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  1. I am pretty sure there will never be an official Android 10 or 11 for the original Pro1. All development efforts target the Pro1X by now. As @VaZso wrote, Lineage 17.1 and 18.1 are available for the Pro1, and are technically equivalent to Android 10 and 11. Lineage 19.0 is already in preparation. However, I have doubts that your security auditors will consider a custom ROM as equivalent to an official Android provided by the device manufacturer when it comes to certifications.
  2. My thoughts on this (more or less unchanged since that other thread on the AstroSlide): The two devices are complementary. For me the AstroSlide is -- unfortunately -- too large. Imho, today's smartphones cannot practically be larger than the span of a person's thumb. The Pro1/X is really the largest device I could operate single-handedly in what is today's de-facto standard mode: portrait-touchscreen-only. The AstroSlide is significantly bigger, so I expect I would not be able to use it comfortably as a regular smartphone when holding it in one hand. This may seem like a small thing
  3. That's the last official build that was made at lineageos.org. I am using my own builds since then but have never changed anything on the recovery system. So I think the keyboard should work in your version, too. Concerning transfer of your apps and settings I do not know. There are backup solutions that are supposed to be able to do that, but I have never used any of those.
  4. @Fxtecish Thanks for your compassionate words regarding F(x)tec's situation. Indeed, people tend to forget that what F(x)tec are doing is deemed unreasonable by all of the big phone manufacturers (as it supposedly does not pay off): make a keyboard phone for the few people out there that really want to use their device as the mobile computer it is. Off-topic: I do not get why you engage in refurbishing N900's in 2022. Do not get me wrong: I own two N900's and love everything about them. But I really think their time is over. Their CPU is too slow and their RAM too small for participating
  5. Just as a last resort: What version of LineageOS 16.0 are you using, exactly? Go to "Settings -> About Phone -> Android Version 9": that will show the "LineageOS version" string. If it is a really early release, one could check if keyboard support in recovery was added only later during development ... I wouldn't count on it though. Unfortunately, there are no new Pro1s to buy. The Pro1X is a completely different phone, so it will not be possible to transfer your LOS 16.0 to it. I would contact F(x)tec and try to send them the phone for repair. Despite all the bad experience
  6. Yes that's what I mean. "Volume Up+Power" boots to the Lineage recovery system (which you used for flashing Lineage initially). Not to be confused with "Volume Down+Power" which takes you to the bootloader (which does not have keyboard support).
  7. Actually, I just thought of a more simple test for this. I realised that the Lineage (16.0) recovery system supports the Pro1's hardware keyboard: when I boot into recovery, I can navigate through its menu using the up/down-arrow, return, and backspace keys on the keyboard. Could you check if this works on your phone? If yes, this would clearly demonstrate that the keyboard itself is fine. If not, I think it would be strong indication of a hardware failure and your chances of fixing things by reinstalling the system would be slim ...
  8. Concerning: As you mentioned earlier, your present system is rooted. It might thus be of interest to you that LineageOS 16.0 was the last major release with built-in root management ("AddonSU"). Starting from 17.1 you have to use Magisk for rooting, which I am sure will work, but may require to do differently whatever you are using your root access for.
  9. @VaZso : UbuntuTouch on the Pro1(X) is not about vanilla Linux support (mainlining). Ubuntu on Pro1 and Pro1X uses / will use libhybris, which does make porting easier. Still it takes a lot of polishing to get a port to a state where it can be useful to average Joe as a phone. Look at that thread I linked above: the UbuntuTouch port for Pro1 does not provide the most basic functionality you expect from a smartphone: GPS, cellular internet either do not work at all, or not out-of-the box. HDMI out is not there (which is huge, as many want Ubuntu for the "convergence" thing). When such bugs are
  10. From an Android user perspective this may be true. Someone would eventually port LineageOS to the 662-Pro1, even if Fxtec would not support that process at all. But UbuntuTouch is a different story: F(x)tec themselves have stated (at some early stage of 662-Pro1 design) that the Ubuntu option was an important point for quite a few backers of the Pro1-X. So they'll have to have that OS available at some point. And, here, experience from the original Pro1 shows they cannot rely on the community to do the work for them: the UBPorts crowd is too small to support obscure devices on their own.
  11. I had Android 9 on my Pro1 for a total of 5 minutes, or so, before flashing LOS onto it. So, yes, I fully agree, personally. Problem is, they made a big deal about the "other OS" option being really official this time. If they fail to deliver in this respect, it will add-up to what is already an unfavorable picture at best.
  12. In sharp contrast to when the original Pro1 was still in pre-production, whe have (to my knowledge at least) seen no enthusiastic demo videos of Pro1X's running an alternative OS so far. All there was, was a screenshot from the UbuntuTouch settings panel in the November update, along with the comment that porting of alternative OSes to the 662-Pro1 has "started". I thus expect LineageOS and UbuntuTouch development to be lagging behind at this point, which would explain why you were not offered the choice of the OS. I wouldn't be surprised if they eventually shipped all devices with A
  13. The ribbon cable that is exposed by the Pro1's mechanism connects just the screen unit to the mainboard. The mainboard is inside the bottom half of the phone which also holds the keyboard. So the connection you are interested in is not visible from outside.
