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  1. I find the sensor position works well for me, both in landscape and portrait as well as with left and right hand. Therefore I disagree with the title of that thread. However as discussed above they need to fix the behaviour of the sensor and ideally make it configurable to please everyone. 1. Optionally remove or change the maximum number of attempts. 2. Optionally deactivate the sensor when the screen goes to sleep.
  2. You could try a hardware workaround using one of those LED dimmer stickers.
  3. That LED is definitely too bright making it not so nice to use the phone while charging in the dark. It won't keep me awake at night though 😁
  4. Slion

    Backlight Dim

    Keyboard backlight is rather underpowered. I wonder if they could adjust its brightness in software at some point. However in darkness it serves its purpose.
  5. I find mine works just fine. The more fingerprints your register the better it gets. Instead of deleting an existing fingerprint just add another one. Having multiple entries for the same finger helps with reliability. That's especially true if you have large fingers.
  6. No random reboot here since Friday.
  7. Looks like it's the same display too but you may want to do your own research on that one.
  8. Look for the ones for Elephone U. It's the same display panel.
  9. Probably a cost and time saving design decision. AFAIK most dual SIM devices are using that 2de SIM or SD scheme so the hardware components are more likely to be readily available and thus cheaper. Keep in mind FxTec is a startup they can't afford to custom design every single components on that first product. That's true for both hardware and software.
  10. Make sure you are ready when it comes. It's that awesome! 🥳
  11. Slion


    I tried to setup Sym + B as a global shortcut to launch my browser using Tasker and AutoInput plugin but it looks like it does not support key modifiers in this way.
  12. Thanks for the tip. That actually helps a lot. The pro version is well worth it too. In fact, on an AMOLED screen this effectively lowers light output from your screen which is just what I needed. Still I hope FxTec will be able to improve on that, if only for better out-of-the-box experience. With this show stopper out of the way, it looks like I am going to switch to Pro1 as my primary handset as soon as I find a case that fits.
  13. Mine is 783, a QWERTY variant delivered to Germany on the 24th of January 2020.
  14. Slion


    You have a point there 😁
  15. They obviously had significant investments one way or another.
  16. The slider is originally from Nokia E7. My understanding is that they had guys from the Nokia E7 team working on the Pro1. AFAIK @chen started working on the Motomod keyboard possibly at least 3 years ago maybe more.
  17. The display panel is from Elephone U. Motherboard, chipset, antennas, battery, cameras, sensors are certainly off the shelves. Housing, keyboard, mechanical parts and connection cables are likely custom made.
  18. But then I don't need a physical keyboard for that, do I? 😁
  19. My volume buttons and sim tray are wobbling quite a bit. Power and shutter buttons do not have that problem. There is a tiny bit of play in the screen when closed but nothing in comparison to yours.
  20. I would try to find some tiny rubberised adhesives to replace the ones hiding the screws at the four corners of the back of the screen. FxTec could provide them and maybe upgrade their production line.
  21. Interesting observation. They have a couple of plastic bits above the keyboard to stop and amortize the screen when opening it. On Nokia E7, which has the same mechanism, those are on the back of the screen so they amortize opening and closing of the screen while also preventing that wobble. Something for FxTec to improve. I reckon you should be able to paste such plastic bits to the back of your screen to fix it.
  22. How to you go about it? Could anyone with a rooted version try it out?
  23. I don't have that greenish tint even when putting the brightness to zero. Possibly a bad batch of displays.
  24. Is the Pro1 launcher open source by any chance?
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