problems do not allow it to be used as a phone in the first place. In that perspective, advertising the possibility for custom-made shells just seems ... wrong ... at some level. Sorry to write that, but where are the relevant news on the topic?
  14. Not to disregard that it may work for some, but just my 2 cents to all others: Think about how often you use your phone's camera, for family pictures, barcode scanning and all that ... In many cases, a flip case that does not have the holes where they should be will not make you happy.
  15. @EskeRahn Maybe you're right and I am too negative. But for me it's listed as "currently unavailable" anyway, so ...
  16. Looking at the pictures, its camera aperture does not seem to be low enough to accommodate the Pro1-X's lens. And certainly not its flash LED. Wouldn't recommend.
  17. There is no need to root stock, just to install LineageOS. For that it would have been enough to just unlock the bootloader, no need for Magisk and boot.img patching ... On the other hand, if having root during use of the phone was your goal, you will find that in your newly flashed LineageOS, Magisk and su are now gone. You'll then have to re-install Magisk and re-do the boot.img-patching procedure (this time using the boot.img from payload.bin, contained in the lineage*.zip you used for sideloading).
  18. I agree with @Hook. That screen in the first screenshot should be shown while you use fastboot to flash the boot.img. adb, on the other hand, does its job only from recovery, not from that bootloader screen. That said, just flashing the Magisk-patched boot.img (which I understand is what you are trying to achieve) does not require any action to be performed from recovery. You should not go there at all for this. The no-command-screen usually indicates that the recovery image fails to boot. It normally should not be shown at any step of a reflashing procedure, and probably indicates t
  19. Thanks for testing the Pi4 in this respect. I do not have any of these and always worried its USB-3.0 parts might behave differently when compared to the older models' USB-2.0. Good to know this is not the case. I'm not sure which OS you use on your RPi, but since 'buster' the respective Debian packages are just called "adb" and "fastboot". I.e. in recent Raspberry Pi OS, one would rather do sudo apt install adb fastboot
  20. I have always only used "B" models, which come with 4 USB ports and Ethernet in addition to WiFi. This of course doesn't mean that the A+ will not work for your purpose ...
  21. I have an X250 and could never use fastboot from it (original Pro1, Linux also here). Probably ... There all kinds of tips and tricks (use external hubs, remove unnecessary devices from the bus, ...) but it all feels a bit like doing a rain-dance and tossing salt over your shoulder ... All I can say is: Since I have set up adb/fastboot on that Raspi3 (others have reported RPi4 will also work inspite of different USB HW), I have never looked back.
  22. fastboot is way more picky about the USB connection than adb. If @Casey's suggestions do not help: Various RaspberryPi's have been 100% reliable for me when it comes to flashing Pro1(X) -- I've never again used adb/fastboot from my PCs since I found that solution.
  23. No idea. I am coming directly from lineage-16.0. But you are right, according to user reports on the net, 18.1 seems to have broken the built-in sshd. This has nothing to do with the Pro1-X.
  24. @Sean McCreary : Thanks for that background info. Do not get me wrong though: I understand that this is beta software, and am fine with all the limitations that implies. I expected you would, sooner or later, move to the Pro1 (aka. tdm) keyboard driver anyway. Hence, I thought it would not be worthwhile to file a bug against the present state of things. Coming back to my above point: Is the missing sshd intrinsic to lineage-20.0, or could you choose to include it in the builds?
  25. @Sean McCreary: I was under the impression that several of the "yellow" modifier keys did not work correctly in the 20230120 rom. I have a QWERTY Prawn-X. I did not try to study the problem in depth tbh. Since installation of the new build it just works ...
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