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  1. Fixed it from my bed using Pro1 and ConnectBot. Pro1 rules!
  2. That's what it was. Looks like it is back online for now. However I'll probably need to go through a round of upgrades in the coming weeks, therefore further down time to be expected.
  3. The server could be offline for a while so here is the latest version of Fx Qwerty: app-FxTecPro1Qwerty-release-v0.2.0.apk
  4. It could be a while until the server gets back online so here is the latest version of FxService: app-FxService-release-v0.4.0.apk
  5. Ho dear, thanks for the heads up. I'll see what I can do. I wonder what happend. The plan is to put it on Google Play at some point. I bet my host decided to upgrade PHP behind my back.
  6. Glad you like it. It was doing that before already, well except that before it was only cancelling the lock timeout 😁
  7. To me that would be a show stopper too. Can't live without fingerprint reader anymore 😁. Luckily mine has been working flawlessly and I even like its placement.
  8. Just released v0.4.0 : Screen goes off as soon as you close the case whatever is your lock timeout. Seamless brightness adjustments using ALT+UP/DOWN if you are using Fx Qwerty or other keyboard layout providing brightness control. Settings look better and screen brightness is easier to access from there. Remember long press on the Fx quick settings tile take you to the settings.
  9. You need to do one yourself 🙂 I've used Huawei P20 Pro Cases - Snakehive. Search the forum for more screenshots. Minimal modifications needed. Then you need to slide in a flat magnet at the right position in the credit card holder. I used some sticky tape to keep it in place. It's totally invisible. Some of the app features do not need a smart case though.
  10. I just implemented that. It should be part of the next release.
  11. Just released v0.3.0 providing Quick Settings tile for managing screen brightness and improved color filter composition.
  12. I also have a feeling audio rendering could be improved a lot. I'm afraid that's a problem typical of such start-up projects, they most certainly don't have a team of audio engineers working on fine tuning the user experience. Still they managed to fix that stereo issue in that now withdrawn OTA update. I'm hopefull things will improve, given enough time.
  13. Maybe you were matched with other people on smartphone but the keyboard gave you an edge over them?
  14. Just released v0.2.1, navigation bar is now covered by overlay.
  15. Not rooted, Play Store says certified and Netflix is working. Never tempered with the boot loader.
  16. Just released v0.2.0 which is adding support for lower screen brightness through full screen overlay. Be careful not not shoot yourself in the foot using solid colours. If you do, you can still do Ctrl+Fn+O to toggle the overlay.
  17. Well, I had to go and check for update manually in the settings.
  18. It's now available OTA. Had to reboot after the reboot cause both SIM cards did not connect. After first reboot it only asked for pin code for one of the SIM cards. After second reboot it looks like everything is working again.
  19. I was thinking about that too. I'm not sure how doable that is. That's also considered. Was even doing some brainstroming on how to cancel it optionally for situations where you just close the keyboard to go landscape. Filters are there to prevent those events to reach the focused application. For instance, as it is, if you close your keyboard while looking at Chrome, it will reload the page you are looking at because F5 reaches Chrome. Filter lets you fix that, optionally.
  20. But the whole code is available? Then again we may as well use Lineage instead. Though I guess we could prepare patches for LTE to integreate which could speed things up. That's if LTE don't go bust because of virus.
  21. Still not a single spontaneous reboot since I got my Pro1. Using it with 2 SIMs and even weak signal does not bother it. I did not travel much with it though, I wonder what it will be like on the train for instance.
  22. I swear it wasn't me who stole the credit card numbers of all 5 users of Fx Service 🤣
  23. I won't bother going any further than that for now. But please be my guest, compile that APK on your machine and tell me what you get.
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