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  1. I'm pretty sure that's what it is as it seems that the idea with JetPack is that it gets updated a lot more often than the android platform. It's basically a way for Google to make sure apps are running high quality code even on devices that are not getting updates anymore. The downside is that the app developer seems to be responsible for doing the update himself and the package is a lot larger obviously. My two cents.
  2. Good point, by comparison Fx Qwerty is a lot smaller. I'm guessing it has to do with the fact that Fx Service is using androidx jetpack stuff, though to be fair I have no clue. Maybe I just messed up some packing optimisations somehow.
  3. Just released v0.1.0 Adding better on-boarding experience.
  4. I declare this the official F(x)tec Community on GitHub. There you go 🤣
  5. Spreadsheet is better than nothing, GitHub is better 😁
  6. Try that SNAKEHIVE case, it will make things a lot easier and needs only minimum customisation. Here the case should help a lot too. Otherwise, I know there are probably various app from Google Play that could help you with that.
  7. I created that F(x)tec Community on GitHub. Get in touch if you want me to add your GitHub account to the community. I'm hoping we could start using it to keep track of stock Android bugs and feature requests.
  8. Until something else comes along, I suggest we help F(x)tec keep track of bugs there: https://github.com/Fxtec-Community/Pro1-Android/issues
  9. Does that mean scan codes remain the same? Could you share a picture of the QWERTZ keyboard?
  10. If it's not too specific then yes. However the app as it is is just for qwerty keyboards as I can't test qwertz.
  11. Same for me, I was so happy when I found out Pro1 had such sensor too. If you use a flip cover it's just awesome. I have the screen timout set to 10 minutes so basically if the cover is open I don't want the screen to go off. It only goes off when closing the case. 🥳
  12. It says so on the home page 😁 Actually I already implemented changes in the application to make this process easier. Will pubish a new version soon. Yes that was tricky too but once you get it right it works flawlesly.
  13. Fx Service is an Android application notably enabling Pro1 smart case support. It also provides various solutions to common Pro1 problems or simply new features including: Smart case support: configurable lock and wake functionalities. Screen filter overlay to lower display brightness beyond system settings. Configurable vibration upon keyboard key action. Alternative auto-rotate solution to bypass system auto-rotate which tends to get stuck. Filter out unwanted system key input. Feel free to post here to discuss bugs and feature requests.
  14. There it is: Fx Service. For better and easier Pro1 integration with smart case cover.
  15. BUS52061 is the keyboard open/close. But maybe I should take a closer look at it to see if it also provides the case state somehow. Worth a try I guess.
  16. I was going through all sensors in that app mentioned above and did not find it. Maybe I missed it somhow.
  17. Nope the proximity sensor is something else, it's the guy turning off the screen when you put the phone to your ear. Thanks to @SaiKo I was able to get the wake up logic to work nicely with the proximity sensor. Still it would be nice if they made that missing Hall Effect sensor available at some point. I'll probably publish that app tomorrow.
  18. Physical I know where it is and it's working fine, we sorted that out a few days back. That was about programmatically finding it as the key handler won't work once the screen is off.
  19. Using Sensor Test I could find the hall effect sensor for the keyboard but not the one for the case. I'm guessing we will have to wait for an update on that one. In the meantime I tested WaveUp and that works really well so I'm guessing I should be able to use the proximity sensor to wake the device. @SaiKo Any noticeable impact on battery life when using WaveUp on your Pro1?
  20. To lock the screen properly an app needs to implement Accessibility Service and the user needs to turn it on. The function is called performGlobalAction I believe. See my code or one of my earlier post on that thread.
  21. Once the screen is locked I can't get the notification that the case is opening anymore.
  22. Most interesting, I will need to take a closer look at that. Though my main issue is to find a way to get notified when the case is opened and the screen is already lock.
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