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  1. I find pushing my right thumb's fingernail under the right hand side of the screen panel is the best way to open that brick almost one handed without causing unwanted inputs. By the end of that movement it should also unlock without having to think about it as your index falls naturally on the fingerprint reader. As an added bonus, when doing that down the pub, you can also enjoy the envious stare of fellow geeky patrons languishing with envy. Clack, clack, clack! 🍺
  2. If your partner sleeps you are doing it wrong 😁 Sorry, I'll take my coat now. 🥼
  3. Too bad, cause Android does support right and left shift and control, good to know though.
  4. Slion


    Basically a modifier like any other really: https://developer.android.com/reference/android/view/KeyEvent#KEYCODE_SYM
  5. It looks like the keyboard sometimes input the C key while the phone is closed. It's a rare occasion put does happen from time to time, most often when the phone sits tight in a snugly case. FxTec, could you guys please make sure the keyboard is disabled when the lid is closed?
  6. Looks like it won't be a problem anymore once in that case anyway. With that case it's actually very convenient to hit the fingerprint reader as you open it while still preventing you to trigger it when taking it in and out of your pocket.
  7. I was just talking about book case. Most will be tight fit I guess, especially the ones from Huawei and the ones marketed as low profile. That pretty much leaves you the expensive leather ones much like the one I pictured above. The downside is that they are rather heavy and thick.
  8. Any case that is fitting tightly to a P20 won't work with Pro1 which is twice the thickness. Windowed cases are usually tight fit. I respectfully disagree. Then again I'm mostly ambidextrous anyway 😁
  9. I see what you mean now, after looking at your article. Sounds totally doable with that case. It's not really for me though cause then it's a reversed book right? ... and now I understand why you mention the portrait 180 degree rotation in some other post, so that you can still open it like a book, right? 💡 But then your buttons are on the closed side and more annoyingly you need to open the whole case to access the fingerprint reader. I think I'll stick to the existing camera cutout and maybe pierce a whole for the mic at some point with a drill.
  10. I see, good point. Though luck, I ain't making much videos and when I do I'm usually on the water with my kayak in which case I'll carry a water proof Huawei P30 Pro rather than my FxTec Pro1 😁
  11. As with the camera cutout it's a close call but it looks like it works without obstructing the view.
  12. No I haven't cause then the camera cutout won't work, right?
  13. It's very usable both with the lid open or folded underneath. I'm used to that design though, it's the same I carried around for years on my Nokia E7.
  14. Had to cut through the soft TPU with scissors to make room for fingerprint reader, power and volume buttons as well as USB port. I did not bother doing cutout for that audio jack since I hardly ever use it but that should be a no brainer too. Cutout for top speaker could be improved too, did not bother either. Bottom speaker already fits perfectly. I did not do a cutout for the shutter button as I'm concerned it will compromised the stability of the phone.
  15. Sadly one can't fold that strap back, no back magnet. No big deal though.
  16. It's a near perfect fit. Thanks @EskeRahn for that tip about Huawei P20 Pro.
  17. They are most certainly swamped with support requests. Again, it's a start-up, I would not be surprised if @chen actually does most of the support himself and he is possibly enjoying a much deserved Chinese New Year break.
  18. True, I usually work AZERTY keyboards 😁 Hope they will make one, one day.
  19. Or put it face down while sleeping 😁
  20. I had the same issue at first. I think it has to do with fact that 'backspace' on most keyboards is just above 'return', so that's where you expect it to be.
  21. I find the sensor position works well for me, both in landscape and portrait as well as with left and right hand. Therefore I disagree with the title of that thread. However as discussed above they need to fix the behaviour of the sensor and ideally make it configurable to please everyone. 1. Optionally remove or change the maximum number of attempts. 2. Optionally deactivate the sensor when the screen goes to sleep.
  22. You could try a hardware workaround using one of those LED dimmer stickers.
  23. That LED is definitely too bright making it not so nice to use the phone while charging in the dark. It won't keep me awake at night though 😁
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