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  1. @EskeRahn You can optionally fold back the cover under the base when you put the phone on a table. It's called a bookcase because it opens like a book, so the screen cover should open on the side of the keyboard. Here is how you do it: - Pickup your phone - Open the bookcase while rotating - Snap up the screen revealing the keyboard - Type happily When holding your phone in landscape the cover is naturally being held in place between your palms while you type with your thumbs. When sitting at a table you either fold the cover under the base or leave it before the keyboard where it do
  2. @MichalTUR I had that official Nokia E7 case for a while but the small plastic bit for closing it broke pretty fast. The PDair all leather case was similar but a lot more sturdy and classy albeit thicker. What we want really is a mix of the Nokia E7 PDair and Leicke Manna for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. See links in Tweets above.
  3. My take a on a proper leather case for landscape qwerty:
  4. Not sure how you could miss as on my phone it keeps spamming me with that subscribe popup. Ought to be fixed...
  5. It would indeed be great it was serviceable. If the keyboard could be replaced you could upgrade to desired layout once regional variants are available.
  6. Awesome! Snaps just like my retired E7. Thanks for sharing.
  7. I sure hope the initial qwerty will support international characters one way or another. It looks like they have plenty enough modifiers keys.
  8. I'm happy with 14mm. More concerned with the battery being less than my Samsung S7 Edge, 3200mAh against 3600mAh. Certainly due to the fact that they need to use off-the -shelf batteries rather than a custom one.
  9. @noir Fingerprint reader on the side sounds good too. As long as it is not on the back. Thanks for the info.
  10. Just saw Chen's Tweet. I really hope this product is a success as it's our best shot at seeing a resurgence of this kind of devices. The device specs are fantastic, it's a dream phone for me. It just seems to tick all the boxes: - HKB - OLED edge screen - Front facing fingerprint reader - Dual SIM
  11. I'm pretty sure they will have major variants at launch. They need to target a wide audience for it to succeed.
  12. It's great to see you have deployed a forum but I'm not crazy about it. It's rather a pain to navigate and has a rather poor mobile phone layout. It also lacks ratings which is a must for any forum these days. Consider moving to something like XenForo at some point.
  13. Can we have a leather bookcase that's of the same quality as that awesome phone?
  14. I doubt they can squeeze a mechanical keyboard in there. It does not mean it would not have a satisfying feedback though. Nokia E7 was doing a good job at it.
  15. They must be launching it next week at MWC in Barcelona. Though I would not be surprised if it is only available after the summer.
  16. Nokia E7 Nokia E90 Sony Ericsson vivaz pro So looking forward to own one of yours. Go fxtec, go! One thing though, will it run Symbian OS? I'll get my coat... :)
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