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  1. Alt key should have been in range of your right thumb to make alt + tab usable. I guess that's a prime candidate for remapping, somehow.
  2. What are your recommendations for text and code editors on Android?
  3. I reckon if you tape a magnet to the back of the Pro1 screen you could get such case to close properly.
  4. Chrome's spellchecker popup is blank making it unusable.
  5. I'm pretty sure that's not the case. The matching magnet is in the case's back cover and I guess it relies on the phone itself not being too thick. Pro1 is just too thick for that design apparently.
  6. I find the lower screen brightness still too bright, especially when compared to Huawei P30 Pro and the like. Would it be possible to improve the lower range of the brightness settings in software?
  7. Nope, I did not mod it at all. It's a really thick and heavy case to start with. I have a thinner one from WIIUKA and that one just does not work.
  8. The P30 Pro version of the following one, pictured above, fits nicely as far as thickness goes but it does not stay magnetically shut as it should: https://www.amazon.de/gp/aw/d/B07DDJY11V
  9. I'm gonna try my luck with this one: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B07DFNXFGV
  10. The backlight is currently misbehaving. They will surely fix it at some point. See:
  11. Not sure how to add an exit task though invert seems to work fine. Moreover once locked it can't be unlocked using the fingerprint and needs the pin.
  12. Would it be possible to have an optional sticky shift behaviour? So that you don't have to hit shift and the letter at the same time to get the uppercase. You could just get the next letter uppercase after hitting shift without having to hold it. Also having an optional auto uppercase at the beginning of sentences like with virtual keyboards would be nice to have.
  13. Looks like keyboard backlight stays off when unlocking open phone. I guess it would make sense to have a few more settings options like a backlight time out and turn on the backlight whenever you start typing or unlock the phone.
  14. Is there any hope of seeing an azerty layout soon?
  15. Looks like gmail does support provisioning and remote wipe as per ms exchange specs. I have yet to try it out but gmail mentioned it was on once it connected to my account. Remote wipe is the ability to wipe your phone clean remotely. Useful if it gets lost or stolen. Shame there is no dark mode in gmail on Pro1 right now.
  16. Is the camera on the P20 Pro on the proper side for Pro1?
  17. I see, so the recommended cases are the ones from Huawei P20 Pro then.
  18. I find that one case for Huawei P30 Pro sort of fits. I guess other cases for P30 Pro should fit too. Though you may have to customise the cutouts yourself to access ports, buttons and fingerprint reader. Back camera cutout is just fine.
  19. Could we have a slider setting entry to optionally lock the phone when closing it?
  20. Thanks for the info. Though I guess I won't bother switching between chargers.
  21. I tried it years ago when first switching to Android. Was not convinced back then. Thanks for the reminder though, I will give it a try.
  22. I guess I'll have to give gmail a try then. Hoping it supports proper sync and remote wipe with my exchange server. I tried Microsoft Outlook on my LG the other day but it does not support two way syncs stupidly enough.
  23. To be honest I rather have proper customisable global shortcuts working one way or another. Those looks like they are hardcoded which sounds silly. However having default working ones out of the box is probably the way to go.
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