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  1. So changing the keyboard type is really not possible from the application side. See: https://gitlab.com/SaberMod/pa-android-frameworks-base/commit/6ec6f79e1ac1714e3b837796e99f07ff88f66601#5a1e1542c6bd325d04e1e1df50a937413edccd06_52_60 It just loads OVERLAY types. Possibly doable on rooted device I guess. @tdm On LineageOS is there any chance you guys could provide a way for the user to select how she wants to use the keyboard, ALPHA or FULL?
  2. @Craig @tdm Do you guys happen to know the keyboard PID, VID and device name? I would like to try to override it into ALPHA keyboard using those information.
  3. Good to know. I'm not using those anyway :} They should really drop that feature and redirect users to that Key Mapper app I tried it but it didn't work. Maybe I should try harder.
  4. Interresting so that's what Bookmarks are using. I ought to give it a try with Fx Qwerty though I'm far from impressed with those default shortcuts.
  5. Fair enough. In case you did not notice, Fx Qwerty now comes with Shift as Fn variants too. Good to know, it would be great then if we could have them use a different scancode so as to separately customise them. When I tried FinQwerty I started to use Shift for everything but then I got beaten every time by the question mark 🙂 I'll consider providing different characters through shift than through Fn as duplicates are not strictly needed. That's why I kept variants which do not use Shift as Fn, they could offer more characters at some point, superscripts and such.
  6. Just published v0.2.0 featuring this layout. Feedback and bug reports are most welcome on this thread.
  7. I implemented that for you already. Just use one of the variants that says "Shift as Fn". Good catch, just fixed it. See updated link on the home page. Not doable as both yellow arrow keys (aka Fn) are hardwired. Also I want to keep it WYSIWYG. Then you may as well stick with FinQwerty. It launches the default apps as you defined them in your settings. So it will launch whatever app you are using as your default Agenda for instance. Not necessarily Google Calendar, which hardly supports landscape btw.
  8. Need a Scandinavian variant of that? Feel free to design your own and I'll see how I can integrate it. Typically you would mostly need to change the alt layer for supporting other group of languages. I've tooled myself so that it's relatively easy for me to produce local variants while keeping the common functionality untouched.
  9. I'm fine with the Edge, used a Galaxy S7 Edge for years though. I think stray touch input is a problem these days with most every no bezel flagship Edge or not.
  10. Fx Qwerty v0.1.1 layout. EDIT: This is now outdated, check out Fx Qwerty home page for up to date versions.
  11. Actually I got confused cause you offset the keys somehow. I have to say that I intend for Fx Qwerty layouts to remain user friendly by being WYSIWYG so I doubt I'll invest time to implement yours as it is.
  12. @brunoais I like that keyboard layout designer tool. Though it looks like you basically have to edit the raw data to get anything done right? Your design example has more keys than the Pro1.
  13. Anyone else is having issues with the volume rocker? Volume down is working fine but volume up is most unreliable. I need to push at some specific place and angle for it to register reliably. Moreover it's almost flush wit the casing. It would have been easier to get a feel for it if it was sticking out some more.
  14. @brunoaisIs this what you need? Which language is this for?
  15. Never had a Priv but I can tell you my Pro is awesome. Does not overheat or reboots. Battery is solid too. If you don't mind potentially waiting 3 months to get yours just go order now.
  16. You know you can do shortcuts using the following app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.github.sds100.keymapper Also worth noting the following keyboard layout mods provides you a bunch of shortcuts to default apps:
  17. No such things on mine.
  18. I just released version 0.1.0 See: https://slions.net/resources/fx-qwerty.7/update?update=12 I still need to update the description but basically all US layouts should provide you with stock behaviour plus extras. Shift alias layouts lets you access most Fn characters using Shift too. Alt typically gives you access to some international characters and dead key. Much like on stock plus extras. It also does navigation Back and Forward. Fx key is not the Home key anymore but a modifier giving you access to default apps, F1-F12 and media functionalities. Just do Fx+H to go to Home/L
  19. I didn't need to do that. Works just fine without Nova it seems. Thanks to you @FlyingAntero I have a functional smart case for my Pro1 🙂 Now I just need to sort out the wake up part.
  20. Looks like this app has the same problem as Key Mapper built-in lock action. It prevents you to unlock with fingerprints.
  21. Works flawlessly so far. Thanks for the tip. It also made me realise it should be able to properly lock the phone programmatically leading to this:
  22. Actually there is an easy way to get the phone to lock and wake upon closing and opening your case. Just use Key Mapper. Unfortunately, it can only lock as admin thus preventing you to use the fingerprint reader. However, the source code is available therefore we should be able to implement normal lock using accessibility service. I'm not sure if wake up could be implemented in the same way. I guess it could: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2891337/turning-on-screen-programmatically So there you go, someone needs to jump into Key Mapper code and implement those two actions.
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