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  1. @EskeRahn Well, ideally we should use the sensors directly rather than relying on funny key input. Last we looked we could only find the keyboard sensor, the one for the case remained elusive. Surely @tdm could help us with that as somewhere in the system something generates those keys based on the raw sensor input.
  2. Just released v0.6.1 that's mostly fixing the issue reported by @EskeRahn above, thanks mate for doing my QA 😉
  3. Thought of that too but decided against it. Indeed.
  4. It is unlikely I bother with that myself until I get myself a spare Pro1 for development purposes that I could flash with LineageOS.
  5. Thanks, good catch. I can reproduce it too. I'll see what I can do to fix it.
  6. My initial idea too but it turns out Android won't let you do that apparently. Even turning off the display without locking the screen and without the proximity sensor is apparently not possible. If you think about it does make sense too.
  7. Just released v0.6.0 adding support for locking the screen upon closing your keyboard. Mostly for people not using flip case I guess.
  8. I have that same issue in Gmail. In Chrome I believe the blank popup actually has those two same entries and if you tap on it they are functional. They just show blank. @tdm Does spellcheck work on Lineage?
  9. Created a bug report to track that issue: https://github.com/Fxtec-Community/Pro1-Android/issues/2
  10. Has anyone managed to get this working on Pro1? @Erik @Waxberry Are you guys looking into that issue? I mean a working spellchecker makes a lot of sense on a keyboard smartphone 😁
  11. Try "massaging" your keyboard and see if that fixes it? If it is a mechanical issue rather than an electrical issue it could help. Maybe your keyboard is still too stiff and too new. I found mine got easier to use as it aged a bit.
  12. That would make sense. I'm afraid you may have to contact support.
  13. @Erik @Waxberry Can you guys or anyone else confirm that issue with current OTA? I'm running the one that was suspended and don't have any issue with it TBH.
  14. Odd, did you try an extra reboot?
  15. Go ahead the currently available OTA is good. They fixed the issue that affected early adopters.
  16. Is that the one that was suspended?
  17. Yes, it is a known issue. I doubt there is a workaround. Just have to wait and hope for a fix I guess.
  18. Tried that new light sensor feature but it does not work for me I'm afraid. I doubt I can make it work any better. Basically the light sensor is not sensitive enough in low light conditions. It goes to 1.0 Lux but can't distinguish the whole range of various low light conditions between 0.0 and 1.0 Lux. Therefore, the best way to use that screen filter is still to set it up manually.
  19. @silversolver For most people it will be just a cold. But for a certain percentage of people it is deadly. Trouble is, we still don't know how many people will catch it world wide and which percentage of them will die from it. The German chancelor apparently mentioned yesterday that 70% of the German could catch it. If 1% of them die that's more than half million dead we are talking about, just in Germany. So no, it's not just a cold but it's apparently also not a mass extinsion event either, as it looks like the human race could recover from it 😁 However who knows what pol
  20. Just released v0.5.0 mostly adding support for turning on and off screen filter using light sensor readings.
  21. Been using Pro1 for over 6 weeks and rotation only got stuck 3 times. Funny enough those 3 times happened within 4 days. It looks like there is indeed a problem but luckily for me it does not trigger so often here. I had to reboot the phone to get it working again.
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