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    https://github.com/sds100/KeyMapper Indeed, I wanted to use the Symbol key for shortcuts but there is currently a bug in Key Mapper that's preventing it to work. https://github.com/sds100/KeyMapper/issues/290
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    Interesting, you mean those long press launch from FxTec launcher. I would not know cause I'm using Key Mapper instead. Currently using that yellow arrow function modifier and a key to launch the apps. For instance: Fn + B : launch browser Fn + C : launch contact Fn + K : launch key mapper Fn + A : launch calendar/agenda
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    @rejujacob Use SwiftKey Keyboard.
  4. I don't think I will bother applying that screen protector. It's usually more trouble than it is worth. Though I appreciate there is one provided in the box. I'm using a sturdy book case so in most situations that screen should be well protected anyway.
  5. I would vote for the option which means screen protectors are for cowards if it didn't include old fashion sexism. @EskeRahn Can we moderate that option to not imply half of the human population are cowards?
  6. I'm not sure why that could be. Are you holding it right? 😁 Mine has proven rock solid!
  7. I don't know TBH. Is this not a security feature to make sure you notice it when someone taps an NFC tag?
  8. You need to tap your NFC tag around the back camera area.
  9. When sliding the tray back in make sure your phone display is facing down.
  10. I think not, if I recall well it looked very similar than on S7.
  11. I understand your frustration but I would not worry about it. They will come to it eventually. What was your query? Maybe the community can help.
  12. Your secondary SIM should sit perpendicular in the SD card slot. There is notch for the SIM card cut corner.
  13. I find this to be true for most bezel-less phone. That's why I always carry mine in a bulky leather book case. Much better grip, no unwanted input and I have not broken a phone seen I smashed my Nokia 9210 to pieces when slamming my car's door back in 2004. Here again, proper casing should fix you up. I must be fortunate as I have not gotten a single one of them yet.
  14. I switched from my Huawei P30 Pro after trying and configuring it for 5 days. Before making the jump I had to tackle the following issues: Find a premium book case that fits: using Snakehive Huawei P20 Pro case. Make sure it's fairly stable: not a single crash to boot since I got it. Find a way around minimum screen brightness being way too bright in the dark: using Lower Brightness Pro. Sync PIM from my Exchange server: used Gmail app. Sync SMS/MMS/Phone logs from my previous phone: used SMS Backup & Restore Pro. Make sure both my SIM cards are wor
  15. Just switched to SwiftKey and it is a blessing with hardware keyboard. That ought to be common knowledge. Any moderator fancy maintaining a pinned thread with a curated list of apps such as this one?
  16. @EskeRahn It was always gonna go that way. One thread for every bug does not make sense. You need one thread per bug to stay focus on one issue. Again duplicate bug reports are fine. Just close the duplicate threads, tag them as duplicate and redirect people to the master thread for that issue. Create or move bug report threads in that dedicated sub forum and tag them appropriately with tags like: software, hardware, keyboard, bug, feature and such. Then we can maintain a Known Issues single post, closed, pinned thread with links to various bug report threads. Also, yesterd
  17. It's Chinese New Year so you may have a hard time getting them to do anything this week if the package was sent back to HK for instance.
  18. Never seen that here. Just 5 days of intensive use under my belt though.
  19. Same issue here. Happened to me like three times yesterday in Chrome but only with the return key which spams text fields with new lines. It looks like the key up event is missed. Hopefully just a software issue.
  20. Can you consistently reproduce the issue? Would be good if you could try that use case with a different Pro1 and see if it crashes too. That would potentially exclude bad RAM issues.
  21. That sounds awesome. Are you guys working with FxTec to integrate those changes in the official release? I'm afraid I won't be trying out your images until I get myself a second Pro1 and that will only happen if they ever release an azerty layout, it could be a while. I'm planning to use Pro1 for production tasks so it needs to remain in proper working order.
  22. Don't you hate it when moderators go off topic 🤣 I mean if you want to discuss moderation go create a thread for it instead of hijacking honest threads about clacking 🤣😂 Sorry just taking the piss, feel free to moderate that 😁 That's all light hearted, so don't you worry about hurting my feelings mate. On a more serious note, strictly moderating a large successful community is an impossible task. The world wide success of wikis as long proven that trust and self moderating communities is the way to go. Duplicate topics on forums are actually a good thing as it improves the chance
  23. Actually, I find that sliding a finger nail under the right side of the display and lifting it up is the easiest way to clack. To be fair it's just a case of RTFM, see quick start guide provided in your box.
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