  14. For LOS 16.0, the usual string shown there was "Builtin Keyboard". I'd say, either the keyboard is indeed physically disconnected, or the system has been re-configured to default to some other hw keyboard. Did you ever use an external USB or Bluetooth keyboard in the past? If yes, what happens if you re-connect that? However, as your problem appeared kind of gradually, I rather fear that the keyboard is indeed not properly connected to the system board anymore. Maybe the ribbon cable connecting it to the board has loosened with time. There is a quite complete official disassembling g
  15. If you haven't updated your LineageOS 16 in two years, chances are you using one of @tdm's unofficial builds. Not sure if there are supported upgrade paths from there. I'm still on (a modded) LOS 16 myself, others might know better if upgrading to 18.1 can be done tranparently in your case. However, if you never updated, regressions in LOS cannot be the reason for your troubles anyway, so what would be the point of upgrading now?
  16. Before wiping everything, I would first try to just uninstall MS Swiftkey, and see if that helps. I do not know that software from personal experience, but from what I read, it does have functions related to hardware keyboards. Maybe there is some conflict with native keyboard handling in Lineage. Also, there has been quite some development around the keyboard driver in LineageOS (18.1) during the last few months. While all these changes were of course meant to improve things, regressions for heavily customised set-ups are always possible, I guess. Which release and version of Lineag
  17. Considering how people here and on IGG analyse (and maybe over-interpret?) these monthly reports, I think they spend quite some time writing those up. I can imagine they plan very carefully what to publish and how to present it in a way such as to cause least damage to the project. It is easy for us to ask for more honest reports and estimates, but unfortunately it is also a fact that many customers need the harsh reality to be "embellished" for them, or else they jump ship. Some people understand that by supporting Fxtec, they support an interesting enthusiast project: a concept of a sma
  18. I like most the ones that tell me F(x)tec is a fake company and that my Pro1 does not exist. 🙃 Thinking that through, it follows that we in this forum as well as all other people publishing Pro1 videos on the web, discussing bugs and hardware issues, making custom ROMs, etc., are just actors hired to distract from the fact that Fxtec have long moved to the Caribbean where they spend their backer's money on expensive cigars. One wonders if setting up such an elaborate smoke screen would really be easier (or cheaper) than just producing the phone after all ...
  19. I finally made a new image (20220129-UNOFFICIAL) with the January 2022 security patch level. Full list of local mods with respect to upstream Lineage-16.0 tree (practically unchanged since December): Modified gps.conf which (for me) enables the Pro1 to get its initial fix much faster. Corrected QoS powerhint signals. Backport from Lineage 18.1. Keyboard driver: Enable high keycodes Backport from Lineage 18.1. Keyboard driver: Fn-Tab acts as Alt-Tab. Cherry-picked from an experimental patch proposed by @Slion against LOS 18.1. Was never merged into any official dist
  20. claude0001

    Screen issue

    I've had one such dot since day one. It has not worsened one bit in 1.5 years. It seems to be a quite common QA problem with this kind of screen, not limited to the Pro1. I wouldn't worry too much about it.
  21. ... dazed and confused ... Do you own a qwertz or qwerty device, now? Qwertz provides square and curly brackets only via modifiers (Fn key).
  22. When I place a script named e.g. "99hwoverlays" with the following code #!/system/bin/sh # # Set "Disable WH Overlays" developer option at startup # bash -c "service call SurfaceFlinger 1008 i32 1" & into /data/local/userinit.d/, the "Disable HW Overlay" option gets set automatically after boot. Remember to make the script executable (chmod +x). Also note that user startup scripts in /data/local/userinit.d/ are no longer executed by default in modern LineageOS, you have to install some helper app like RunUserinit from F-Droid.
  23. It's always difficult to discuss topics that are somewhat subjective ... It would probably be good if you could provide a specific and (hopefully) reproducible example of an app that does not scroll smoothly for you. I can scroll smoothly (as far as my expectations go) when browsing through a thread in QKSMS, when scrolling down a web page in Firefox, when displaying a thumbnail gallery in the default Lineage picture app, when displaying folder contents in MaterialFiles, and when browsing through a lengthy program in Acode.
  24. I have never played with those options and am certainly no expert in tuning the Android graphics stack to its max. However, there seems to be consensus that those options are not enabled by default for a reason. That's especially true for the "Disable HW Overlays" flag, which seems to worsen battery life (as more CPU load is generated). I'd rather not mess with those defaults in my ROM. I can confirm that also for me "Disable HW Overlays" is not persistent across reboots (while "Force GPU" is), which is kind of strange -- although it could also be an indication that this is really a
  25. That's a good point. You are right that the Pro1 could -- technically at least -- have had the upgrade to the Pro1X's Android 10 for "free" if the SoC thing had not happened. However, it is also true that updates of stock Android 9 stopped long before the mainboard change. As far as I know, they ran into trouble with their contractor making the OS, independent of the other issues with the SoC manufacturer. Let's hope they (and we) will have more luck with the Pro1X ...
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